You Make Me Want to Sing: Music Stories

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You Make Me Want to Sing, 2008 - 24 עמודים
You Make Me Want to Sing (Music Stories) Two mothers meet by chance at the park with their two children, a boy and a girl. They meet by chance also and begin to play as their mother's watch and begin to discuss how much they love them. Then one mother says to the other - "When he was just a baby boy, his toes, they sure were tiny." "I loved his toes, his little nose, and his eyes so bright and shiny." "When I brought him home," she said, "I watched him sleep and dream." "And in my heart for ever more, I know he'll make me sing." Through melodic rhymes and repetitive words is a fun and educational way of teaching the little ones how to locate their noses, toes, and eyes by pointing as you read. You can sing the story to your small children with any melody you choose while the book also explains your unconditional and everlasting love for them. It won't be long until your child is reading this book to you.

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