Approaching Yehud: New Approaches to the Study of the Persian Period

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Jon L. Berquist
Society of Biblical Lit, 2007 - 249 עמודים
The long-held view that the Persian period in Israel (known as Yehud) was a historically derivative era that engendered little theological or literary innovation has been replaced in recent decades by an appreciation for the importance of the Persian period for understanding Israel's literature, religion, and sense of identity. A new image of Yehud is emerging that has shifted the focus from viewing the postexilic period as a staging ground for early Judaism or Christianity to dealing with Yehud on its own terms, as a Persian colony with a diverse population. Taken together, the thirteen chapters in this volume represent a range of studies that touch on a variety of textual and historical problems to advance the conversation about the significance of the Persian period and especially its formative influence on biblical literature. Contributors include Richard Bautch, Jon L. Berquist, Zipporah G. Glass, Alice W. Hunt, David Janzen, John Kessler, Melody D. Knowles, Jennifer L. Koosed, Herbert R. Marbury, Christine Mitchell, Julia M. O'Brien, Donald C. Polaski, Jean-Pierre Ruiz, Brent A. Strawn, and Christine Roy Yoder.

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Pilgrimage to Jerusalem in the Persian Period
Intertextuality in the Persian Period
What Mean These Stones? Inscriptions Textuality and Power in Persia and Yehud
Ezra 910 and Its Interpretation
Identity and the Creation of History
Isaiah 60 and theApadana Reliefs from Persepolis
Toward a Postcolonial Reading of Ezekiel
Community Geography and Demography in Zechariah 18
A Reading of Proverbs 7
Qoheleth in Love and Trouble
Psalms Postcolonialismand the Construction of the Self
In the BeginningAgain
A Response
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Jon L. Berquist is Executive Editor for Biblical Studies at Westminster John Knox Press in Louisville, Kentucky. His writings on the Persian period include Judaism in Persia's Shadow: A Social and Historical Approach. In recent years, he has also taught at New Brunswick Theological Seminary in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

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