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List >/ I O O K S published, sinct our Ust.


REftectionj on the repeal of the marriage act. Ii Fletcher. A circumstantial accaunt of a late unhappy affair which happened at the Star and Garter in Pail-Mall, n Burd.

An address to the remaining members of the Coterie, n Wilkie.

The lives of Wickliffe, and the most eminent of his disciples; by W. Giipin, M.A. Bob/on.

A North■ Briton extraordinary.originally printed at Edinburgh. bd Nicol, (Sees. 131. A collection of voyages and travels, by John Barrow, Esq; jvols. 94 Knox.

An introduction to the art of reading ; by John Rice. 4J Ton/at. «

The third part of British zoology; containing 1$ plates of beasts, elegantly coloured and designed from nature, a/, it. rVbijlan.—Tbc profits are it be applied to the support of tie Welch School.

The history of the life and sufferings of Henry Grace of Baslngstoke j being a narrative of the sufferings he underwent asnongthe Indians in N. Amer. Wiljon.

The laws against ingroAlnr, forestalling, regrating, and monopolizing. 21 bd Grijjin. A short historical view of the controversy concerning an intermediate state, deduced from the Reformation to the present time. 21 bd ritti.

Some remarks upon a plan of a bill proposed to parliament for amending the highways by assessment instead os six days labour j by R. Whitwoith, Esq; 11 bd Dodstef.—Of this in our next.

A detection of gross impositions on the parliament, with respect to two acts passed ■ the last sessions, id Baldwin,

A letter from Sir Gregory Gazette to hit friend in the country. bd Toturn.

A letter to a member of parliament proposing amendments to the laws against t'orestallers, and recommending means to prevent for the future ihe extravagant price of corn in this kingdom. 6d Longman.

A treatise on blood-letting; by T. Dickson, M. D. physician to the Londonhospital. 1 J bd Wilson.

A letter from M. de Voltaire upon two tragical incidents in France ar the fame time j both on the account of religion. 6d. Becket,

The geography and history of England, done in the manner of G01 don's and Salmon's geographical and historical grammars. In two parts. 61 Dodstty,

Miscellaneous pieces of ancient English poetic. 21bd HffefielJ.

Remarks on the proposed plan for regulating the paper currency os Scotland.Nicol. Observations on the late act for the better prevention of clandestine marriages, 6(1 Pamphlet /hips.

Memoirs of the life and writings of C Churchill. 21 bd Priddcn. (Sic. P. 12S.I

A treatise on cultivating lucern, burner, and Timothy-grass j by R. Rocque at Walham-green. u bd Davit.

The state of the nation, with a preliminary defence of the Budget, and a postscript. 11 Ahttn. (Seep. 103.)

Remarks on the proposed plan for regulating the paper currency of Scotl. Wilson. An account of the imprisonment and examination of John Bunyan. 11 BucHand.

Remarkable trials at the King's. Bench bar at Guildhall. 2 vols. Nicol.

Original papers relative to the disturbances in Bengal ; containing every material transaction from 1759 to 1764. 2 voli 8vo. Nrwberry.The above paper 1 were sent home by Mr Vansittart at the end of last year. Poetry and Entertainment. The Wilcihirc beaux, or the lift of Ben. Barnard. 2 vols. 61 Mo^an.

The triumvirate 5 or the authentic memoirs of A. B. and C. a vols. 6j Johnston. The poetical works of Mi Wm Collins, with memoirs of the author, and critical observations on his genius and writings; by the Rev. MrLanghorne. 31 Becket.

Chrysal 5 oTThe adventures of a guinea. Vol. III. Becket.

The enlargement of the mind, epistle II. by the Re v ■ Mr Langhprn&J 11 Backet.

The capricious lovers; a raunca: entertainment, taken from an opera of the fame title, performed at Diury-hnc theatre. 11. Memoirs of a coquet. 31 Noble. An elegy, written among the ruins of an abbey, bd Dodstey.

Divinity, The truth of the Christian Religion vindicated siom the objections of unbelievers, in monthly numbers, bd each Newbcrry, The book of Genesis, with the usual division of chapters, and the punctuation altered throughout j with explanatory notes. 11 bd Henderson.

Tracts on the spiritual liberty of Protestants; by Or Ellyt, late Bp of St David's. 7 bdtsewed. Sermons.

By Mr Romaine, at St Ann's, Black-friars, Sept. 30,1764. bd Worrall.

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The Gentleman's Magazine:

London Gatette



Old London Spy


Gen. Evening

Whitehall Ev.


Public Advert.

London Chron.

Lloyd's Evening AW«r, mdxtfday, F'iJay.

Public Ledger

Univ Chion.


North Briton


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CONTAINING, illore in Quantity anb greatrr JDarietr tljnn an» Votlt os c&t fiinS ane Price

XV.An account of a collection of old ballads,


I. Aa riccojat of the life of John rVidifft one

of the first refmmers. H. Le:ter from a gent leman at NafUi on the

ant qui'ies discovered there.

III. A simple remedy for the stone.

IV. Seasonable information on an interesting question. . *

V. Remarks on the plan of a bill for amending the highways by ats-ssment.

VJ. A botanical account of the Eastern planetree, by P, Ctifafia, F. R. S.

VII. A critical account of the disorders of grain used in bre^d, with the baneful effects As bad brrad to those who eat it.

VIII. The hiftii-y tiUntl dcosta, amixteba raster, hajf Jt-w half Christ ten.

IX. Improvements in agriculture.

X. Particulars of the life of John Rur.y*r. author of the Piffrrim's PfOgrfjt.

XI A dialogue between Judges/fc/rjandT'U'i/'

d -. and V-*- ,>-/•, wile. Xll. Defc/iuiion us a new pump bucket* a

«erv ulesul improvement in mechanics. Xll!. The poisonous quality or" njultle* phy- sicitlv confideted. XIV. 'the stmj^of Rustan from the French of

M. dt VuUa'trt, a i.ew translation.

particularly such as relate to an illustration

of Shakesyeare. XVI. Obferv. on the number of ocular stars. XVII A hint for improving the charity; of

lyinr>-in hospitals.

XVIII. Poktiy. Translation of Dr Ferd't imitation of Horace* Beatui Me, &„-. by a school boy. Odes from the Gtrmanof Mrs Durfab. The Rivals. A Character, if*-.

XIX. List of Both, %Ltih txtrec7i~CmHactztions on the bill for taking off the duty on raw si'k—A free enquiry into the men's of the Peace—Consid:ra:ioni on taxes aa they affect trade—The puli.ical ba'lance—The interest ot Gitat Britain as connected with th»t of the co!oni<i— A detection us lunc gross impositions in the parliament—Letter to the fellows of a college on trie rr.ethod of fioipg—The midwife's pocket companion — Freali e .>'■ qlood letting— Advice lo tUc people with regard to health—Letter from M. dt Volta\rtt on two tragical ii.cidet.es i n France..

XX. ffmm4mjih Smth.

XXI. Historical ChropuU. Trial of La Byron j

King's Speech. List of death*, Oft,

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L O S D'O Hi Printed by D. Henry, at Sf John* Gats.

AN account of the life of John Wir/i#",or»eoftrtefirst Reformers 151 —His attack upon the fraternity of Begging, Fryirt _ '*.

—Is Rippbrted hy the JJniverTity, and chosen Warden; is ejected by Lang'zm, and r.ppeuls to the Pope 152 —Attack* the monastic clergy, and renders himself obnoxious. . ib

-mis patronised by John es Gaunt ib —Sent on an embassy to the Pope 15(3 —And presented to the rectory of Lutterwiorth ib

—Fresh persecutions against him ib Is seized with a grievous disease, ■ hut recovers 154

—Translates the Bible, and gives umbrage to tie clergy ib —Is deserted by the University, and ordered to be expell'd 155 —Escapes his piolecutors by a timely death 156 Letter from a gentleman at Uaples, on "the antiquities discovered theie ib A simple remedy for the (lone ib Seasonable information on an interesting question • ib Remarks on the plan cf a bill fqr amcnding-tbe highways by an alleil'ment, instead ol statute work 157 ■^t^ecVions to'the late bill' ib —Pianos the new b;ll 15J An account of the Sycamore, or East, em Plane-tree 159 —Its high repute among the Orteks ib "—The encomiums or botanists on this tree 160 —Their beauty most conspicuous in great cities ib A critical account of the disorders in bread-corn, and the diseases produced by its use 161 —Examples of dilorders occasioned by unwholesome bread coin ib —The family at Wattejbam (See Vol. Xxxiii. p. *9J.) a miserable example or the effects ot distemper'd rye

T«i —Qneries as proper objects of medical study ib

History Of Uriel Accofla, a Portuguese jftii/ 163

—His apostacy and repentance ib

—His persecution and submission 164. —His punishment & tragical exit 165 Improvements in agriculture—Directions for the management of grafslands _ ib —Of various manures—Instructions concerning the cultivation ol madder and burnet 166 — '^-ftorjrt't directions concerning timothy-grafs- 1S7 »-Hii mrthod'of improving land Ji

Curious particulars of the life of Jobn Bunyan, author of the Pilgrim's Progress 168—171 Description of a newMnvented pumpbutket, or piston; a great improvement in mechanicks sr> The ttoisonous quality of muscles investigated 173 Story of Rust An, from the French of M. de Voltaire 174 —Mysterious meaningof theOracles ti —Adventure of the vulture &eaglei75 —Rit/lan'i distress and consolation 176 —Fights, and overcomes his rival 177 —His death by the hand of his beloved mistress 178 —Her fatal catastrophe on this accident ib —The visionary conclusion, with reflections 179 Ace. of a collection of old ballads ito —Illustrations of SbaJke/fear 181-* Observations on Dr Keifs occular liars)

183 Hint to improve^ the chanty of the Lying in Hospitals ib

PoET*y. Translation of Dr Ford"* Imitation of Horace, by a Schoolboy 1JU —Odes translated from the Latin of Mrs Darter*-The Rivals 185 —A Character—Verses to April—On presenting a Bird-cage to a Lady at Bath 185 Lift of Boohs, <with F.xtraBs Considerations on the bill for taking off the duties on raw-silk 187 —An enquiry into the merits of the peace ib —Considerations on taxes, as they are supposed to affect the price of labour ib —The political balance 188 —The interest of Great Britain and the colonies considered 189 —A detection of some gross impositions on the parliament 190 —Letter to the Fellows of a College, on the method of fining, fife. ib —Midwife's pocket companion 19* —A treatise on bloodletting 19* —Advice to people with regard to their health * ib —Letter from M. de Voltaire, on two tragical incidents in France 19* Remarkable Events '93 ♦ Hiftorical Chronicle. Barbarous murder near Coventry; E. India directors 19c Murder of Mrs Rufcombe discovered; Tryal of l.oid Bjrcn 196 King's speech) and his majesty's answer to the address 797 Aflize news, executions, 6fc. 19S List of deaths, SV. J j?, t Jo


Gentleman s Magazine';

For APRIL 1765.


An Aatunt of the Lift of John Wicliff, me if the first Rejormtrn fromaWark lately fmbltJheJ, Milled, •' The Lives of John Wuliff, and the molt eminent of his Disciples, Lord Col-ham, John Huft, Jeiomrof Prague, and Ztfca." "• By William Gilpin, M. A. [These Live* are etuemelv well wiitttn J I O H N Wl CLIFF wa|

Worn about the year 1314, in the reign of Ed/ward the Second. He was intended for B the church, and lent to Queen's College, Oxford, which had been just then founded hy Robert Eagleifuld, Confessor to Qneen Phtlijipa .- He did not, however, find the advantages for study that he expected, and therefore removed to Mertm College, which was then esteem- C ed one of the most learned societies in Europe.

Here he applied with such diligence, that he is said to have gotten the molt abstruse parts of the works of Aristotle 'hy heart; he was in particular so conversant in his logic, that he became D the most sub:le disputant of his time.

He then proceeded to study the divinity of the times, which has since obtained the name of School Divinity; and he became a complete master of all the niceties of that strange jargon.

But being rather milled than bewildered in this unprofitable study, he £ soon found out a better way; he took the naked text of scripture, and became his own commentator , in consequence of this determination, he neceslarity conceived opinions that wire then singular; yet, among his contemporaries, he obtained the name of the Evangel'u Dollar. f

To the study of divinity, he added that of the civil and Canon law ; and with the municipal law he is also said to have been well acquainted.

Hit reputation increased vtitU his

knowledge, and he was respected »o| only as a scholar, but as a man eminent for virtue and piety. But the firft thing that drew the eye of the public upon him, was his Defence of the Uniyerfity against the Begging Fryars.

The Begging Fryars, a lelipious order, were first fettled ut Oxford about the year 1130, and had always been veiy troublesome inmates of the Uni-' vrrfity, letting up a different interest, aiming at a distinct juiisdiction, and fomenting feuds between the scholar! and their superiors; many very severe statutes had therefore been made by the university to curb them, aud mutual opposition continually rendered mutual ill-will more bitter and im-, pJacable. The Friars fiequently ap, pealed to the Pope, and the scholar* to the civil power; and iomttimes one party prevailed, and sometimes tlw other.

While things were in this situation, the Fryars took it into their heads, that Christ was a common Beggar, that his disciple* were Beggars also, and that Begging was therefore of Gospel institution. This notion they propagated with great zeal, from all the pulpits both in Oxford and the neighbourhood to which tney had acceft,

rViclrff, who had long held these Beggars in great contempt, took this opportunity to write and publish a treatise against AU Beggary, in which he 'shewed the obligation that all Christi. ans lay under, to labour in some way for the good of the community; and proved the Fryars to be an useless and infamous sett of mcD, wallowing in luxury, and at once a reproach to religion and mankind.

This piece procured him great reputation; and the University, who sow regarded him as hei champion, soon atter promoted him to ►*• terlhip of Haiti CiMtye in a short time, chcffrugf-Wotf, lately

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