תמונות בעמוד

this Kingdom; which I believe will not be ful| ly known by any of the Saints, in all the particu

lar Branches of it, until this time comes. Yet as to the Substance many of us do agree, that Chrift will have a Kingdom in this World, in which the Saints Ihall Reign with him as Kings and Priefts; before the Kingdom shall be delivered up to the Father. This we may be certain of, and be fully satisfy'd in, because there is no one Truth, or any

one particular Point of Doctrine, that is so much • spoken of, or so largely treated upon as this Doctrine of the Kingdom; as might be further shewn (besides what hath been faid) from a multitude of other Scriptures, which I am obliged to pass by : Therefore to conclude this Subject, let us in the mean time be like the noble Bereans, search the Scriptures, and see if these Things are so or no. Let us beg of God for Light and Understanding, laying asiile all Cavils, seeing we are compassed about with so great aCloud of Witreffes(to allude to the Words of the Apostle) and let us run with Patience cur Christian Race, (keeping the Eye upon this blessed Object) looking unto Jesus, who is the Aue thor and Finisher of Faith, Heb. xii. v. 12.

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The Coming, Reign, and Kingdom of

Christ in the first Part or Branch of
that Spiritual Glory, is near at

Hand, even at the Door. § 1. The Nearness of the Lord's Coming proved from express Scripture, Scripture-Signs, and ScriptureArguments. 2. The Signs of the Lord's Coming divided into two parts; the first to presage the Nearness of the Times the second not to be fulfilled until the beginning, or first breaking forth of Christ's Kingdom. 3. Above twelve Signs laid down to shew that this glorious Day must be very near. 4. A foort Account given concerning the Slaying, Death, and Resurrečtion of the Witnesses.

SHALL now come to the third and last Thing proposed ; and that is to enquire how near this Time may be?

As to the Hourand Day, Week, Month, O W or Tear ; it is certain, that neither Men nor Angels can tell: Yet it is possible for the Saints



to know (by searching of the Scripture-Signs) that the spiritual Coining, or first Branch of Christ's Kingdom is nigh, even at the Door; the great Day of the Spirit's pouring down, and the wonderful Conversion both of Jews and Gentiles that will follow, the Destruction of Antichrist by the Spirit of Christ's Mouth, and the Brightness of his Coming; that is his Spiritual Coming This I do believe to be very near, so nigh, as that sometimes I have had Hopes I might live to see it ; but whether that may be so or no, I cannot tell; be- . cause my time may be very short; yet in this I have a great deal of Satisfaction, that this Gene

ration will not pass away, before some of these Cu Things shall be fulfilled ; as our Lord said unto the y Jews, when he spake of the Lestruction of Jerusalem. " My Thoughts have been, that some of the Saints,

who are now living, will not taste of Death until they see the Kingdom of God come ; that is in its spiritual Glory. The time must certainly be near, if God's Word, and the Workings of Divine Providence agreeing therewith, be but duly confider'd; however, it may be put too far off, in the Thoughts of many of God's own Children; and by some questioned whether such a Time shall ever be, sayiøg, Where is the sign of his Coming ? Do not all things remain as they did? Yet the Lord is not slack of his Promise, nor unmindful of that Day, but his Heart is upon the earnest Expectation of that Glory, and therefore will hasten it in his time; which time we have Ground and Reason to believe is at Hand.

But the Method which I shall make use of, in Thewing the Nearness of this glorious Time, or that


the Day of the Lord must certainly be even at the very Door, shall be in this following Order. :

First, This will appear from plain ScriptureAssertion.

Secondly, From fomeArguments, or Inferences drawn from Scriptures.

Thirdly, From plain and undeniable ScriptureSigns.. .

Firs, From plain Scripture-Affertion, Isa. II. V. 22. A little one shall become a thousand, and a Small one a strong Nation. I the Lord will baften it, in his time. This whole Chapter is a Prophecy of the latter Day, the Glory of Christ's visible King. dom; when the Church of God shall be : encreased into a great Multitude. Well, faith the Lord, I will hasten it in his time; that is the time which God hath appointed; and if the Lord hath promised tv haften' the Accomplishment of what is here prophecy'd of, then certainly it shall not be delay'd. .

Foel i. v. 15. Alas for the Day! for the Day of the Lord is at Hand, and as a Destruction from the Almighty shall it come. This will be the Day of the Lord's Vengeance, in which the Wicked shall be destroy'd, when the Day of the Lord shall burn as an Oven, and all the Proud, yes, and all that do wickedly shall be as stubble; and the Day that cometh shall burn them up, faith the Lord of Hosts, Mal. iv. v. 1. Well, this is the Day that is at Hand, at which time the Deliverance of the Children of God shall be compleated. Again, in Chapter the third, v. 14. Multitudes, Multitudes in the Valley of Decision, for the Day:of the Lord is near in the Valley of Decision. This Valley of Decifion or

. . : : : . : Con

Concisión, or the Valley of threshing, signifying the place of Punishment, or where the Wicked are to be punished : This time is said to be near; which

must be understood of the great and terrible Day filter of the Lord, from what followeth, v. 15. The Sun * and Moon Mall be darkned, and the Stars fall witb

draw their shining, and the Lord also shall roar out *5 of Zion, and utter his voice from Jerusalem, (that

is the Church) and the Heavens and the Earth Mall Shake, (a dreadful time this will be unto all the Wicked and Ungodly !) but the Lord will be the hope of his people, and the strength of the Children of Ifrael, v. 16.

Again, in the first Epistle of Cor. x. v. U. Nom all these things happened unto them for Ensamples, and they are written for our Admonition, upon whom the Ends of the World are come. What' happend unto Israel, in the time of their Temptation, or Trial, was written for our Ensample, that we might take Warning by their Fall, for our Ensample upon whom the Ends of the World are come. The Ends of the World were looked upon by the ApoŠtles and Primitive Saints, to be come upon them, which is now above 1720 Years since, and there. fore this time must certainly be even at the Door. 1 . Rom. xiii. v. ll. And knowing the times, that 900 it is high time to awake out of Sleep, for now is our Salvation narer then when we believed This was writ to the Saints at Rome, in a way of Exhortation, to awake out of Drowsiness and carnal Security, because it was high time for them to awake; for now was, their Salvation nearer then when they first believed, which must mean the Salvation or Redemption of their Bodies; and in v. 12. The

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