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CH A P. XV. The Kingdoms of this World (upon

the Sounding of the Seventh Angel) openly and visibly become the King

doms of our LORD and his Christ. 1. This Number Seven is often set forth as a Holy My

fical Number. 2. The Seven. Trumpets, Sals, and Vials, or what is expressed in them, are not yet poured out. 3. The Plagues which came upon Egypt were Types of the Plagues or Fudgments contained in ihe Vials, Seals, and Trumpets. 4. The Kingdums that are yet to become the Kingdoms of our Lord and his Chrift, are the Kingdoms of this World. 5. The Seventh Angel will not begin to Sound until this present Date or Time fall have an end. 4

T Shall take notice but of one Text more (at preI sent) amongst the many that might yet be mentioned, the Word of God being full of this Divine Truth : And that is in Rev. xi. 15. And the


Seventh Angel founded, and there were great Voices ix Heaven, Jaying, Tue Kingdoms of this.Jl orld.are Come tbe Kingdoms of our Lord, and of bis Chriftli and he Mall reign for ever and ever. This Number Séven, as has already been observed, does often fignifie a Number of Perfection; which Number is frequently made use of in this Book of the Revela4ions. We read of Seven Seals, Seven Trumpets. Seven Thunders, Seven Vials, Seven Angels, &c: Now I do not say but it may sometimes be taken properly for Sever, as the Seven Churches, the Seven golden Candlesticks : But as for the Seven Seals, the Seven Trumpets, and Seven Vials, I do a little query about. The Vials, or Seven laft Plagues, to me do fignifie that Perfection or full Measure of the Wrath of God, which will not only be poured out on the Papal Kingdom, but upon all Chriflejs, and Graceless Souls, in that great and terrible Day of the Lord : And therefore in these Seven Trumpets we read, upon the Sounding of each, what dreadful Judgments there are immediately poured forth on the Wicked and Ungodly. However whether we take them properly or figuratively, for a precise Number of Seven, or more, they will be terrible enough on all those upon whom these Judgments shall fall.

I am not insensible of the different Apprehenfions there has been in those who have writ about these things, as to the Time of the Seals being opened, the Trumpets sounding, and the Vials pouring out: Neither shall I trouble my self much with what they have said, in allowing so long a Time as some have done, for the opening of each Seal, the founding of each Trumpet, &c. tho they were men of great Wisdom and Learning: Yet I am


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persuaded that all of them will be found mistaken in this, who have gone about to limit the Time for such a Trumpet to found, or such a Vial to be poured out, in such or such an Age, My Thoughts

are that the Seals, the Trumpets, and the Vials, or Es the principal Matter that is contained in them, will

begin and end together : And when once the First E Seší, Trumpet, or Vial, begins to be fulfilled, the " rest of the Seals, Trumpets, and Vials, will not

be long after : A fhort work will the Lord make up on the Earth, in that Day when he shall cut his Work

Short in Righteousness, Rom. ix, 28 Therefore I look Y upon these Trumpets and Vials, with the wonderful

Effects that will follow upon their pouring out, yet to have its accomplishment : And when once they begin to he poured out, the whole world will soon be made sensible of it. I cannot easily believe (whatsoever the Thoughts of others may be) that the great and wonderful Effects which these Seals Trumpets, &c. will have upon the Earth, when

on e they begin to take place in their Fulfilment, I can fairly be apply'd to some particular Nation or

Kingdom, in such an Age wherein fome Judgments have fallen, Changes, and Alterations in Govern, ments have been made: I say I cannot look upoli this to be what is intended in the Trumpets or Vials ; but that there will be a greater and more extraordinary Appearance of the Tudgments of God,

when these Vials come to be poured out, than ever 1 yet have been in the World: Yea I look upon the

Plagues of Egipt, which the Lord trought upon
Pharaoh and his Periple, when he was about to bring
Ifrael out of Egypt's Tyranny, to be a Type of the Vi-

Leitaitos. Cor a ls

als or Seven last Plagues (in which is filled up the Wrath of God) that will be poured down upon Myslical Pharaoh and Egypt, Spiritually called Sodom fór Wickedness, and Egypt för Cruelty; where our Lord in his Members was crucified, Rev. xi. 3. As for that dreadful Plague of Hail which canie upon Egypt, we may fee something of it in the First Trumpet. The Waters becoming Blood , there is something of this in the Second Trumpet. The many that died in Egypt; there is something of it express'd in the 3d

Trumpet. The Plagne of Darkness; there is something of it in the Fourth Trumpet : And so on : Which does shew that these Plagues and Judgments held forth in the Seals, Vials, and Trumpets, will not be poured down until God comes to deliver his People, and bring them out of their long Captivity. Tea the pouring out of the 6th Vial upon the grcat River Euphrates, and the drying up of the Waters, was to make way for the Kings of the East to return again to their own Land: By which the Jews are generally understood ; Rev: XV. 12. So that the Appearance of God at this time, when the Plagues contained in the Seven Trumpets, Vials, &c. come to be poured out, will be wonderful in the DeftruEtion of his Enemies, and the Deliverance of the Saints. The Spirit of God had an eye to this, as we may see in Micah vii, 15. According to the Days of tby coming out of the Land of Egypt, will I shem bim marvellous things. The manner of God's bringing his People vut of Egypt, was by Marvellous Plagues and Judgments on their Enemies. The manner of God's appearing again to deliver Zion out of her Trouble, and give her poflefficn of that glorious Kingdom promised, will be marvellous and wonderful.


ont of her Trous appearing asar Enemies. The Now as the last Plague or Judgment which came upon Pharaob and his people, compleated Israel's Deliverance from the Slavery of Egypt; so the Last Judgment, contained in the 7th Vial or Trumpet,

will compleat the Deliverance of all the Saints. !! This is very full in Verse 18. And the Nations were e. angry, and tby Wrath is come, and the Time of the e Dead, that they mould be judged : And that thou SE Bouldeft give Rewards unto thy Servants the Prophets

(and not only to them) but to the Saints, and all that fear thy Name, small and great ; and shouldeft destroy them which destroy the Earth. Well! Thus we see how wonderful the Effect of the 7th Trumpet rounding is in the Destruction and bringing the whole Measure of Wrath upon the Wicked; and the compleat Redemption or Deliverance of God's Ifrael.

There are Four things to be considered in the Words. First, That there is a glorious Kingdom to be given, or to become the Kingdom of our Loru and his Christ, upon the founding of the 7in, Angel. This is so fully expressed in the Text, that I need not insist upon it any further : Therefore, secondly, The Kingdoms that are at this time to become the Kingdoms of our Lord and his Chrift, are the Kingdoms of this world. This is so full in these Words that nothing can be expressed in greater Plainness: However some Persons are very prone to refer all those Places of Scripture which hold forth the Kingdom of Christ, either to a spiritual King, dom of Grace here, or to a State of Glory in Heaven; it is certain these Words cannot have any colour for either : For how can this spiritual Kingdom (with any fhew of Reason) be said to become

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