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Oxford University Press, 11 במרץ 2009 - 464 עמודים
Scientology is arguably the most persistently controversial of all contemporary New Religious Movements. James R. Lewis has assembled an unusually comprehensive anthology, incorporating a wide range of different approaches. In this book, a group of well-known scholars of New Religious Movements offers an extensive and evenhanded overview and analysis of all of these aspects of Scientology, including the controversies to which it continues to give rise.

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Birth of a Religion
The Cultural Context of Scientology
Perceptions Premises Promises
Prophetic Contractual Religion
Theology and Soteriology
The Growth of Scientology and the Stark Model of Religious
Community in Scientology and among Scientologists
Modern Religion or Religion of Modernity?
The Nature of the New Religious MovementsAnticult Culture
A Look at Some Major Cases from Various
Legal and Activist
An Immutable Model
Scientology Down Under
Making Familiar

How Should We Regard the Religious Ceremonies of the Church
The Development and Reality of Auditing
Scientology as Technological Buddhism
Scientology a New Age Religion?
Scientologys Nontraditional
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James R. Lewis is Associate Professor of Religion, University of Tromso, Norway.

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