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coming, Surely then, feeing it is both a Duty, and a will be found to be a privilege unto the Children' 5 of God; How should our Love and Expectation be*

* drawn out, with earnest Desires for this blessed 1 time? Now the Benefit that will redound to such

who shall be found so doing, you may see what

the Apostle faith, in 2 Tim. iv.8: I have fuught a 1 good Fight, I have finished ny Course, I have kept 4 ibe Faith. Henceföroh there is láid up for me a

Crown of Righteousness, which the Lord the rightehecus Fudge shall give me at that Day; ' and not to me

only, but unto all them also who love bis appearing. Again, how full are those Woods (for this) ir

Heb. ix. 28. And to them that look for him fall 3 he appear the second time, without Sin, unto Salva1 tion. All which does shew that this is, and ought

to be the Practices of the Saints. Therefore we

should inquire, and examine our selves, whether * we do love, look for, and earnestly desire Christ's

coming. 8. Thirdly, A Use of Reproof to such as do not.

If this be so, then certainly it is a great Evil in

tie People of God, not to be concerned about these # Things. What a strange Thing is it for any Persoir

to profess love to Jesus Christ, and yet not love, or at least delire his Coming. Tam perswaded that thele cannot love Christ as they should, (let them pretend to what they will)'if they can be fo indifferent about the Glory and Kingdom of Christ, which is so fully demonstrated in the Scriptures of Truth; and I am perfwaded also, that some of there, (whatever good Thoughts they have of themselves) will be found under some rebuke by the Lord Jesus, for the Coolness, Careless



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ness, and Indifference which is in them; What is the Meaning tiat some do not love (but oppose) our speaking and preaching about the Coming and Kingdom of Christ? Is it not an Argument that they do not love, or desire that any such Thing Thould be? And what is this less than fiinging as it were Dirt in the Face of those Scriptures, where we are exhorted to be Earnest with the Lord, for the Accomplishment of what he hath promised? As in Isa. Ixii. ó. I have set Watchmen upon thy. 1/alls, O Ferusale in which shall never bold their peace Day nor Night: Te ibat make mention of the Lord, keep not filence.' And again, in ver. 7. Give him 1 Rest till be cftablish, and till he make JernJulen a Praise in the Earth. Surely these opposite rerfons do not read these Scriptures, or if they do, pake but little Notice of what they read, for if they did take any Notice at all, one would think they might run and read their Duty in thele Words, but the Lord hath fome of his Watchmen npon the Walls of Jerufalem, that never hold their Peace, they cannot be su indifferent about these

Things which the Lord hath promifed, I and in ; which the Glory of God, and the Good cof the

Churchı, is so much concern'd; I say they cannot he fo indifferent in these Things as some are, but do cry incessantly, Day and Night, for the hastning of this glorious Time: But if some should fay, This is only the Duty of the Watchmen, the Ministers of Christ; it followeth; Tes that make mention of the Lord keep not filence. This takes in all who profess love to Christ, and shews them as their Duty, that they should not keep silence, nor give the Lord any rest, by a continual Crying


E unto him, that he would hasten to establish and | niake ferufalem the Praise or Glory of the Earth.

Doth not this then Thew, that Ferufalem, which is ni the Church of God, shall be the Praise or Glory of

the Earth? Otherwise he would not have delireil dl us to pray fo earnestly for it. Do we not want na fome of that heavenly Zeal which this Holy Pro

phet expresseth in the firit Verse of this chapter?

For Zion's fake will I not bold my Peace, and for Fena rufalem's Make I will not Reft, until the Righteousness

thereof go forth as Brightness, and the Salvation thereof as a Lamp that burneth. . Satisfied I am, that if we were in this heavenly Frame of Spirit, it would be better with us, then now it is; Again, what a Word is that, in 2 Pet. iii. 12. where we are exhorted to be looking for, and haftring unto the Coming of the Day of God, wherein the Heavens being oil fire shall be disolved, and the Elements fall melt with fervent heat. This Day we are exhorted to be looking for, as a Person with a streatch'd-out Neck, with great Earnestness, looketh out of the Window for fomething that it much desireth, and baftning unto the Coming of the Day of God; that is, by our Prayers and earnest Desires we are to be a hastning unto the Coming of the Day of God: But how can we haften that Day? Can we (say some) by our Prayers and Defires hasten it before the

Time appointed ? No verily; but this is laid down as our Duty; and that which the Lord is well pleased with, and loves to see in his People: 'Anl therefore the Lori grant that all his Children' nay be more lonking for, and earnestly desire, this glorious Time.

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Lord, so we ought becometh the core of Chrift

Fourthly, A Use of Exhortation. And that is, First; toigive all Diligence that mamayibe foudiu Chrifti, as it is in this, i 12 Pet. ii. 14.1 Wherefore, beloved, seeing that Igie Kook for such Things be dili. gent that ye way be found sof him in Peace, without Spot, and Blämelejsil Cur Care and . Diligence tħould be above all Things, to feel that we are iiterested in Chrift, in his Purity and spotless Righteousness; to see that we do not relt in, for depend cupon any Thing short of the Lord Jefus Chrift for

Salvation. In dit onlysvi! 961 D'Secondly, That as we have received Chni Jefus the Lord, so we ought to walk in him, that our Con versation may be as becometh the Gofpel. This Doctrine of the Coming and Kingdom of Christ Should engage us to walk more circumfpe&tly; and therefore the Apostle lays this down as a Mo. tive to ftir up the Saints unto Evangelical Holivefs, as in ver. 11. Seeing then that all these Tbira ball be dissolved, what Manner of Persons ought ye to be in all holy Conversation and Godliness. Oh! What an Influence should the Thoughts of these Things have upon our Hearts, by ingaging and stirring of us up unto all Manner of holy Conversation; and was we but more in the lively Exercise of Faith concerning this great and awful Day of the Lord, which is to rear at hand, as bas been fliern ; fure it would have this blessed Effect upoit our Sculs, as to take our Minds off from the perishing Things of this Worla, (which is in a little Time to be búrned about the Ears of all the Wicked, and ingage our Affections to be more fet upon Things above, where Chrif is at the right Hand of God It is worth our taking Notice to see, how the Holy


Ghost joy's this Doctrine of the Coming of Christ unto the Influence of Divine Grace upon the Hearts of the Saints, in Tit.ii. IT, 12, and 19For the

Grace of God that bringer b Salvation, bath a peared i to all Men teaching us that denying Urgdliness ñ and worldly Luft: De jhould live foberly, yig biconiy,

and godly in this present Horld; tooking for that

blessed Hope, and glorious. Appearing of the Great in God, and our Saviour. Fefus Cbrift. 7: 13

* Oh! that we could believe this, and be more in the lively Exercise of Faith, concerning the Glory and Kingdom of Christ to be near : It would make

this World to be little in our Account. What is rom the Reason that the People of God in this Day, .

have their Hearts so much feť upon the World, that they are running, riding, caring, and carping, with so much Anxiety of Spirit, for to grasp as much as they can of it in their own Hand? What is the Reason that we fee so many who profess Christ of such a worldly, covetous Disposition, that they cannot part with any thing out of their Subftande (or very little) to the poor Saints, who stand in Need of their Charity? Is it not because they have no Faith in these Things, nor Desire

that any such Time should ever be? Is it not be- 'cause their Love is grown cold to the Lord, and

one another? It is my Thoughts, rifl map speak without offending the Generation of my People) that

there never was any Age fince Christ's Time, o wherein the Profeffors : of it loved the world fo

inuch, and I fefus Christ Jo little fasizhe this Dáy. 12 What is the Reason that so many are minding En Etheir own Things, their own Profit; Advantage,

and Greatness in the World, more than the ji hings


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