תמונות בעמוד
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mant is the Lord from heaven. of the Lord; forafıuch as ye As is the earthy, such are they know that your labour is not that are earthy : and as is the in vain in the Lord. heavenly, such are they also that are heavenly. And as a Wben they come to the grave, we have borne the image of while the Corpje is made ready the earthy, we shall also bear to be laid intoʻthe earth, thalt the image of the heavenly. be fung or said, Now this I say, bretliren, that fleth and blood cannot inherit AN, that is born of a the kingdom of God; neither

woman, 'hath but doth corruption inherit incor- Tort time to live, and is full ruption. Behold, I show you of misery. He cometh up, a mystery : We shall not all and is cut down like a sleep, but we shall all be flower; 'he fleeth as it were a changed, in a moment, in the shadow, and never continua twinkling of an eye, at the eth in one stay. laft trump: For the trumpet shall found, and the dead shall

In the midst of life we are be raised incorruptible, and in death: Of whom may we we shall be changed. For seek for fuccour, but of thee, this corruptible must put on

O Lord, who for our fins art incorruption, and this mortal justly displeased ? nrust put on immortality. So

Yet, O Lord God moftwhen this corruptible fhall holy, O Lord most mighty, have put on incorruption, and o holy and most merciful this mortal shall have put on Saviour, deliver us not into immortality, then thall be the bitter pains of eternal brought to pass the saying that death. is written, Death is swallowed up in victory. O death, Thou knoweft, Lord, the where is thy sting? O grave, fecrets of our hearts : 'Shut where is thy victory. The not thy merciful ears to our sting of death is fin, and the prayers ; but spare us, Lord strength of fin is the law. But most holy, o God' most

1: thanks be to God, which giv- mighty, Olioly and mereth us the victory, through ciful Saviour, thou moft our Lord Jesus Christ. There- worthy Judge eternal, suffer fore, my beloved brethren, be tus 'not, at our last hour, for ye stedfast, unmoveable, als any pains of death to fall ways abounding in the work from thec.



in his wife Providence, to take lead us not into temptations out of this world the Soul of But deliver us from evil.

Amen. our deceased Brother, we there. Then the Ministen Pall fay fore commit bis Body to the geneben both tofathe fallawing ground; earth to earth,

ashes a Prayers, at bis diferetion. is to ashes, duft to duft: look- BALMIGHTY God, with ing for the general Relurrec- A whom do live the spis tion in the last Day, and the rits of those who depart hence life of the World to come, in the Lords and with whom through our Lord Jesus the souls of the faithful, afChrist; at whose second com- ter they are delivered from the ing in glorious Majesty to burthen of the flesh, are in judge the world, the Earth joy and felicity; we give thee and the Sea shall give up their hearty thanks, for the good Dead; and the corruptible examples of all those thy ferBodies of those who neep in vants, who, having finished him shall be changed, and their course in faith, do now made like unto his own glo- rest from their laboursio (And rious Body ; according to the we beseech thee, ch that iwe, mighty working whereby he with all those who are departis able to subdue all things ed in the true faith tof thy unto himfelf. Jy weather, holy Name,i may have our

Then Yhall be said, or yung, di perfect consumination and Heard a voice from heaven, bliss, both in body and soul,

saying unto me, Write, in thy eternal and everlasting From henceforth blessed are glory, through Jesus Christ the dead who die in the our Lord. Amen. syitob Lord u even fo saith the Spi- Merciful God, the Farit ; for they rest from their ther of our Lord Jesus labours. Rev. xiv. 13.is 1 Christ, who is the resurrection

Then the Minister shall fay and the lifes in whom whoieorthe Lord's Prayers to foever believeth, shall live,

UR Father, who art in though he die ; and whose

Heaven, Hallowed be ever livetlu and believeth in thy Name : Thy) Kingdom him, Ahall not die eternally ;


who also háth tăught us, by then pronounce to all who his holy Apostle Saint Paul, love and fear thee, saying, not to be fôrry, as men with Come, ye bleffed children of dut hope, for those who neep, my Father, receive the kingi himoy we humbly befeech domn prepared for you froni thee, O Father, to raise us the beginning of the world : from the death of fin'unto Grant this, we befeech thee, the life of righteousnefs; that! O merciful Father, through when we shall depart this life, Jefus Christ, our Mediator we may rest in him; and that and Redeemer. Amen. at the general refurrection in THE grace of our Lord the last day, we may be found Jesus Christ, and the acceprable in thy figlit; and love of God, and the fellowfeceive that blessing, which ship of the Holy Ghoft, be thy well-beloved Son hall with us all evermore) Amen.


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COMMONLY CALLED, boy adı qo?

THE CHURCHING OF WOMEN. I Lollat 9-va milliy

This Services or tbe concluding Prayer alone, jas it stands -briemong the Occasional Prayers and Thanksgivings, may be used egvat the discretion of the Minister.

6 f17be Womail, at it be sufual Time after her Delivery, Mall.come prl into the Church decently apparelled, and there shall kneel down Tuin fome convenient place, as bath been accustomed, or as the Ordi, Erinary shall direct And then the Prieft ball fay into ber,

ORASMUCH as it hath Dilexi, quoniam.

pleafed Almighty God, Am well pleased that the of his goodneiš, to give you Lord hath heard the voice fafe deliverance, and to pre- of my prayer';!, babait? ferve you in the great danger • That he hath inclined his of Child birth ; you thall ear unto me : Therefore will therefore give Hearty thanks I call upon him as long as I unto God, and say, is dive. V sris ? '» ; ,

V 4:50 *. 11.1970

I found trouble and heaviT Then all the Minister Jay (nels, and I called upon the

. 32" the following Hymn taken Name of the Lordzo Lord, I 33

, from the 11675 Pfalm. 11litt beseech thee, deliver my foul.


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Gracious is the

Lord, and Minift, o Lord, fave this righteous ; yea, our God is woman thy servant; merciful.

Answ. Who puftëth her What reward shall I give trust in thee.ciw sa do sú unto the Lord, for all the

* Mimit. Be thou to her benefits that he hath done strong tower, is the unto me ei

Answ. From the face of I will receive the cup of ber enemy o

la salvation; and call


Lord, hear our Name of the Lord.

fic prayer 300 ribns ansvag I will

pay my vows now in Ansme. And let our cry the presence of all his people; come unto the cwad bits in the courts of the Lord's houte, even in the midst of thee, Jerufalem. Praise Almighty God, we give

thee humble thanks, the Lord.

for that thou hast been gra: Glory be to the Father, ciously pleased to prelerve, and to the Son, and to the through the great pain and Holy Ghost ;

peril of As it was in the beginning, woman thi hildbirth, this is now, and ever Ihall be, fires now to offer her praises world without end. . Amen. and thanksgivings unto thee.

Grant, we beseech thee, most Then fall the Minifier say the inerciful Father, that the Lord's Prayer, with what through thy help, may both follows: But the Lord's Pray: faithfully live, and walk ac er may be omitted, if this be cording to thy will in this used with the Morning or life present, and also may be Evening Prayer. Indie partaker of everlasting glory UR Father, who art in in the life to come, through


culege thy Name Thy Kingdom The Woman that cometh to give come; Thy Will be done on her thanks, muft offer accufEarth, as it is in Heaven : tomed offerings, which shall be Give us this day our daily applied by ibe. Minister and bread; And forgive us our futbe Church-Wardens, to the trespasses, as we forgive those relief of diffreljed Women in who trefpafs against us. And Child-bed: And if there be a lead us not into temptations Communion, convenient But deliver us from evil.1 atpat fae receive the holy.Com Amen.

munion, conio. IOL 5


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q The Morning and Evening Service to be used daily at Sea, Jhall be the same which is appointed in the Book of Common Prayer.

These t200" following Prayers most' gracious favour, and 20

may be also used in Ships of further us with thy continual War.

help ; that in all our works Eternal Lord God, who begun, continued, and ended

alone spreadeft out the in thee, we may glorify thy heavens, and ruleft the raging holy Name; and finally by of the Sea ; who haft com- thy mercy obtain everlasting paffed the waters with bounds, life; through Jesus Christ our until day and night come to Lord. Amen. an end ; be plealed to receive into thy Almighty' and most Prayers to be used in Storms giacious protection, the per.

at Sea. thy the Fleet (or Ship) in which o Molt powerful and glothe dangers of the Sea, and whose command the winds from the violence of the ene- the Sea, and who fillest the

blow, and lift up the waves of my; that we may be a safe. guard unto the United States rage thereof; we, thy creaof America, and a fecurity for tures, but miserable finners, such as pass on the Seas upon

do in this our great distress their lawful occasions ; that cry unto thee for help: Save, the inhabitants of our land Lord, or else we perish. We máy in peace and quietness confess when we have been serve thee our God"; and that safe, and seen all things quiet we may return in Tafety to 'en

about us, we have forgotten joy the blessings of the land, hearken to the fill voice of

thee our God, and refuled to with the fruits of our labour; and, with a thankful remem: thy word, and to obey thy brance of thy mercies, to see how terrible thou art in all

commandments : But now we praise and glorify thy holy thy works of wonder ;: the Name, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

great God to be feared above

all; and therefore we adore The Colleet.

thy Divine Majesty, acknow, O Lord, in ledging thy power, and imall our doings, with thy ploring thy goodness. Help,




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