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Few morvr.t ago, a Monk in one of _ the Cipuehin convents at Rome was found oead in his bed, with a crucifix in h.s hand, and a paper lying by him, with these *vords: ' Let fathers and mothers from

• hence learn, how dreadful a thing it is for

• them to assume a right cf forcing their ehil'dren to a way of life no wayaadap'ed to

• their inclinations.'

A few weeks since, the teeth of some monstrous animal was found near South 7'yn* side, near Ad'tston, Cumberland; f .r a particular description of which, vt-» should think ourselves obliged m any correspondent on the spot.

The grand V zkr, Afuflafba, having been lately condemned by the Divan, on account of some late insurrections in Gfirfia, suffered death with a magnanimity that discovered the inr-ft elevat-d sense of honour. Hit Imperial mister, the Grand Siynior, convinced of his iidelity, intimated a dtfi-e to (ave his life; but Mt-ftmba replied, that he had rather fall a sacrifice uimsr.lt to the resentments of a seditious people, than expo'c ha sublime highness to the hazard of a general defection 1 He payedhim, therefore, to think no more of saving him, but beseeched his h ghness to transfer his benevolence to his unhappy children, who would otherwise be exposed to the vengeance of his enemies.

There have lately happened several inshnces of the murder of innocent ch.ldren by enthusiastic parents and friends j on^ in North America is worth reco.-ding.—In A'ew York one Godfrey Swan, a man in good circumstances, fearing he sliould net be saved, took the opportunity, while his wife was at marker, to murder his own son, an infant of three months old, which he took from the cradle, and laying it on hit left arm, cut itr throat with a penknife. The neighbours being alarmed came in. and found him with the child yet bleeding in his aims; bu< instead of being disconcerted, he deliberately wiped his blouoy hands, and the knife with which he «.,>'. the execrable deed, and with perfect cemnofu:e said, ' He hail long been greatly dis

• 'rested in mind, Wat weary of lite, and had

tak^n this method of making the loul of

• his inn cent infant h?ppy, and dying liim'self by ilic Jaw, fur which he tioocd God

« wnu'd have mercy, on him as on a repentant ■ fin-xr." He talked very religioofly, and, except on the particular subject of his uneasiness, Wry sensibly.

A most desolating species of villainy seems to gain ground among the abandoned crew, that infest this metropolis, who, by setting sire to old buildings, flier's, and work-shops, burn down dwelling houses, and thereby fact* liute the meant of robbery, on the pr< sits of which they subsist. No lest than 7 or 8 discoveries of trains laid for this desperate putpose have been discovered and defeated within a sew weeks. It is hoped, therefore, that sime severe law will be made to prevent a crime, which, one would think, the mof! profligate wretch in the wn*ld would tremble at the consequences of committirg.

Liters of good authority bring advice of the r.f-rved behaviour of the Spaniards in the W.st Indite, where they keep a strict watch to prevent all commerce with the F-Hglfe. Oa the isiand of Cuba the Briti/b subjects are preparing to depart, no English (hip* are permitted to enter the port of the Havannab except in dillress, and then to proceed no farther than the Aforo Castle at the entrance of ths) hirb.it; all contracts with respect to trade are dissolved, so that the American, by the loss of th'S traffic, and the late impositions, are in a manner reduced to a state of inactivity, which has already produced a visible effect oft the commerce ot Great Biilain. There have lately been other indignities offered by the Sfaniardi to the Britjh traders, particularly to Capt. Glasl, who was feixed in one of the Canary IJiet, and thrown into prison, tbo* going to form a settlement under the protection of his Britannick Mrjesty.

A letter from the Hai'arnab, brought by the hft packet from America confirms tb.it account, and adds, that three 74 gun ships are on the (lucks there, and the (hip-yirdt all as full as can be of timber Icr building. Every inhabitant is obliged to muster under arms from nine o'clock in the morning to twelve at noon, and from three to Cx in the afternoon; and the militia is near as well disciplined now as the ireulsrs. They have 7000 regulars, A few months ago they had a lham battle upon that fan ot the ground

be. between the city and the village, (which i r Itid •> level at a cockpit). They drew out about 10,-00 men, and divided them into two bodies,one under the denomination of the E*fJfb army, and the other the Spar.iJL zrrry.

Miscellaneous Ar ticks from the Papers.


soon os the Manillas, and the sum! due on the

C\i~i.i i bills.

An account has been received, that the Des

of Algiers hat lately been assassinated by hit

own 'brother. Hit death it the more lo be They engaged for about three hows/aud on- regretted as he seems to hare been a person of derwent all the evolutions supposed in an en- A great humanity; i young Christian fl »e to

gigement. At last the Enrlijh division gave wa* and ran; upon which the other pursued with great precipitation, and cried out, they would serve the Englijh dogt the fame, were they to come again.

In this State of misunderstanding with the Spaniards, it were wisdom in our totonirs to

whom he hid taken a liking, being lately raufemed, he presented him at his departure with a poise of 1000 sequins, and two Arabian hoifer, richly rapanfon'd. These horses bj-.e fime been pics.nted to bis Ntaftiitan majesty, the youth being a subject os that monarch. Letters from /V.Wgive 1 dreadful accou: t

turn their attention to objects of mote certain B of the villany of incendiaries in that eountiy j

advantage both to themselves*1* mother coun try. than a precarious not to fayclanilestineliade wl'h any power whatever. In this particular, bit excellency Gov. Franelm his led ihe way, and pointed out to the people of Neio 'Jessy over whom he has the honour to p elide, the meant of enriching themselves by a proper application of the productions of their own p province!; Tart of this speech to the General Assembly deservet the highest regard. "It would assoxl me, Gentlemen, favt he. the ejrea'efi pleasure to see the inhabitants of thit province,-now peace it so happily established, turning their atrention to the cultivation and production of such articlet, at might serve for rerr iitanf.s to the mother country; ar.d which, at the fame time that they tended to r, her advantage, m'ght prove beneficial to the colony. For this purpose, I would recommend to vou to grant a bounty to encourage the raising of hemp and star., an I the cutting of plank and timber, for exportation to Great Britain. The parliament have already granted same encouragement to the two first articles, and the truly laudable society for arts.

they have hid ihe audacity to set the ihca.ie on fire while hi I'olijb majefy was present, and had it not been lirriely discovered, the consequences must have been fatal.

A fi.-e which lately happened at Mtgtrtat in aViwA America, is f<id to have consumed I al houses; most of ihem inhabited by Britijb merchants. The damage is computed ..1 1 tec:::!. .

Extras} ts m Later srvm a Gentleman ot Peniaco.'a to bit Friend in London, May 4, 1765.

"Our surveying the sea-coaflt here port on rather mere slowly than I could wish: I have remained in thit place since the latter end of "January, when the Tartar sailed for Jamaica, du-ing which time I have been under the highest obligations to Captain Cotr,n of hit Majesty's ship Aa-m, for the jreat civilities he hat shewn me.

"People begin to build here very fa*, though i believe it will be a !ong lirr.e btfo.e the place comet to any penection. As for the harbour, it is certainly one of the heft in the whole world: It it very late, afford!


t manufactures and cammerce, have (hewn a E good anchoring ground, and is fhrliried fiom

eifpo6tion (o promote the othert. They have, for that end, sent into sever-1 of the colonies, boxea containing specimens of divers sorts of fir timber, and dealt, which are imported into JttytaiWfrol Riga and Norway, with a description of the fame, and the prices they are fold at. One of these boses

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d:r to be shewn to any of the inhabitants of the colony who may incline to fee them. Thit you may depend on, I hat every species of timber hat for many years been rising in price in Great Britain; and that there it scarce any thing wanting to make a ready vent for oalc, fir, pine, cypress, and cedar from America, but a knowledge of the scantlings wanted for each particular use, and to cut for that market good wood in the right season."

War feemi to be in earnest declared be'tween France and the Salletines, one of those pyratical stales that infest the European trade on the coast of Harhary to the Levant: The ■Vicar dt Qbiuff-i with a small squadron hat already begun to bombard .W/re, but without success. It it every day expected that he will be reinforced.

A report prevails, that the court* of France and Sfin have offered the island of M,iwepme and cue city of New Orleans on tha Mujlppi at an ecjvjlc.it to Great Brittm for the ran

Satuxda?, June t. all the officers, accept the captain and second,

THE Engi./b colours were hoisted on mate; a moft remarkable mortality, as the

the castle in the Ijli os Man, the fame voyage is sometimes performed without

sovereignty of that island haing now the loss of a Angle man. The Pccck, and

annexed to the crown of Greet Britain, and . several other India ships, are also arrived frem the inhabitants in every respect subjected to " China.

the laws, customs, and privileges, ot" their lei- Kn A'alien Prince who 'ately arrived at

low lubject). this country, presented lo bis Majesty a cu

MoNDAt 17. Tious MS elegantly written and adorned,

M'tt than j-.o riote-s assaulted the house containing the history of that country, and

of Jobh JVMer,Esq; Mayor of TivettM) de- people. His commission il not publickly

t.rcyed his furniture, i II treated his servants, known.

ant1 threatened vengeance against him if he A court-martial w»« held at Fsrrsmcurk on pnslibiy could have been found. They also B three lieutenants, and tie trust".' of the

destroyed several cloth-tenters adjoining lo Panther man of war, I tely arrived from tie

his house; aud did other considerable da* /.'„« Jndiet j when the first lieutenant waa

mage. No reason is sssigraed for th*s outrage. sentenced lobe dismissed the service, render

FaiDAY it. ed incapable of ev:r serving again, and mulct

The workmen employed in paving the ed of his wages; the second lieutenant dis

CtranJ. on digging up the posts, discovered a missed; the" third reprimanded; ana the

large leaden pipe; which, proves to be a master and seamen weie all acquitted,

part of the great main which formerly con- Q Tu-tSDAV 1.

*#eyed #atet from Bajiteorer, to the city con- The anniversary commemoration of bene

duits; and, according to craw's survey, was factors to the university cf Oxford, waa ccle

laiddown in 1356. Each yard weighs 1 lzli. brated with the usual solemnities. An ele

The continuation of this pipe from Timpk- gant L«rrn oration was on this occasion spok

bar, thro' lUtt-fireet, was dug up about 10 tn by Mr tPbaitwt, poetry prolelsoi ; and the

fears -;;o. usu>| cnteiuinmeiits, concluded the cere

SVNDAT JO. n.O'iy.

The tide in the river tbamtx, w» so re- Tne anniversary eorhmeticemcnt wai the msrlcably low, that the ferry from Scmtrfit- i} f„me day celebrated at Cambridge, at which, fain to Caopcri bridge, could not work, the B-ne doctors in divinity, berioes two prosand banks being entirely bare. viously by royal mandates, one doctor of laws,

A tender from the Sbetland herring fishery, nir,t batch-sort in divinity, and 53 casters of

arrived in the river Matt, with 51 barrels aris were created,

aid a half of herrings, most of which sold TitomoAr 4.

from ii/. to 12/. the ban el. The con.mon A duel was this day fought between two

price 11401. brothers, Irijb gentlemen, in KtnJ.ngten g'a

A wager of toed guineas was decided be- £ Vel-pi a, in which one cf them received so

ween two nobleman, one of whom had con- dangtruus a wound, that his life il despaired

trusted a machine which was to work a OI~, The quarrel happened from the unkind'

boat at the rate of 25 miles within an hour 1 nc 9 0f one brother to a filler, who had mar*

> canal was prepared near the banks of the ,jcd an officer, against the family's consent.

fb-ihui, for that purpose, but by some fata- The silver arrow was shot for by twelve

liiy, the tackle breaking, the wager was lost. youths of Harrno SifW, end won by maf

A lady having some time ago waited on t r/.'utifi Some Indian warriors were present, his grace the Duke of Marlboreugb, with a p An action was tried before Lord Manifold,

pretended letter of recommendation from the cm a policy of inlurance against an onder

Eail of lUrtfurd, his grace at first, received writer; but it appearing that the ship was

her with suitable courtesy; but, her visits not sea worthy to perform the vo\age; the

t-eing more frequent and troublesome than plaintiffs were non-suited. This cause was

w-s consistent with true politeness, bis grace of great consequence, by which a nice point

began to suspect her of imposture, and, waa has been determined.

therefore prevailed upon to write her a no- Seven female quakerl, very neatly dressed, t te, sitneJ with his own hand, by wiiicu she G being desirous of seeing their Majesties come

wai given to udJeriian*. that his grace had to court, were admitted into the royal apart"

essectjall" put a slop to her future adm.ss.on. menu; when her Majesty was so condefeea

A few days after this, one Vacbtnn, a French- ding as to order the lady in wailing to com*

Bj.i, came to the Duke's, and presented ■ plin.ent each of them a which they returned

note for payment, value to,000/. which ap- in a very sensible and modest manner,

stared to have Ilia grace's hand signed at the Fa IDA Y 5. bottom of it j the villainy now became appa- ._, The parliament which stood prorogued to reatt, and the victim was immediately taken "the nth instant, was further prorogued to

into custody, aadaiter examination committed the 1 ;th of Sef n.-.-.'rr.

I.. ". 1 gate. . Satuxpayo'.

Mow Day, JtJj I. y«S» Prater, late a school-master a? Us**'

The Lori Clive JniHcnm arrived at her fivtu, about three in the morning, whil' 'j'

stirrings in 'Me river Tbatiut, baaing lust in wile and child were asleep, with a coops' •

iVi votige •]% of her new, ajr.onjwuoo. are »•*'


the first fractured his Wife's skull, and then Capt. "Somer/J in tiydt-Park; Thomas Lirt!s

wjih a (hoe-maker's knifr, stabbed rhe child for horse-fteslinr, ; Barney Carrol* on the O

aioot tour years of age in the jugular vein, vtniry act, fur disfiguring Cranby Tho. K'fby,

sod repeated the stabhs on various parts ot the F.l^^ by cutting hi n cross the race, and //"al

bodies of both. He afterwards took a large ATi»fr, ,-n accomplice in the f.ime fact j An

doi'e of opium himself, and died lite out day sA&jiy PacltrM, fur forging a note of his grsce

about foul in the afternoon. A the Duke of Marlfarctigb for 10,000/. Too.

Sunday 7. Cit for fraudulently endeavouring to obtaii

Two C'oi'fta pensioncs were commuted to sailors wages; and\ Ann Smith for private!*

Mum, charged upon oath wilh the murder Sealing awjteh. At this sessions Samuel

of the late Mr Knight, {Set p. 196) 'ipon the Priest, for the rint on Lud^aie hi!!, (Step.

Ta'bam road. The discovery was made bv tri tc^.J was found guilty, fined one sliillincj

accomplice, whum they threatened tu n»ur- fix months imprisonment in Nnogair. and

der, on some late quarrel. to find sureties for his good behaviour one

Toisday 9. n year. Hie Prafim majei'y has demanded theTM *Carrtl belonged to a desperate gang of v;!

arrears of the subsidiary treaty, whith lains, who acted in confers, and were to cut

was withheld on the admission of a la e out the ayes of thole th-y robard, that they

n-'! miter lo the adminstration of the affair! might not be able to appear again ft them.

of this nation. This peremtory demand A farther account of whose villainy, whti

has occasioned ifioch ernbsrrassment. Vothtron'i forgery, shall be given hereafter.

At the admiralty s'sliotis, held at the Tuxsday 16,

Mrs Bailey, Csotain Lnraii, late Mailer of the The Duke of York arived at Cbarl-.tUr

Prineipe de Efpagna, was indicted for wilfully Qbourg, where he wasjuined by the King and

casting away the said (hip, with intent to Queen of Prussia, the princes and princess*

defraud the insurers, &c, out it appearing to ot ihe blood, the house of Brunhoiek, the £>.

the jury, that the ship was not actually cart of Brunswick Bevcrn, the reigning prince < f

away, but was fared and brought intofti/Wuro Anha.'t DeJ/'au, the nobility and foreign mt

harbour, notwithstanding the moll villainous nisters. The nex' day prince Frederick Wi!~

attempt to wreck her on a reis of rocks nrar Ham of PruJ/ia, and the princess EHxabeih

that harbour, he was acquitted; and it being Christina Ulncb, of Brunswick, received the

the f articular prerogative of that court either nuptial benediction at the caflle, about eight

to condemn capitally or wholly to acejtrr, he J3 o'clock in the evening. After the ceremony

was immediately discharged ; a new charge, which was performed with great pomD, the

however, was immediately preferred against company lupped at four tables, each of zoo

him for a misdetneaner 5 but he found means coters; at one of which were the king, their

to escape, and it is since given out that he Royal Highnesses, and the foreign princes:

died aboard a sliip in the river Thames. »t 'be second, the minilters of state, and those

WtsMtsoAt 10. of foreign powers; at the third, persons be

A cause was tried before Lord Mansield, in longing to the court; and the fourth, the

which Messrs Carr, Ibbetfoss, and Co. were generals and officers of the Kate-major. At

f plaintiffs, and several custom-house officers g eleven o'clock ihe prince and the new prin

defendants, for entering the house of the said eels of Pnjia, opened the ball, in which the

plaintiff., under pretence of searching for king, the duke of York, the princes and prin

prohtbited silks; when it appearing to a cesses danced. The ball which continued

special Jiry that there was not the least co- till late at night, was performed by torch,

lour for such search, a verdict was given for light to the found of two chorusses of trum

ths plaintiffs, with 100/. damages, and costs pen and kettle drums. Yesterday the new

of suit. married pair received compliments on the

A great council was held at St Janet, F occasion, when a general alteration in the ministry In consequence of a very polite message took place; the motives for which are va- from Mr Secretary Ccmvay, to the Canada stonily reported. See p. 333. merchants, the committee waited upon that A grand match was run on Newmarket gentleman, and laid the state of their cafe recourse, between Lord Bs/inghroke't Gimcratk, specting the Canada bills before him. Being and Sir James Cowther't Afcbim, which was tolly convinced of ihe justice of their claim, won by the fotmer. The betts on thia match he ass.ired them in the strongest manner, th.t are said to amount to more than 100,000/. ** that the aff.ir mould be taken up immediatrTHuasnAT 7J. ly. «nd prosecured with effect, till justice His R. H. the Duke ofGhcefter, set oat on should be obtained. » tour thro' the West of England, V/idnisday 17.

FaiDAT 12. At the Society of Arts a letter was read

The act took place which prohibits all from the Mayor of Livcrpooli importing, that

la'ps under 100 ton* burthen, from taking the corporation over which he had the ho

Ipirrtous liquors on board, on pain of (enure, j, nour to preside had ordered Tone hundred

Satorday, 13. "pounds 10 be paid towards assisting in the

The sessions which b-gao at the OldBailey general views of the society; for which thr

«■• Wednesday, ended, when eight felons were secretary was desired to reiurn thanks.

crpt:ally convicted. Francis Ativmay fora Tiiuuday 18.

a^ett robbery; W.Uum All* for robo:ng A board of longjuide was held »r ihe id

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