Excursons in New South Wales, Western Australia, and Van Diemen's Land, During the Years 1830, 1831, 1832, and 1833

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R. Bentley, 1834 - 420 עמודים

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עמוד 163 - Hodmadods have: and setting aside their human shape, they differ but little from brutes. They are tall, straight-bodied, and thin, with small, long limbs. They have great heads, round foreheads, and great brows. Their eyelids are always half closed, to keep the flies out of their eyes...
עמוד 126 - ... the coral, sand, and other broken remnants thrown up by the sea, adhere to the rock, and form a solid mass with it, as high as the common tides reach. That elevation surpassed, the future remnants, being rarely covered, lose their adhesive property ; and remaining in a loose state, form what is usually called a Key, upon the top of the reef. The new bank is not long in being visited by...
עמוד 126 - ... visit it and deposit the seeds of shrubs and trees; every high tide, and still more every gale, adds something to the bank ; the form of an island is gradually assumed ; and lust of all comes man to take possession.
עמוד 148 - ... either from facts or circumstances, I shall leave those to find out who advanced it. In every part of New Zealand where I have been, fish was in such plenty, that the natives generally caught as much as served both themselves and us. They have also plenty of dogs; nor is there any want of wild fowl, which they know very well how to kill. So that neither this, nor the want of food of any kind, can, in my opinion, be the reason. But, whatever it may...
עמוד 177 - The neatness and precision observed with respect to the cross and cones is very remarkable, both being raised to the same height and so smoothly raked down, that it would puzzle the nicest observer to discover the slightest inequality in the form. The trees for some distance around, to the height of fifteen or twenty feet, are carved over with grotesque figures meant to represent kangaroos, emus, opossums, N 2 snakes, etc., with rude representations also of the different weapons they use.
עמוד 375 - The crown reserves to itself the right of making and constructing such roads and bridges as may be necessary for public purposes, in all lands purchased as above, and also to such indigenous timber, stone, and other materials, the produce of the land, as may be required for making and keeping the said roads and bridges in repair, and for any other public works.
עמוד 163 - ... nostrils, and mouth too, if the lips are not shut very close: so that from their infancy being thus annoyed with these insects, they do never open their eyes as other people: and therefore they cannot see far, unless they hold up their heads, as if they were looking at somewhat over them.
עמוד 125 - It seems to me, that when the animalcules, which form the corals at the bottom of the ocean, cease to live, their structures adhere to each other, by virtue either of the glutinous remains within, or of some property in salt water ; and the interstices being gradually filled up with sand and broken pieces of coral washed by the sea, which also adhere, a mass of rock is at length formed. Future races of these animalcules erect their habitations upon the rising bank, and die in their turn, to increase,...
עמוד 137 - ... interior sea, where the water is salt, and where whales are seen to spout ! The manner in which they imitated the whale throwing up water was so completely satisfactory, as to leave little doubt of the fact, as it is not likely these inland blacks could have known it but from actual observation. Here, then, is a problem that will repay the working, and the sooner we are relieved from the present state of suspense arising from such a report, the better!
עמוד 124 - It is scarcely more than a mile in circumference, but appears to be increasing both in elevation and extent. At no very distant period of time, it was one of those banks produced by the washing up of sand and broken coral, of which most reefs afford instances, and those of Torres

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