The Last Fight of the Revenge: And the Death of Sir Richard Grenville. (A.D. 1591) Related by Sir Walter Raleigh, Sir Richard Hawkins, Jan Huygen Van Linschoten, Lord Bacon, and Sir W. Monson. Together with the Most Honorable Tragedie of Sir Richard Grinuile, Knight. By Gervase Markham (1595) to which is Added Sir R. Grenville's Farewell. (circà 1543.), כרכים 1-2

כריכה קדמית
Edmund Goldsmid
Priv. print, 1886

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עמוד 50 - All the powder of the Revenge to the last barrel was now spent, all her pikes broken, forty of her best men slain, and the most part of the rest hurt. In the beginning of the fight she had but one hundred free from sickness, and fourscore and ten sick, laid in hold upon the ballast.
עמוד 51 - ... commanded the master gunner, whom he knew to be a most resolute man, to split and sink the ship; that thereby nothing might remain of glory or victory to the Spaniards, seeing in so many hours' fight and with so great a navy they were not able to take her, having had fifteen hours...
עמוד 51 - Unto ours there remained no comfort at all, no hope, no supply either of ships, men or weapons ; the...
עמוד 54 - Sir Richard answered that he might do with his body what he list, for he esteemed it not, and as he was carried out of the ship he swooned, and reviving again desired the company to pray for him.
עמוד 46 - Carey's, his being commanded to be sunk, and those appointed to her, she had hardly ever recovered England. The rest, for the most part, were in little better state. The names of her Majesty's ships were these as followeth: the Defiance, which was admiral, the Revenge, viceadmiral, the Bonaventure commanded by Captain Cross, the Lion by George Fenner, the Foresight by M.
עמוד 49 - Hulks both sunk, and in many other of the Spanish ships great slaughter was made. Some write that Sir Richard was very dangerously hurt almost in the beginning of the fight, and...
עמוד 49 - Richard bid him save himself, and leave him to his fortune. After the fight had thus without intermission continued while the day lasted and some hours of the night, many of our men were slain...
עמוד 52 - ... time, above ten thousand men and fifty and three sail of men-of-war to perform it withal: and persuaded the company, or as many as he could induce, to yield themselves unto God, and to the mercy of none else; but as they had, like valiant resolute men, repulsed so many enemies, they should not now shorten the honour of their nation, by prolonging their own lives for a few hours, or a few days.
עמוד 43 - ... broken, slain and taken, and so sent from village to village coupled in halters, to be shipped into England. Where Her...
עמוד 52 - The master gunner readily condescended and divers others, but the captain and the master were of another opinion, and besought Sir Richard to have care of them...

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