תמונות בעמוד

Behold (let this be took Notice of) I come quickly I will not only come (as if Christ should say) but I will come quickly. Blessed are those who shall be found ready, continually waiting for him, · Verse 12. And bebold I come quickly; and my Reward is with me, to give every Man according as his Works bau be. Here is the same Promise again : This is not a needless Tautology, but a very needful Repetition; the Lord knew how hard we were to believe, and how subject we were to forget what he hath promised, and therefore doubles and trebles his Promises to his Children;' that it might be the more observed by them; for the incouraging and strengthening of their Faith..

Verse 20. He which testifieth these Things, Saith surely I come qui kly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord. Fesus. The Person who testifieth these things, is the Lord Jesus Christ. These are the last Words which Christ spake unto his Church, as left upon Record, in Sacred Writ, and therefore. should rather be the more observed, and took Notice of, by all who love the Lord Jesus, the time when he fpake these Words, was after his Death, Refurre&tion and Ascension; when he had been some time in Glory; which shews that his Heart is full of, and still running over with Love, (now he is in Heaven) unto his Church and People, whilst in her suffering State ; as much as when he was personally present with her in the World, and that his Heart is upon, and mindful of his coming again. This Book of the Revelation is like a Love Letter dropt from the Hand, or rather from the Heart of Christ after his Exaltation and Advancement at the Right Hand of God, for the Support and Com

fort: fort of his Spoufe, whilst she was personally absenť from her beloved. Well, be wbich testifieth these things, saith, Surely, I come quickly. Here we have again both the Certainty and Nearness of his coming expressed. How wonderful do these Words sound, Surely I come? You may believe and depend upon my Word (as if Chrift should say) surely I come, and not only so, I will not only surely come, but I will quickly come, I will make no Delay, I will not tarry, not a Minute, no not a Moment beyond the time appointed of my Father; but I will both surely and quickly come. What can we desire more but only Faith to believe and Patience to wait for the Accomplishment of this Promise? And oh that we might be filled with those Bridelike Affections and Desires of the true Spouse of Christ, as to be continually crying out from our very Hearts, Amen, even ro, come Lord Jesus! This Promise of coming quickly we find three times promised in this last Chapter, which is like a threefold Cord, that cannot be broken.

Having thus proved, from plain Scripture Af sertions, that the coming of the Lord Jesus Chrift, in the Accomplishment of these latter Day Prophecies must certainly be near, even at the very Door ; I shall now come in the second place to shew the nearness of this glorious time ; from some Argument or Inference drawn from Scriptures: Therefore,

Secondly, The first Argument is, if the laft Days began 1720 Years ago, if it was called the lalt time, the End of the World, the End of all Things ; and that the Judge did so long a time since stand at the Door, as has been shewn; then certainly it can


not be long now, the time which we have been

speaking of must be near at hand. The time in · which we live must not only be the last, but the . laft of the laft Days, and the very Dregs of the last Times. The World is now grown old, grey-headed, i or like an old Cottage that is ready to tumble and fall. And if so, how dismal then are those contrary Inferences, which are by some drawn from hence; that because it is so many hundreds of Years since • these things were spoke or promised; therefore, say they, it may be as many hundreds of Years more, before they come to pass. What is this less than a putting the Day of the Lord far from us; and a saying in our Hearts my Lord delayeth his 'coming. Surely this too much favours of the Sririt of the Atheist, or the Scoffers which the Apoftle Peter speaketh of, shall come in the last Days, saying, where is the Promise of his coming; for since the Fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they did from the beginning of the Creations. We do not fee (as if they should say) such Alterations nor Signs of the nearness of his coming, not con- . fidering what Changes there was made in the World by the Flood : Nor yet what Signs has been fulfilled since these things were written. 2 Epistle of Pet, iii. 3. 4.

Secondly, It is a great Argument to me, and I think it may be fo to others, if duely consider'd ; and that is, if the last Days began at the time of Christ's first coming, and that then it was the last time, called the ends of the World; these things being written for our Example upon whom the Ends of the World are come. Then certainly the time that is to run out betwixt Christ's first and second coming, cannot with the least thew of Reason be. sup

posed to be half, if near half so long, as was to run out before the last Days began. Now we know from the Record which we have both in Scripture and History, that the time which ran out from the Creation unto Christ's first coming, was but about four thousand Years. And now since'it hath been said to be the last time, the last Days, the end of the World ; there has run out above seventeen hundred Years. I know what some are ready to say, that this one thousand seven hundred and twenty Years is but a little time with God : It is true, a thousand Tears with the Lord being but as one Day. And so upon the same account it may be said, that it is bit a little time since the World was created; as not being yet six Days old; but what then? If the World was looked upon and accounted by the Spirit of God to be old, and to be got into its last Days and its last Times, when four thousand Year's perė run out; and now since these last Days began ; we . are hastening apace to two thousand Years; then certainly it cannot now be long, before these Wonders must have their Accomplishment; Unless we will have the last Days and the last Times to be as long, and to run Parallel with the first Days, or that time which was to be allowed for the World's Continuance, before it was to be accounted the last Times, or the last Days. Which by no means can be granted. For if it should, then the time of Christ's first coming, when he suffered for Sin, would have been in the middle Age of the World, and therefore it would rather have been said, but now ortce in the middle Age (and not in the end of the World) hath he appeared to put away Sin by the Sacrifice of himself; which is quite contrary

1971 to that Text in Heb. ix. 26. which says that now w i once in the end of the World, hath be appearid to put hrin Sore away Sin, &c. These things I say if duly consider'd in cetfor make the matter Evident, and appear undeniable was but that we are got into the very last of the last Days. eit hati . But thirdly, The Day of the Lord must certain- . the edi ly be near at hand, as will further appear if that teen bu Opinion be true, which has been espoused and toint professed by some great, learned, and good Men: -wenti! That as the Lord was six Days in creating of the neat World, (which he could have created in a Moment

if he pleased) so he will be fix Days in ruling or go

verning of the same, or fix thousand Tears, adding a Erienti thousand Years to a Day, a thousand years with the thin' Lord being but as the Day. And that therefore it het was that the Lord was six Days in creating of the o World, that this Mystery might be shadowed out qoy by it. And that as the seventh Day was sanctified how to be kept (or one Day in Seven)as holy, or Sabcom bath of Rest unto the Lord; to be a Figure or a

Tipe of the great Sabbothtins of the thousand Tears, or that glorious Reft which remains fig the People

of God; to begin and continue throughout the Kingni dom of Christ with the Saints, when their lix Days

Labour and Trouble shall be ended. And if fo, then this glorious Time, which I have been speaking of must certainly be near. For according to the common Account, there does not remain three hun. dred Years for to compleat the six thousand from

the Creation, ere this blesed Millenium, or the 3 thousand Tears is to take Place; and therefore it 9. cannot be long before the first Branch or spiritual Glory of Christ's Kingdom must begin. Befides, all this, if the Account be true, which some latter

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