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them, and those who have part in the first Refur: redion : Most certain it is, that those who have part in this firft Refurrection, are all the Saints and Children of God; because they, and they on, ly are said to be blessed. Secondly, Because not one of them shall be touched by the second Death on fuch the second Death fhall have no Power, v. 6. This undeniably shews, that the Second Death (which is an Eternal Death) will have Power on all the rest; and therefore by the rest of the Dead, must mean all the Wicked and Ungodly; all those who lived and died insin, that is without an Interest in Jesus Chrift; and so consequently not one of them shall have part in the firft Re surrection. To this those Words agree in Rom, xi. 7. But the Ele&ion hath obtained, and the rest weré blinded. These then are the rest of the Dead, which shall not live again, until the thousand Years are ended. But

Secondly, In what Respect is it, that the reft of the dead live not again until, &c. The rest of the dead shall not live again in respect of their Bodies; they shall not live (during the time of the thousand Years Glory among the Saints) in the Body : Or their Body shall not rise again, for their Souls to live in, until the thousand Years are finished. This I take to be the genuine and pri. mary Sense of the Words. For, their living again, cannot be applied to the Soul ; because the Souls of the wicked (as well as the Saints) are of an immortal Nature, which will live out, as well as in the Body; though in a state of Misery, as it is in Luke 16. the Rich Man died, and in Hell be lift up bis Eyes, being in Torments, v. 23. Well, thus


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we see that the Souls of the Wicked do not die j when the Body dies; and if so, then the Soul canÝ not be said to live again : Because to live again, į does suppose some sort of Life that it once did 1 live ; and if the Soul dies not in this Sense, as the i Body dies, how then can it be said to live again?

Therefore their living again must be understood of the Body.

And it is certain also, that this cannot be referred to a Spiritual Life, because such a Life they never had lived, being altogether Strangers to a Life of Grace ; (such as lived and died in Sin) and therefore cannot live such a Life at the End of the thousand Years, which before they never had lived ; this then must be a Life in the Body; it being the Body that dies, it is the. Body only that can be said to live again : Though it is true they shall not live again the same manner of Life which they had lived before; yet they shall live again in the Body at the last Resurrection, which is all that I understand can be meant by their living again.

Thirdly, When the thousand Tears are finished, then it is that the rest of the Dead are to live again. In what respect they are not, and how they are to live again, I have already expressed : It is not a living again, in respect of the Soul, neither can

it be understood of a Life of Grace; and therefore it must be a living again in the Body (as afore) this > is that Life which they shall live at the end of

the thousand Years: Then shall the Body be raised out of its Grave, that so the Soul and Body may both be reunited in order to the Judgment; and that they may give an Account of wbat t bey bave done

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in the Body. For this end it is, that they must all arise and live again, that they may all appear before the great Tribunal or judgment Seat of Tesus Christ to be judged; and receive their Reward according to what shall be found written in the Books; as is at large demonstrated in the latter Part of this Chapter. Well, thus we. see who we are to understand by the rest of the dead, when it is, and to what end they are to live again after the thousand Tears are finished. · I Ihall in the next place give a short Hint upon the last Part of the Verse, (though indeed it doth not belong to it, but should have been die ftinet by it felf.)

This is the first Refurre&ion. Now, what is there that can be spoke with greater Plainness? Or more diftintly expressed than this? And that is the time as well as the maxner of these two Refurre&tions. For after the ApoAtle had been speaking of the First; and who they were that had part in it, and for what end they did first arise ; It was, that they might live and reign with Christ a thousand Tears; then he comes and gives us an Account what would become of the rest of the Dead, (to wit, the Wicked) and tells us, that they live not, or rise not to live again in their Bodies, until the thousand Years are ended. This is the first, or the Order which will appear to be in that Day, between the first and le cond Resurrection. And if so, then this forft muft certainly denote a second: Yea, they are both positively asserted in this and the sixth Verse. Now if the Resurrection of the one be the Resurrection of the Body, (as has been proved) then of unde

niable Consequence the other must be a Resurre. aion of the Body also.

Verse 6. Blessed and holy is he that hatb Part in the first Refurre&tion, on such the second Death bath no Power, but they shall be Priests of God and of Christ, and shall Reign with him a thousand Tears.

Is not this a clear Text, (amongft the many which have been brought) to prove the visible, personal Reign and Kingdom of Christ with the Saints upon the Earth, in the time of the thousand Years? Sure if this Text be true, then the Truth of this Doctrine should not (by any of the Saints) once be called into question. I shall briefly consider the Words, and observe, first, Blessed and boly is be that bath Part in the first Resurrection. This doth shew, that all those who are in Union with Jesus Chrift, the Fountain of Holiness, are the only Persons that are blessed and holy in Gods Account. Secondly, That all those who are blessed and holy, by virtue of Union to Chrift, fhall have their part in the first Refurre&tion; which will be a Resurrection of the Body. Thirdly, That not one of these, who are thus interested in the Lord Jesus, shall be touched by the second Death. For on such the second Death shall have no Power. Fourthly, That all the Saints are (by free and rich Grace) made Kings and Priests, or Kings and Prin-. ces unto God and his Christ, and therefore shall reign with him in the Glory of his Kingdom a thousand Tears. Each one of these might be much enlarg'd upon; but I shall proceed. And in the


further opening of the Text, I do grant, that it is a great Truth if we say, Blessed and Holy is he that hath a Part or Interest in Jesus Christ, he bea ing the Refurre&tion; the firft that rofe from the dead; the first Fruits of them that feep. Secondly, It it is a Truth also, if we say, blessed and holy is he that is fpiritually risen with Christ, in receiving a Principal of Life from him in Regener ation. But this is not all the Truth, nor yet what the Spirit of God principally intended, by the ford Refurre&tion : Because, tho' this be a Truth in a spiritual mystical Sense, yet this cannot be fo; in a proper Confideration, upon the Account that a Resurrection properly signifies a rai fing up again of the self same body out of the Grave. And there fore in this place, it is not to be understood of a metaphorical, but a proper Refurre&ion. For if we, or any other, put a mystical metaphorical Interpretation upon a Scripture, when there is no Ne: ceflity for it, is but a wronging of that Scripture, by turning of it about (like Wax) which way our Fancies please. Now, here appearing no New ceflity for a mysical, but a proper Interpretation, I shall stick close to the literal Signification, as it is in the Text expressed; which is looked upon by most Expositors, to be the safest Exposition of Scripture. Well, then the Resurrection spoke of in this fixth Verse, muß be taken in a proper Sense, for the Resurrection of the Body, and bler fed are they who shall have part in it. For on, such the second Death shall have no Power, but they fhall be Priests of God and Chrif, and shall reign with him

thoufand Tears. Yet because fome godly Perfong have no Light in the Resurrection of the Saints to

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