The Making of Peace: Rulers, States, and the Aftermath of War

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Williamson Murray, James Lacey, Jim Lacey, Course Director and Professor of Both Strategic Studies and Political Economy James Lacey
Cambridge University Press, 12 בינו׳ 2009 - 390 עמודים
"The Making of Peace represents a fascinating contribution to the study of war: namely, the difficulties that statesmen have confronted in attempting to put back together the pieces after a major conflict. These essays examine how Western belligerents have addressed -- or failed to address -- the making of peace across a span of two and a half millennia and in contests reflecting a broad range of prompting disputes. Some efforts produced at best a momentary suspension of hostilities. Others transformed the very context of international relations. Defined more modestly, however, as the control and moderation of violence, some peacemaking efforts were notably more successful than others. This study also serves as a first draft of a guide for those who will confront the equally difficult task of maintaining the peace, once achieved."--Back cover.

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searching for peace
The Peace of Nicias
the Congress of Westphalia
The Peace of Paris 1763
the Congress of Vienna
War and peace in the postCivil War South
Bismarcks quest for peace in
the peace without a chance
Great Britain
Ending the Cold War
history and the making of peace
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Williamson Murray is Senior Fellow at the Institute for Defense Analyses in Washington, DC, and Professor Emeritus of History at the Ohio State University. He is co-editor of The Past as Prologue (with Richard Hart Sinnreich), The Dynamics of Military Revolution, 1300-2050 (with MacGregor Knox), Military Innovation in the Interwar Period (with Allan R. Millett), and The Making of Strategy (with Alvin Bernstein and MacGregor Knox).

Jim Lacey is an analyst at the Institute for Defense Analyses in Washington, DC, where he has written several studies on the war in Iraq and on the Global War on Terrorism. Lacey was also an embedded journalist with Time magazine during the invasion of Iraq, during which he traveled with the 101st Airborne Division. He is the author of Takedown: The 3rd Infantry Division's 21-Day Assault on Baghdad.

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