תמונות בעמוד

come upon Gog and Magog, in the Revelations, is said to come from God oừt of Heaven.

Fifthly, The Time of burning of these Weapons will last so long as that there will be no need to take Wood out of the Field, nor to cut down any out of the Forelts; for they shall make use of the Burning of these Weapons : And they shall spoil those that spoiled them, and rob those that robbed them, faith the Lord. Verse 10. Which shews that the People of God will at this time be in a mortal State, as having need to make use of theseCreatures:But the Saints in the thousand Years Glory will be perfect, and so consequently will have no need of going in, to the Field or the Forest to cut down Wocd, nor yet to burn the Weapons of their Enemies.

Sixthly, Here is to be a great Burying of the Multitude of the Slain, which will be destroyed out of this Gog and Magog Army. Verse II. And it mall come to pass at that day, that I will give unto Gog a Place there of Graves in Ifrael, the Valley of the Passengers on the East of the Sea; and it shall stop the Noses nf the Passengers, and there Mall they 12yry Gog, and all his Multitude, and they shall call it the Valley of Hamon-Gog, that is the Multitude of Gog. And seven Months shall the House of Israel be burying of them, that they may cleanse the Land. But the Gog in Revelations we read of 110 such burying, though they are destroyed by Fire from Heaver, or the Attempt destroyed which they made against the Saints : Yet here is no burying at the End of the thousand Years, because they are immediately to appear before the Judgment-Seat of Ixwi Christ, to be judged. I


Ein Seventhly, Here is to be a great Sacrifice of the

Enemies of God, and so a great Feast for the Fowls Ta of the Air, and for the Beasts of the Field. Verse

17. And thuu Son of Man, thus faith the Lord God, na Speak (or give Commission) into every featherd i Fowl, and to every Beast of the Field, Asemble your

selves and come, gather your selves on every side to my Ex Sacrifice that I do sacrifice for you, even a great SacriP fice upon the Mountains of Israel (where it is that Gegye they shall be slain, a great Multitude of them) R that ye may eat Fles, and drink Blood. (Asthey be

fore delighted in Blood, so now their Blood shall
be given as a Prey to the Fowls and to the Beasts.),
Ye Jhall eat the Flesh of the Migbty, and drink the

Blood of the Princes of the Earth (great Men and - mighty Potentates, if ungodly, shall not escape no on more than others) of Rams, of Lambs, and of

Goats, of Bullocks, all of them Fatlings of Balhan. All Sorts and Ranks of Sinners (whether more openly profane, or secretly wicked) may be signified. But at the End of the thousand Years there will be no such Sacrifices, nor Feasts made unto the Fowls of the Air, out of that Gog and Magog; no eating the Flesh, nor drinking the Blood of the Slain then : Not a word of this is to be read in all that Chapter.

Indeed at the Beginning, or before the thousand Years begin, we read there shall be suchá Time as in Rev. xix. 17. And I saw an Angel standing in the Sun, and he cried with a loud Voice, saying to all the Fowls that fly in the Midst of the Heaven, come and gather your selves together. unto the Supper of the Great God,' (Here it is called a Supper, because this is not to be until the Evening of the World)


this Army of Gog and Magog will come up, that he may take a Prey; to carry away Silver and Gold, to take away Cattel and Goods, and to take a great Spoil, Ver se 13. Which things cannot be at the End of the'thousand Years, because the Saints will then be pei fect. This taking of a Prey, tocarry away Silver and Gold, Cattel and Goods, and a very great Spoil, which this Gog counted to take unto himself, can in no wise stand consistent with that Glory which the Saints will be in the possession of at that time. It is not Gold and Silver, nor the good things of this Life, that the Glory of the Children of God will consist of, in that perfect Kingdom State : Tho' there will be abundance of these things in the time of the Spiritual Reign. And therefore that will not be the End of this Gog's coming to coinpass the Camp of the Saints, when the thousand Tears are finished, but something else that has been before hinted. Well then! This Gug in Revelations cannot be the same with that in Ezekiel ; the one being before the thousand Years begin, the other not un. · til the thousand Years are ended.

Verse 9. And they went on the Breadth of the Earth, and comrassed the Camp of the Saints about and the beloved City. And Fire came down from God out of Heaven, and devoured them,

This Gog and Magog at the End of the thousand Years, went on the Breadth of the Earth, which shews what an inexpressible Number there was to be of them, so as to cover or fill the Face of the whole Earth. And compassed the Camp of the Saints


about, and the beloved City. Here is a Distinction made between the Camp of the Saints, and the beloved City; though this glorious City (as to the Largeness of it) is said to be twelve thousand Furlongs, which according to the account that some have given, is no less than four thousand five hundred Miles. However a large Place it is certain this great City will be ; yet it seems as if it were not large é. nough to contain the Inhabitants thereof, and therefore there will be adjacent Places round about the City; invested with the same Privileges, Dignity and Glory of the City; 'out of which there will be a continual Egress and Regrefs by the Saints .. into the City, the Gates being always open,' Which I humbly conceive may be called the Camp of the Saints, the beloved City, being as it were the Metro

politan, where Christ, (and those for whom it shall 7 be prepared) will sit upon Thrones, fome on the ., Right, and some on the Left band in his Kingdom.

Well, they compassed the camp of the Saints about; this is all we read of that they did, no · Execution done on either side, neither by them nor the Saints; here is only an Attempt made by the Gog and Magog Army, in taking a Compass about the Camp of the Saints and the beloved City. Upon which Attempt they are immediately deftroyed, by fire coming down from God out of Heaver; so that the Repulse which they meet with was immediately from the Lord himself. This Fire that is

said to come down from God out of Heaven, I don't , look upon it to be the same with that Fire spoke of

by the Apostle Peter in his second Epiftle, Chap. El the third. Because that Fire (I do conceive) will be at the beginning of the thousand Years; when

K'k k -- -- wnia the


the Lord Jesus Christ will come in flaming Firé, to 1.2

rendir Vengeance on them that know not God, nor that . , bave obeyed the Gospel.

• But to consider fome Verses in that of Peter, we

read Verse 10. That the Day of the Lord will come as a Thief in the Night, (that is sudden and unetpected, at least by the ungodly who shall then be living) in the which the Heavens fball pass away with a great Noise, (by the Heavens passing away, Re spects the outward Form or Figure of these visible

Heavens, and not the Substance of them, which d. will suffer a great Change, but infinitely for the

better) and the Elements shall melt with fervent beat, the Earth alfo and the Works that are therein, Jial be burnt up.

. · Now by the Elements melting with fervent of Heat, cannot be understood of those four Elements commonly expressed by the Names of Fire, Ait, Earth, and Water, because I caiinot see how the Element of Fire should melt the Element of Water, which, according to its proper Nature, is for putting out of the Fire; nor that the Fire should melt the Air, which is not a fit: matter, either to be melted or destroyed by the Element of Fire; only so far it shall affect it, as to purify and cleanse it, le from its nauseous Infe&tions. Again, How Thould Fire melt the Element of Fire? That looks like an Inconsistence: It is not in the Nature of Fire to melt or destroy its own Element. Therefore by the Elco ments, melting with fervent Heat, I do apprehend, that such will be this great Fire of the last Day, in the Conflagration of the World, that all gross and elementary Matter, such as is fit and suitable for this Fire to seize upon, both on the Earth and 19

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