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List of Marriages Deaths, &c

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Capt. King, many years I Lisbon trader.

Rt Hon. Lord R0U0, at Leicester, in bin way to Bristol, for the lecoveiy of hie health a he was lately Lt Col. of the ssd Reg. and was interred at Leicester, pursuant to hia request, with all military honours.

3. Ben. Hillborongh, Esq; at Beckenham,

Rev. Mr Rulhbrook. R. of Moundfoid, and V. ot Goodcnftone, Norfolk.

S. Cha. Whitfield, Esq; in Charterhouse-sq.

Rev. Mrjohnioo at Lancaster.

p Jon. Trueman of Warwickshire, Efqa

Rev. Mr Vade, V. of Croydon.

Mrs Devcrell. at Wells, aged 105. r

11. Henry Van Noort, Esq; in Bartlett'abuildings.

Wm Wyatt, Esq; in Gr. Q11. 0. Line.fields

Relict of Seth Jermy, Esq; at Richmond.

Daniel Morcland, Esq; in Line. Inn field*.

Dr Bl-ke, R. of Tonworth, Gloucefterlh.

11. Geo. Hicks, Esq; in Red-lion st Holb.

John Benr.et of Avsesham, Norfolk, Esq;

Gen. Guise, Col. of the 6th R. of foot, and governor of Berwick.

13. Ja. Wigley, Esq; memb. for Leicester.

Wm Wardle, Esq; of St Edmond'i-biiry.

Wm Ferdinand Carey, Lord Hunsdon, a peer of England, and the oldest member of the parliament of Great-Britain, at his cenar try feat near Alphcn, (a village three leaguea from Lcyden) in the 8id year of his aze.— His lord/hip's ancestor, Henry Carey. Baron of Hunsdon in the county of Hertford, waa so created in the first year as Queen Elizabeth (in regard of hit being her first cousin, hia mother being Mary, daughter to Tho. Bullen, Earl of Wiltshire, and sister to Anne Bullen. —Some of his lordship's later ancestors being younger sons, entered into the service of the stacei-general, and married into the most eminent families in Holland. And his lordship was born beyond sea, but naturalized in 1690. He succeeded to the title in 1701 (being the 8th Lord Hunsdon) and took hia seat in tbe house of Peets in 1708. His lordship married in 1718, Grace, daughter to Sir Edw. Waldo, ot London, Knt. and widow of Sir Nicholas Wolftenholme, of Forty-Hill, in Middlesex, Bart, but she died in 1720 without issue.

14.. SirT. Palmer, Bt.mem, forLeiceflerua

Edm, Godfrey of Crutchcd ftiats, Esq.

15. S. fionner, Esq; a master in Chancery.
Talbot Williamlun, Esq; it Jngateiione.
Coo White, Esq; at Gocdruh,Heresordsh'.
Wm King, Esq; in Thcobald't-row.

16. Lady of the Hilltop of l-'ernes.
Rev. Mr Toll of Grey well, Hants.

17. WmLethuillier, Esq; in Suffolk-lane.
John Read, Esq; late accompiant to the

South-Sea company.

John Edwards, ploughman, near Basing* stoke, aged 105. ■jf"

Jeremiah Marlow, Esq; at Hackney ; h« hat lert to St Thomas's and the London hospitals 1000/, each ; to St Bartholomew 1, St Luke's, Bethlehem, and Christ's, 500/. each.

Tho. Grant, in Norfolk, aged ill. -)t

Jacob Elton, Elq; sen. alderman of Bristol.

• I. Ja. Wigley, Esq; mem. for Leicester.

25. Mr Empsoa., one os the iibraiiaaa V the Musscum,

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The Gentleman § Magazine:

London Gazette



0|j London Sp

Let" don Eve in;

Gen. Evening

Whitehall Ev.


Public AJvrrt.

London Chr^n.

Lloyd's Etcotng Monday. Wti * r.f.lay, Fnrtay.

Public Ledger

Cniv. (hton.


North I riion


CfrJrj Seivi. Coventry % Colchester York i papers Dublin 3 E.iingbu.gh Bristol a

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Xkoxt in ■Quarttitp anD griater Batista than arts 'vBoon of tfte *ino «ntr Price.

XVII. Lord ilardiuiclet answer.

XVJJI. Balfour't account of the murder 6f

the Earl os Murray. XIX Aichbp SfirsmooiFi account of the same


I. Minute! of the proceedings of the Board of Longitude relative to Mr Harrifm't watch.

II. Letter to Lord B—U relative to the late charges in the Ministry.

IU. Mt C—niiV and,Mr P—tt compared

V. The iryal of Friendihip, an affecting storv.

VI. Memoirs of the life of Custavui Ailolflui, the great Icing of Stveder.

VII. Moral Letter* to form the heart.

VJII A i cmJtliable passige in Innaul illuftr>(ed\

IX- nil of mortality at SLifild.

X. Portrait of posterity; a political ironv.

XJ. The drt<m <rf /mi, an instructive^' ry.

XII.—The infelicity of human life finely represented,

XIII. —An aslecting scene of conjugal affection.

XIV.—Inrrructiveeonversation of a sequestered hermit.

XV. A method of dtsltoying Wasp* and Hornet!,

XX. An honest roan'a reasons for declining to talce par; in the new administration.

XX I. Per T a Y.Tour thro' Breianl'and Flandtr%; thought! on sudden death j Spring; the Stage Coarh, &e.

XXII List of Both, tviib Remasts. Wat. Acount of inocculation in Scoildnd.-~-Pa~ litteal Logic displayed j or, a key to D'l'—'s though'! of civil liberty, licentiousness, and /action-—The philosophical Commerce ot Arts.—An account of the culture of car* rut, published by desire of the Society cf Arts. __

XXVI. Rtvtartablc Evens. Suicide!, murcers, punishm -nts, n< ;,n;l indignities; part of Gov. Frankhn't speech ; description os Penfaiola, &c. &e.

XXVII. Usjhrkal Chronicle. Rioti, duel*, AdVniralty rryiis, Canaddbills stated", Bfc.

XXVIII. List of births, deaths, &e.

XVI. Letter from the University of Cambridge to t«ord Hard-aikle.

With * net* and accurate Map of the Roads from London to Portsmouth, to Cbithejfer> to Southampton, and to Poll, snd of the Road from Scutbamptcn to Winchester; in which the exact Distance from Town is set down; the post and crois Roads pointed out ; the Cities and market Towns distinguished j and the principal Scats, Harks, and Village! adjoining o the Roads properly expressed.

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Minutes of the proceedings of the

Boa id of Longitude relative to

Mr Harrison't clock. 303

—Resolutions of the said board ib

—Letter from Mr Hartism to the

board ", 304.

— Oath to be tendered Mr Harrisonjo5
•—Mr Harrison refuses toe oath, the

Board's unanimous resolutions
thereupon ib

Letter to Ld B —te, relative to [.the
late changes in the ministry ib

—Short detatil of the artifices that

produced them 306

—An appeal to his Lordsliio, on his

rash and inconsistent conduct 307

Mr C-.-wi/fc and Mr F //compar-
ed ib

The tryal of Friendship \ an affecting

story, concluded 309

—A generous expostulation ib

— Arguments introducer! for Love,

and oppoled by Friendship .310

—A letter, not of consolation, but

distress 311

—The struggles of Friendlhip and

Love combating 311

— A painful scene of double sorrow ib

—The force of Love irrefutable in the

female heart 313

—How restrained by virtue and com-

panion 314.

—Happily and unexpectedly reward-

ed 315

Memoirs of Custafvus Adolpbus, conti-

nued 315

—Horrible barbarities committed af-
ter storming Magdebonrg ib

—Apology of Guffaws iov with-hold-

ing timely relief , 316

—Steps taken to recover an unexpect-
ed blow ib
—The battle of Lc'fstc restores his
credit ib

—Censured for not marching to Vien-

na 317

—Reasons against so rash a step ib
—Conversation between Gufla-jus and
St Etienue ib

—The famous battle of Lutxen, in

which Gufiavus lost hi' life 318

—The question whether Gufta-vus fell
by the enemy, or by treachery dis-
cussed ib

—Mr Harri's opinion confuted 319

—Character and conquests of Gufla-

<vus ib

Letters to form the heart, specimen

of them ib

—Unreasonableness of repining at

one's lot 320

—Man not made for himself but so-

«j«iy U,

—The wants of nature easily supplied


—A conformity to her dictates, an

indispensibleduty ib

—The wisdom of life to provide for

immortality 31a

Trie passage in lrenœus (fits. *6x*J il-

lustrated ib

Bill of mortality for Sheffield _ ib

Portrait of posterity, a satirical irony


The dream otlrut, an instructive story


—Imaginary scenes of human inreii-

ii-y 3»5 6

—An affecting instance of conjugal
at! tit ion 3x6

—Singular condition of * hermit 3*7
—Of a pleader at law, and a recluse tb
— Tl e conclusion 318

A method of destroying Wasps and

Ho< ivts a

L-ttei from Cambridge .University to
Ld Ha*d-iciikt 31}

His Lordships answer tb

Observations on t.- old Song entitled

The bonny Ear'e «yMurray 330

—Bal/bur'$ account of this .murder ib

—/KbpSpol/tiMoU's account of the fame

fact 331

An honest man's reason's for declin-
ing to take part in the new admi-
nistration 33*

Poetry. A tour thro' Brabant and

Flanders 333

—Thoughts on sudden death— anew

ballad 334. ,

—Spring j The Stage Coach j Epi-

thalainium 335

Lift of Booh tuitb Remarks. Account

of the iunoculation for the small-

pox in Scotland 336

Political logic displayed ib

Philosophical commerce of Arta 338 9

An account of the culture of carrots


A dialogue in the Elyfianfields between

two Dukes 341

Character of the Marquis of R—bam


Remarkable Events. Suicides, murders,

punilhments, national indignities,

incendiaries, &c. 343

--•Part of Governor Franklyn't speech

to the Colonists; Description of

Penfiuola 343

Historical Chronicle. Riots, wagers,
frauds, commemorations, duels,fifr.

Admiralty and other trials j marriage

ceremony, discoveries, &c. 345

Canada bills stated ; arch of Blatkfriai s

bridge; petit-onofKonigfi>ergers,&c.

itt ot war ruget, dei.ths, 8c. 347-I


Gentleman s Magazine \

For J U L Y 1765.

Adm. of the White, the Blue.

Minutes of the Proceedings of the CtmmisJSoners for Discovery os the Longitude, •with rcsbefi 10 Mr H.irri(bn\i Watch. (See Vol. xxxiv. p. 380.)

The Commissioners present were The Right Hon. the E»rl of Egmr.t, First

Lord of the Admiralty, Sir Jebtt Cufl, speaker of the H. os Commoni. Viscount Harrington, treasurer of the navy. Sir Hr: liom Roiutey. admiral of the fleet. Henry OJhi'ti, Esq j Sir Edward'Hawke,

Ho*, yu,, Fcri,, yAimMtof

Sir Gecr?e Poccck,\

Ears of Aferton. President of the Royal Society,

Reverend Mr Mastelyne, Astronomer Royal.

Re*. Mr Horn/by. Sanlian Professor of Astronomy at Oxjerd.

Re*. MriiWfi, Savilian Professor of Geometry at Oxford.

Rev. Mr Shepherd, Plumian Professor of Astronomy and Experimental Philosophy C at Cambridge.

Mr Waring, Lucafian Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge.

Cbarlei y nkinfon, E'q; 7 Secretaries of the

Thomas rVbaie'.y, Eso, j J Treasury.

Philif Stephens, Esq; Sec. of the Admiralty.

GeorgeCoekburne, Esq; comptroller of the navy

Rev. Or Long, Lmandeit Professor of Astro- J) nomy at Cambridge.

Harrison'* son being called in, was asked in what manner hi* lather proposed to discover the principles of hit Watch, orTime keeper? He E answered, hy delivering to the Board the dravyings from which the time keeper was constructed, with explanations in writing; he added, that, upon this, his father expeJted a certificate to enable him to receive the first reward, directed so be paid by the act ot the nth of <^_F Anne.

Mr Harrison then withdrew, and the board being unanimously of opinion, that drawings and written trxpUna



"That Mr Harrison be acquainted, that the Commissioners do expect his compliance with what is under-mentioned, before they can give him the certificate he requires, vise,

"1. That he shall discover fully, by drawings and a written explanation, the principles upon which.hi* said watch is constructed, and deliver the fame to this board, upon oath.

"2. That he lhall give a further explanation by word of mouth, and experimental exhibitions where judged necessary, of Uie said principles, and of eveiy thing relative toihe construction of the said Watch j pioducing the same; taking it to pieces; and answering, upon oath, to every

?jueftion proposed by the Board, and uch persons as may be appointed by them for the examination thereof.

"3. That he is to make over the property of the three several Timekeepers, and the Watch, when he shall receive his certificate."

Mr Harrison's son wai then called in in again,; and a copy of the Resolutions being given him, he was told that the Board expected his father's determination on the next Thursday morning.

On 'Thursday the Board having met again, Mr Harrison, with his son, attended, and he consented to discover the principles of his Watch, agreeable to the Resolutions of the last Board.

The Board then took into consideration the nomination of proper persons to be present when the discovery should be made, and came to the following resolutions, in which Mr Harrison concurred.

"That, in addition to such of the Commissioners who shall chuse to be present, three gentlemen skilled in mechanics, and three watchmakers, be appointed to attend when '*" * bovetnentioneddiscovery sl--v

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