תמונות בעמוד

of Jacobito them, as that the first look

rer.7.you read thus; Alas, for that Day is great ! (it has a Respect to this Time we are now treating of; great it will be in Regard of the Troubles that will be upon Nations and Churches, with the People of the Jews, in the Beginning of that Lay; Great it will be in respect of the Greatness of their Deliverance out of those Troubles, at this tinie, as follows ;. It is even the Time of Jacob's Trouble, but be shall be saved out of it. I Mali observe that the Time when, and the Means by which God will deliver his People; will at the first look so dark and dismal unto them, as that it will be called a lime of Jacob's Trouble. Secondly, How dark and dismal foever the Providence of God may look at the first, yet the Lord will work the compleat Deliverance of his People thereby; but he shall be saved out of it. The Proof of this appears in the Eleventh Verse; For I am with thee, faith the Lord, to save thee; though I make a full end of all Nations whither. I have scattered thee, &c. In the Ninth Verse we have a Promise that they (that is those which are saved) shall serve the Lord their God, and David their King, whom I will raise up unto them. This David, that is here promised, who shall reign over them, and whom they shall serve, is not literal David, who was dead many Years before this Promise was extant; neither can it be apply'd to any other Person that is a mere Creature ; because it is said they Jall serve the Lord their God, and David their King. This Serving I look upon to be a spiritual Worship which is due to God only. And therefore by Lavid the Lord Jesus Christ must be meant, who is often called by that Name; of whom David was, but a Type: 'It is Christ who is the true and spiritual

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David, that is said to be the Root (in respect of his Divine) and the Offspring of David (in respect of his Human Nature. This is the Person that the Father bath raised up to be the King of Sion. I have fet my King upon my boly Hill of Sion, Psal. 2. and Jhortly will appear to be King of Nations tou.

Then it follows in the 17th and 18th Verses, For I will restore Health unto thee, and I will heal thee of tby Wounds, faith the Lord (which shews the Cre· tainty of the Mercy promised) because they called thee an Outcast ; Saying, This is Zion, whom no Man seeketh after, The Church of God hath sometimes, in her own Apprehension, and in the Esteem of others, been like one cast ont, and not regarded : Therefore the Lord layeth this Argument down as a Reason why he will rcstore Health unto her, and heal her of all her Wounds: All Diseases, Wounds, and Maladies among the Saints, shall be perfectly healed, in the Time of Christ's Kingdom.

Tbus faith the Lord, Behold (take notice of it) I will bring again the Captivity of Jacob's Tents (tho' carry'd never so far away as Captimes; yet the Lord will bring them back again to himself, and to their Land) and have mercy on his Dwelling Places (which shews the Mercy, Care and Providence of God, not only over them, but all that appertains to them.) And the City shall be builded upon her own Heap; and the Palace Mhall remain after the manner therenf. The Letter of the Words have a peculiar relation to the Return of the Jews, at the time of their Conversion : Wherefore this is an undoubted Proof that the Glory prophesy'd of, and in these Words, promised to the Fews, upon their Re. turn, will have its Fulfilment in the Land of

Caradh, Canaan, when the City Jerusalem shall be builded again, and beautify'd upon her own Heap : There where the hath a long time lain in her Ruins, there fhall she be adorned with splendid Majesty, and remain in that beautiful Glory, after the manner thereof, even in Jerusalem. However this may be expounded by some, as if it look'd no further than the Return of the Fews out of Babylon's Captivity. It appears evident to me, that the whole of all those Blessings here promised, had not its Accomplishment at that time. Besides, in the latter End of this Chapter we read how the fierce Anger of the Lord ball come as a Whirlwind, upon the Head of the Wicked, in the Latter Days; ye ball confider it : Which must bave a respe&to the Last Day, Spoke of in the New Teltament : And therefore the Glory here prophetically treated of, must be understood of the Kingdom of Christ. . Well! This is the King that the Spirit of God points us to; It is this spiritual David that will put Life into the dry Bones, and bring them out of their Graves: It is Chrift that will unite, not only all the Tribes of Israel, but all the Converted Fews. and Gentiles, as one Church, People, and Nation :: It is he that will cleanse them from all their Filthiness both of Flesh and Spirit: It is the Lord Fesus Christ that will be their King and Shepherd, both to reign over them, and to feed them. And my Servant David Mall be their Prince for ever. This must be spoken of, and apply'd only to Jesus Chrift. !

The 37th of Ezekiel is very full to the fame Import; where we have the Resurrection of the dry Bones set forth unto us; by which the whole House of Israel is meant, how low soever they were; and ready to say, Our Hopes are cut off for our Parts; tho’they lay in the Graves, or like dry Bones in the Valley, as indeed they have done for many Hundreds of Tears, yet they shall rise again by the Spirit of Life entring into them, which will have its Accomplishment in the glorions Conversion of that People unto Fesus Chrif.

Then we read of the Reunion of all the Tribes; yea, theten Tribes, which rent themselves off from Judab. in the Time of Jeroboam, who was King of Israel; and afterwards were carry'd away captive by Pigolathpileser, King of. Asyria, 2 Kings, IV. 29. long


tains of 11-d here the mothall all mesti be King

before Chriff came in the Flesh; and have not been known to return to this Day. But upon the Fulfilment of this Prophecy, there will be a Return of these, together with the Tribe of Judah ; and they hall be as one People, Nation, and Kingdom. This is fignified by the Two Sticks becoming one in the Prophet's Hands; ver. 19, 20, and 22. And I will make them one Nation in the Land, upon the Mountains of Israel. This looks as if the Land of Canaan, call'd here the Mountains of Israel, would be the Place where they shall all meet, and be reo eltablished again; and one King ihall be King to them all. Who this King is, we have expreflecl v. 24. And they shall be no more two Nations, neither shall they be divided into two Kingdoms any more. Here will be a glorious Reunion, not only of all the Fews, but of all the Converted Gentiles too, into one compleat Evdy or Kingdom : For the G891tiles shall come to thy Light, and Kings (that is the Converted Kings among the Gentiles) to the Brightness of thy Rifing, Isa. lx. ver.z.

Neither jall they defile thenselves any more with their Idols, nur with their Detestable things Eut [ will save them out of all their Dwelling Places, wherein they have linned, and will cleanse them. It is certain this has not had its Accomplishment as yet;

but will have its Fulfilment in that Day, when the ' Fountain of Christ's Blood shall le opened unto

them for cleansing. So fhall they be my People, and I will be their God: And my Servant (that is, Clrijl) fall be King over them; and they fall all have but one Shepherd, &c. This is the great Shepherd of the Sheep, the Lord Jesus, who feeds his People with the Bread and the pure River of the Water of Life

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