תמונות בעמוד

the Air, will be either refined or destroyed by it. As

for the Earth, and the Works that are therein be! ing burnt up; I do not understand the Substance of

the Earth to be meant, but the outward Works," Frame, or Figure thereof; or the Wicked and Un'. godly who shall then be found living on the Earth; together with all the wicked A&s and finful Works of Men. These shall be all of them consumed and destroyed. That so the Earth may be prirged and refined by this Fire, from the Curse, Pollution, and de filement, which by the Sin of Man came upon the Earth. Which Fire will not only purge the Earth, but the Air and all the visible Heavens, so far as the Pollution and Contagion of Sin hath reached. As for the Imperial or third Heaven, we have no Ground to believe shall ever be touched or : affected with this Fire, because it was not deriler

with Sin as the other was. ' E Then it must be these Aerial Heavens that this

Fire will have such Effect upon, so as to refine and purge it from all its gross Fois, Mists, and rauseous Vapours, which now it is so much filled with. This being signified by the Word melting, as Metals by being meltel are purged and refined from their Dross, so shall it be at this time; for what this

Fi:e cannot consume, or destroy, shall be purged and * refined by it. Which will make the Earth and the

visible Heavens appear as glorious, if not beyond what they were in their first Creation, and so con, sequently meet to be inhabited by the Lord Jesus Christ, and all the innumerable Company of glorified Saints, together with the blessed Angels, who shall ascend and descend upon, or unto the


Christ, and all to be inhabited havion; and fo.co

Son of Man during the time of Christ's Personal
Reign and Kingdom.

That this must be fo, appears undeniable from
what follows, where we have nothing less than
the new Heavens and a new Earth promised, as in
V. 13. Nevertheless we according to his Promise, Look
for niew Heavens, and a new Earth, wherein dwellerb
Righteousness. This we fee is promised immediately
upon the Deftruction, or changing of the old ; which
new Heavens and Earth agree, and are the same,
with the time of the personal Reign and Kingdom
of Christ, in the thousand Years Glory. And there.
fore this great Fire, or the burning up this World
that now is, must be before the thousand Years be-
gin; when the Lord Jesus Christ shall personally
defcend from Heaven. For when the Apostle hacl
acquainted the Saints, that the Heavens and the
Earth should be on Fire, and that the Elements
should melt with fervent Heat, the Works that are
therein should be burned up; he presently tells
them, that, with a Nevertheless or a Notwithstard-
ing, we according to his Promise look for new Hea.
rens and a new Earth: As if he should say, though
the Heavens and the Earth will be all on a fire, and
all elementary Matters will melt, the Earth and
the Works (all wicked and finful Works) hall be
burned up : Nevertheless we according to bis Promise
look for new Heavens and new Earth, wherein dvel-
leth Righteousness. The Lord had promised this
by the Prophet Ifaiab long before, Chap. lxv. v. 17,
For bebold I create new Heavens, and a new Earth;
and the former fall not be remember'd, nor come in-
to mind. This is the Promise which the Apostle
had his Eye ipon, nevertheless, notwithstanding
hail his "posts"



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ċ this great Conflagration, and the Change that this

Fire will make in the visible Creation of the Earth and Heavens, we look for new Heavens and a new Earth immediately to take place, wherein nothing but Righteousness shall dwel; nothing that sinneth or defileth shall enter into it, because the Inbabitants

all then be all righteous. The Change which this Fire will make upon the Heavens and the Earth, I will be so glorious, as that it will look like a new

Creation. These new Heavens and Earth are made mention of by the Apostle Jobu, Rev. xxi. i. in his Description of the New Jerusalem, coming down

from God out of Heaver. Which shews that this It is to be a state upon the Earth, in the Kingdom of Christ, during that blessed Millenium.

It evidently appears then that the Fire meni tioned by Peter will be at the beginning of the Ē thousand Years, but the Fire that is to come down

uponGog and Magog, will not be until the End thereof. Which Fire I do understand to be no other than the visible Wrath of God manifested from Heaven, in destroying that wicked Attempt which will be made by the Magog Army Upon which the last,or the Judgment among the wicked, is immediately to take Place, and they immediately to appear before the Tribunal, or Judgment Seat of Jesus Christ.

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Verse 1o. And the Devil that deceived them, was caft into the Lake of Fire and Brimstone, where the Beast and false Prophet are, and fall be tormented Day and Night for ever and ever.

· Now, Now, though these Words come in before the Description of the White Throne, mentioned in the next Verse, by which the last and general Tudgment of all the Ungodly is to be understood: Yet I look upon these Words to be only an Account given us, of what is like to be the Lot, Ende and Portion of this Gog and Magog Army, together with the Devil that deceived them, which was a being cast into the Lake of Fire and Brimstone, where the Beast and false Prophets are said to be, as their only and Proper Place. Otherwise the time when this Gog and Magog shall be cast into the Lake, (excepting the Beast and false Prophets, with the rest of the wicked, who will be there (at this time) before, 'in respect of their Souls ) I do conceive will not be until the last Judgment is over, when they shall be cast there Soul and Body together. For 'tis usual, as may be seen in many places of Scripture, to make mention of that first, which oftentimes does not come in until afterwards; and that last which is to be understood first. As in the first Chapter of Genesis, where we read, that God created Man in his own Image, Male and Female, Verse 27. Which was done upon the sixth Day; and yet in Chapter the second, we have an Account, that thus Heavens and the Earth were finished, and all the Hosts of them. And in Verse 5. For the Lord God had not caused it to rain upon the Earth, and there was not a Man to till the Grourd. This seems to look as if the Creation of Man was not until after the sixth Day's Creation had been

ended. Whereas it is certain Adam and Eve must , be both created in the beginning of the sixth Day.

Cnly we have here a larger account given us, as


the manner how he was created or formed, viz. out of the Duft of the Ground, v.%. See again in Rev. i. 4 and 5. Grace be unto you and Peace, from him which is, and which was, and which is to come, and from the Seven Spirits which is before the Throne,

And from Jesus Christ who is the faithful Witness, the first begotten of the Dead, &c. Most certain it is, that the Trinity of Perfons is held forth unto us, in these two Verses, and from whom it is that Grace and Peace does flow. And yet we see that the third Person is here mentioned in the second, and the second Person in the third Place. Wherein I humbly conceive that God in his infinite Wir. dom, is pleased some times to run cross, and thwart the Wisdom of Men. Who forsooth must - not have a Word out of Order, which Wisdom (as -high Value as they have of it) is but Foolishness with God.

Well then, this tenth Verse, though expressed before the time of the Judgment, is but a Description or a Declaration of the dismal, dreadful State and Condition of the Gog and Magog, with the Beast, false Prophets, and the Devils which deceived them (who are mentioned in particular) as being cast (after the Judgment is ended) into the Lake of Fire and Brimstone; where they shall be tora mented Day and Night figa ever and ever. Pray let us mind that Expreslion Day and Night. Will there be both Day and Night in Hell? (For moft certain, by the Lake of Fire and Brimstone, no other than Hell can be understood) I answer no, there will be no Day, no Light, nor Comfort in Hell for ever. And therefore this is only to figo nify the Continuation or Endlesness of their Tor


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