(Selections From) Observations on Modern Gardening

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1801 - 35 עמודים

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עמוד 13 - ... with objects of beauty, to " delight the eye after it has been struck, to fix the attention " where it has been caught, to prolong astonishment into " admiration, are purposes not unworthy of the greatest
עמוד 9 - Of those whose branches begin from the ground, some rise in a conical figure, as the larch and the holly; some swell out in the middle of their growth, and diminish at both ends, as the mountain ash and the lilac ; some are irregular and bushy from the top to the bottom, as the Red cedar and the Guelder rose.
עמוד 11 - To range the shrubs and small trees so that they may mutually set off the beauties and conceal the blemishes of each other — to aim at no effects which depend on a nicety for their success, and which the soil, the exposure, or the season of the day may destroy — to attend more to the groups than...

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