תמונות בעמוד

that nothing is, nor nothing can be done by them, their Attempt which they made, being deftroyed upon the Spot, by the Fire of Divine Wrath; they are forced now (though never so much against their Wills) to appear before the Judgment Seat of Jesus Christ; as the following Words do testify

Eighthly, Let us now consider of all these Particulars together : If the Gog and Magog Army is not to appear upon the Stage, until the End of the thousand Years, and that at the same time Satan is to be let loose, and the rest of the Dead, or all theWicked are to be raised, as has been proved; how then can we reasonably think, that this Gog and Magog should be Men living in a mortal State, and uch a great Multitude of them, to be like the Sand on the Sea Shore innumerable; and to cover the Face of the whole Earth? I say how can we think that such a great Number of People, as is herë spoken of, should live upon the Earth all at once?

* From whence then must such a great Army arise at the end of the thousand Years, if we do not take In the number of all the Wicked when raised ? But fuppose we should understand this great Multitude, which will be seen to go upon the Breadth of the Earth at the last Day, to be Men living in a mortal State at one and the same time, when the rest of the Dead are to rise and live again ; where then must the whole Number of all the Wicked stand, who have lived in these many Generations paft, · from the beginniag to the end of the World.

Besides, if this should be so, that Gog and Magog must be Men living in a mortal State, and to

be so innumerable as has been expressed, when • at the same time the rest of the Dead are to be


raised, what a strange, dismal, and confused Mixture must here be of finful mortal, and finful immortal Persons altogether? And what a dreadful Crowd. may we suppose the World to be in at that time?

And therefore this seems to be a thing almost im "' possible.

Again, This I think is most certain, that the 3. Magog Army will not appear upon the Stage, un

til after Christ's personal coming from Heaven, el and the thousand Years Reign with the Saints in E his Kingdom is over ; at the end of which, Satan

is to be loosed (as before) and the rest of the Dead to arise and live again; all which will fill the Hearts of those Wicked (if any such should be found living on the Earth at that time, in a mortal Stats) with such Horror, Distress and Confusion, as will fooner make them run away to hide them, or call

for the Rocks and Mountains to fall upon them, Es than to attempt, in a way of Battel, the Holy

City and Camp of the Saints. But, 1. If it should be granted, that the Gog and MaFagog should consist of mortal Men, then here ariseth

another Difficulty, and that is, if the Magog ArE my, (after they have made this Attempt must be de

stroyed in their Bodies with Fire from Heaven; I when is it that they shall arise, that they may apI pear before the Judgment Seat of Jesus Christ? i Because we read of no more Resurrections of the

Wicked, but what is to be among the rest of the Dead, at the End of the thoufand Years; at which

time all that ever were, are, or shall bę, must be 3 raised, that they may be judged. BLastly, if the wicked are to be destroyed at the time of Christ's personal coming in the Clouds

and all tbath Shall burn them neither Room

with Power and great Glory, or the Number of all the Ungodly who shall be found living upon the Earth, from whence then must so great an Army arise, as to be like the Sand of the Sea Shore for multitude, ţiving in a mortal State, at the end of such a glorious Reign ? Now that the Ungodly are to be destroyed at the beginning of this Time, many Scriptures might be produced : I shall name but a few, in the 2 Tbel.i.8. we read, that the Lord Je fus shall be revealed from Heaven in flaming Fire, to take Vengeance on them that know not God, ard bave not obeyed the Gospel ; who are to be punised with Everlasting Destruction, &c. Again, The Day of the Lord cometh,that shall burn as anOven; the Proud, yea and all that do wickedly shall be as Stubble, and the Day that cometh' Mall burn them up saith the Lord of Holts, that it shall leave them neither Root nor Branch. Mala. iv. ). This Day hath a Respect unto the time of Christ's coming, as doth appear from the follow, ing Words. And therefore, if neither Root nor Branch are to be left, then must the whole Num. ber bé destroyed : And then it is that the Earth (which must be meant of the Wicked upon the Earth) hall be devoured with the Fire of his feke lousý. Zeph. iii. 8. To this agrees what the Apostle Peter faith in Chap. iii. of his second Epistle v. jo. But the Day of the Lord will come as a Thief in the Night, in the which the Heaven's fall pass awaywiib a great Noife, and the Elements hall melt with fervent Heat, the Earth also and the Works that are therein, Jhall be burnt up. Now if this great Conflagration, or burning up of the World, is to be upon the Personal coming of the Lord Jesus Christ from Heaven; and before the beginning of the


thousand Years Glory; as undeniably appears in * this Chapter it will; because the new Heavens and

Earth are to succeed in the room of these, when de

Atroyed ; Then this Text can be no less than a Deo i monstration to prove, that the Destruction of the

Ungodly must be before the Personal Reign of Chrift among the Saints doth begin: And therefore no wicked to be found alive in a mortal State

at the end of the thousand Years. - " It is true that Dr. Holmes with some others, who

do believe, that this burning up of the Earth, with the Works that are therein, - will be before the beginning of Christ's glorious Reign. But then he thought that the Lord would reserve some of those

(who are not in the Covenant of Grace, but only in the it Covenant of Nature) alive, as a Seed to increase du

ring the time of the thousand Years ; out of which . (at the End thereof) the Gog and Magog is to arise.

But in this, here lies a greater Difficulty to me, than in the Exposition which I have given. Therefore, if all these things be duely confider'd and laid together, it doth look to be more poffible and likely, that the Gog and Magog Army will, confist and be made up of the number of all the Wicked, when raised, and the thousand Years ärę finished.

However, that it may appear I am not altoge. ther single in this point, I shall give the Reader an Account of a Book which some time since came into my Hands, who hath wriť the very same thing; though I must grant I durst not have appeared ro publickly.in this, if I had not seen that Book ; because I never could find, either in Discourse or Reading, that any was of my Judgment until then, and therefore looked upon my self to be single in

this matter ; but when I came to see, the very same asserted by one Mr. Smith, a' great Man (I suppose) in the Church of England; it did a little encourage my thought in this Opinion, and strengthened the Apprehension which I had, copcerning the Gig and Magog Army.

The Book is intitled the Christian Religion's Appeal to the Bar of common Reason, &c. Dedicated

as you who have it may see) to the most Reverend Father in God, Gilbert Lord Archbishop of Canterbury. In his eighth Chapter of the fourth Book. And there you shall find, how he speaks the very fame in Effect, viz. that the Gog and Magog at the end of the thousand Years, will be made 70, and consist of the number of the Wicked when rais ed. Though otherwise no Friend, but an Opposer of the Millenarian Doctrine.

Yet, as to this, take some of his own Words, Page the 66. Sect. 1.

* That this loofing of Satan shall not be till the . Dawning of the Day of Judgment, touching which

I bumbly submit to the candid Censure of the < Church, tbese my Conjeçtures, with my Reafox's for ? them.

? That Text, Rev. 20. (He shall gather them together from the four Corners of the Earth) seenis to allude to Mat. 24. 31. and to be subsequent to that gathering of the Ele&t, (he shall send his An.

gels with a great found of a Trumpet, and they ! shall gather his Elect from the four Winds, from ! one end of the Heaven unto the other) touching ! mhich first gathering of the Ele&t, St. Paul tells us, < it shall be in order to their meeting of Christ in the Day of Judgment; at tbe found of whichTrumpet the

* Dead

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