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Kingdom to the Father: It only shews us that the Lord Jesus will not come from Heaven until all the Elect are called; and therefore no more Conversion to be expected after Christ : But seeing some good Men are of this opinion, I shall modestly give my Thought's upon some other Texts of Scripture which in my Apprehension doth speak quite the contrary. As to this Place in the nioth Pfalm, which I have already mentioned, 'tis very full in the Procf of the point that Christ will not come from Heaven until the Elect are all converted: If the Lord Jesus is to fit at the Right Hand of the Father, and not to descend from thence till his Enes mies are bowed down to his Feet ; then certainly none of the Elećt shall be left behind to be bowed by him after his Defcenfion; and therefore they must all be bowed and brought home to Christ by regenerating Grace, before his personal Coming : And if so, then here can be no Conversion-work go on afterwards.

Again, those words in Ifa. IX. 21. Tly Perple also fall be all righteous ; they fall inherit the Land for ever, &c. is very full in shewing that there will be no Conversion in the personal Reign of Christ. This whole Chapter is a Prophery of the Latter Day Glory, the greatest part treating upon the First Branch of Christ's Kirgdum, in the Time of the Spirit's pouring down ; in which there will indeed be a wonderful Conversion : But the 19th, 20th, and 21st Verses do undoubtedly hold forth no less than a perfectKingdom-State ; wher! the Sun shall be no more a Light by Day, neither for Brightness fall the Moon give light to thee. No more need of these things then, because the Lord will be an ever


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lafting Light unto us : and the Days of our Mour 91ing shall be ended, which will not be until the Saints are perfect, free from all Sin: Then they fhall sorrow no more at all, but everlasting Joy fall be upon their Heads. This is the Time that thy People shall be all righteous : This Word Thy People must certainly take in the whole Elect of God. Well! These shall be all righteous in the KingdomGlory; And if so, then here can be no Conversion in this glorious Reign. If the Word Thy People takes in all the Elect, and they at this time are to be all righteous, not fecretly or virtually, as they were considered in Christ their Head (for so they might be said to be from everlasting) but now actually or personally, openly and visibly, they will appear to be all righteous : And if they be all righteous, as they will when they shall inherit the Land, or possess their Kingdom; who is it then that shall be conyerted besides the Elect? Or will any of the rest be converted in the time of this blessed Kingdom?'. Sure I think there is none will say so: And therefore no Conversion in the Personal Reign and Kingdom of Jefu Chrift. . . .

To this agree those words in Jer. xxxi, 34. And they shall teach no more every Man bis Neighbour, and every Man bis Brother, saying, Know the Lord : For they shall all know me, from the least of them unto the greatest of them, saith the Lord, &c. This Place I look upon to have a respect to the personal Reign of Christ ; for then there will be no need of teaching or preaching, that Persons may know or be brought to the Knowledge of God: The Reason is, Because they shall all know him, the least as pell as the greatest of them. This Particle All takes in all the Saints,


all the Children of God; the whole Elect are to be understood. Well then! If these Words have a reference unto the Kingdom of Christ, as undeniably appears in this Chapter they have, and that at this time there will be no more Preaching, upon the account that all the Elect will have the Knowledge of God in the Mediator ; then here can be no room for Conversion after Christ descends from Heaven, to take possession of his Kingdom : Tho' in the first Branch of that fpiritual Glory there will be Praying, Teaching, and Preaching, that a multitude may be brought to the Knowledge of the Lord Jesus ; in which time the whole Elect will be converted and brought home to Chrift, before his Coming from Heaven : And therefore none to be converted after this, and so consequently no more Teaching, Praying, nor Preaching; all Duties of this nature will' in the Thousand Years Glory be turned into Praises and Hallelujahs.

The Truth of this will further appear from those Words in Ats iii. v.21. Whom the Heaven must receive, until the Times of Restitution of all things, & C. Here we see are Times spoken of in the Plural Number, in which it is that all things are to be restored. Now the First Time or Beginning of this glorious Restitution, after Christ's Af cension, when these Words were uttered by the Apostles, I look upon may have some respect unto that wondersul Glory which was upon the Saints in the Primitive Church, when Conversion-work went forward both among Fews and Gentiles, and 3000 were converted at one Sermon ; when Diseases were healed, and they had all things common ; which was but as the First Fruits of that bleffed Restoration get to come..


But fecondly, This glorious Time of Restitution will be when the Proinises and Prophesies of the Latter Day, relating to the First Branch of Christ's Kingdom in its spiritual Glory, comes to have its Fulfilment by the Gathering in of the whole Ele&tion, when the Spirit shall be poured down in such a wonderful manner as to bring a numberless Number unto Jefus Christ, out of al Nations, Kindred, Tongues, and People. But the last Restitution or the Reftitution of all things, will not be (as I conceive) until Christ's personal Coming. As the Heaven received him, so it will retain him, until this Time in which all things shall be restored. I suppose none will say that Christ will come from Heaven until this last Time of the Restitution ; because when he comes he will restore them into their greatest Beauty, Glory, and Excellency. Well then! If Chrifi does not come from Heaven in his personal Glory, until all things are and shall be restored, and that in his Coming he will restore them; then here can be no Conversion go forward after his Coming : For if there should, then all things cannot be restored at that time: If but one Soul should be converted after Christ's Descension from Heaven, then must he come before the Restitution of all things ; which is quite contrary to this Text, because the Heaver muft receive or retain him until then. What tho' this Restitution of all things takes in the Restoration of the Creation unto its Paradifical State; yet it is certain that the Bringing in of the Elect by regenerating Grace, and Compleating the whole Mystical Body of Chrift, is the principal part of that Ruftitution, they being principally concerned in it, and for


whose fake all other Creatures are to be restored : All which plainly shews that here will be no more Conversion when Christ is come; which will not be until the Restitution of all things, as before hinted,

But before I close this Subject, let us see how full those words are in Rev, xix. %. Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honour to him; for the Marriage of the Lamb is come, and his Wife hath made her self ready. It is certain, as appears from these Words, that when Christ personally comes from Heaven will be the Time of the open Solemnization of the Marriage-Glory between him and the Spouse: And

nen the Bride must be ready against that Time; As it is expressed in this Text. And bis Wife made her self ready: Which cannot be, if they are not all converted before Christ comes: For this I think is undeniable, that by the Wife, Bride, or Spouse of Christ, the whole Elect must be understood. What tho’ she is sometimes distinguished into Mother and Daughter, Virgins and Honourable Women, 'tis but to shew the particular Degree of Glory that shall by Christ be conferred upon the Saints in that great Day : Yet when she is spoke of as a Wife or Bride, it must undoubtedly take in all the Elect; because the least Believer is as near to Christ (as they stand to him in this Relation) as the greateft. Besides, however she may be distinguished in any other Consideration, yet in this she is but one; as it is in Solom. vi. 9. My Dove, my Undefiled is but one ; me is the only one of her Mother; he is the Choice one of her that bare her, &c. This shews that the whole Elect, or every Believer goes to the making up that one Wife, Bride, or Spouse of Chrift: And if the whole Elect must make up or



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