Democratic Societies and Their Armed Forces: Israel in Comparative Context

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Stuart A. Cohen
Routledge, 1 בפבר׳ 2013 - 312 עמודים
These papers are an edited selection from the BESA conference of 1998. They present an overview of transformations in societal-military relations in the western world, and the specific manifestations in Israel.

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Notes on Contributors
Gain or Regression?
The Arithmetic
Conscription or Professionalism?
Trends in the Political Control of PostCold War Armed Forces
Technology and Supreme Command
Why DontTheyFight Each Other?Cultural Diversity
TheRevolution in Military Affairs
The Dilemmaofthe Military JudgeAdvocate General
TheSocial Construction of Israels National Security
TheScroll orthe Sword? Tensions between Judaismand
Democracy Internal War and Israeli Security StevenR David
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