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let us hold fast, whereby we may ferve God acceptably with Reverence and godly Fear, Heb. xii. 28. 3dly, As they are made Kings, and have a Kingdom promised unto them; so they shall reign as Kings and Priests, or as Kings and Princes. If we suffer with bim, we fball also reign with him; and would to God ye did reign, or that the time of your reigning were come, that we might reign with you, faith the Apoftle to the Church of Corinth; which shews that they expected a Time when they should reign as Kings : But they Mall be Priests or Princes of God and of Christ, and all reign with him a Thousand Tears. For the Lord God giveth them Light, and they all reign for ever and ever. Rev. xxii. v. But now the place where they shall reign, as was hinted before, and that is upon the Earth. This Word needs no Explanation, it cannot be expressed in greater Plainness than it is: This glorious Kingdom and Reign of Christ with the Saints is to be upon the Earth. It is true they shall reign in Heaven, in that ultimate Glory, for ever: Yet they must reign upon Earth first, as antecedent unto their reigning in Heaven. This may be proved from other places of Scripture, as in Zech. xiv. 9. And the Lord fall be King (as the chief Head and Supreme) over all the Earth; yet so as that the Saints as Kings shall reign with Christ in his Kingdom, which, as has been proved, will be upon the Earth, in that Day when there shall be one Lord, and his Name one. Again in Rev. xxi. we have the Kings of the Earth, with the Glory of the Nations, that is to be brought into the Ñem Ferusalem, expressed. All which agrees to this State and Time I am now {peaking of, and does sufficiently fnew that it muff


be a Place upon the Earth. But having spoke some thing to these Scriptures, I shall pass them by at present : Besides, if it be considered that the PerTons who spake these Words, And has made us unto Our God Kings and Priests, were the Saints, and such as were already in Heaven when they spoke them; then they expected that they should receive a Kingdom wherein they should reign as Kings and Priefts. Now the place where they should reign as such appears in the following Words; And we mall reign on the Earth. Can any give a reason why the Saints that were in the posseilion of Heaven at this time, when Fohn saw this Vision, and heard them speak these words in their Song, Thou hast made us unto our God Kings and Priests, and we shall reign on the Earth; if they were not to return again with Christ at his Second Coming; and as Kings and Priests to reign on the Earth.

But if it should be objected that these Words were not spoke by the Saints, as being then in Heaven, but on the Earth. In answer to that I shall first premise that it will be granted by all, and deay'd by none, but that these two Particles Us and We, has made us Kings and Priests, and we shall reign on the Earth, must be the Saints and Children of God, they, and they only being the Purchase of Christ's Blood, the Travel of bis Soul. Then they must be considered either in Earth or Heaven, when they spoke these Words. If upon Earth, I query whether they did then reign as Kings and Priests (as some would endeavour to expound the Reign of the Saints to be only a fpiritual Reigning over their Sins and Corruptions; and the Lord knows how poorly we reign over these this day) if you will


say that they do now reign, then consider how abfurd and contrary this Interpretation is to this as well as many other places of Scripture : for if these Saints, when they sung this Song, were upon Earth, and did then reign as Kings and Priests; how is it that they said, Thou baft made us Kings and Priests, and we shall reign on the Earth? Why did they say we shall reign, if they then did reign? Surely there must be a Difference in these two Words, We do and We shall. Is not this Interpretation contrary to the Truth it self expresied in the Text, or at least inconsistent with the Text, for to say We do reign, instead of saying W'é Mall reign on the Earth? Would it not look strange and inconsistent, if a King or an earthly Prince who reigns and is in the actual posseflion of his Kingdom, should say, I am King over /ucb a Kingdom, and Mall reign in it? Would it not look strange to say, I shall reign, when at the same time he does reign? If we make so little or no difference between shall and do, according to this Interpretation, as to say the Saints do reign on Earth, instead of saying, They shall; what strange Confusion should we run many things (the Truth it self ) into? How ftrange would this be, if we should alter the Word in many places, and say do instead of shall ? As in Prov. iii. 35. The Wise (such as are wise to Salvation) shall inberit (or possess) Glory. Should we say the Wise do inherit or possess Glory, what would this be less than to fay the Saints are glorified, while they are in this Wcrld? Or to say that the Saints are now actually in Heaven, while they are in their Militant State upon Farth? Again in Phil. iii. 21. Who shall change our l'ile Body, that it may be fashioned like unto his Glorious Body. Now to



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alter this Word from J'all to do, and say, who does charge our Vile Body that it may be fashioned like unto bis Glorious Body, would make our Bodies whilst imperfect to be immortal and incorruptible, free from Sin, like the Glorious Body of Chrift; and so consequently not subject to Death: Whereas this is not to be until Christ's Coming, and the Refur rećtion of the Saints, which is the Time' we are speaking of, when the Saints shall reign on the Earth, Now how inconsistent this would be to the Text and the Truth held forth in it, I leave others to judge. Many other places I might take notice of, to shew what a Confusion this altering or putting another Interpretation upon a Word, would make of the Scriptures ; but this is sufficient : And therefore we cannot by any means admit of this Word in the Revelations, to be changed from fall, to say they do reign: For if we should, this indeed would be the ready way to make the Scriptures in the Likeness of Wax, to turn and twist it about which way we please, according to the Humours and Fancies of Men. Well then! It is time to thrust this Contrary Inerpretation off theStage ; and let us say no longer they do, but they shall reign on the Earth.

If any should further object, and say that these Words are not to be understood as being spoke by the Saints either then in Heaven or upon the Earth ; but that it is prophetically spoke of the Saints after the Resurrection of their Bodies, when they shall be glorify'd ; and that then they shall fing this new Song : I have no reason to contend with this, as long as we do not alter the Text; though I have, in the first opening of the Words, endeavoured to shew that this new song was sung by the

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Saints that were then in Heaven, when John heard them say these Words; and have given jome Rea, ons for it : Yet if they will carry it to the Time of "Chrill's Second Coming, and the Saints Coming with him, that then they shall sing in t eir songs, Worthy is the Lamb that was slain &c. for thou haft

made us unto God Kings and Priests, and we shall reign 2 on the Earth. This is so far fiom being against h what I have been proving, to wit, The Saints

Reigning on the Earth, as that it is but a further

Confirmation ofthis Truth: For I do believe that iho' of this Song was sung by thuse that we e then in Hea

ven, yet it shall be sung again, by all the Saints in that great Day of Christ's Appeararce, when his whole Mystical Body the Church will be compleated and gathered altogether : Yea let it be taken ineither or in all these Confiderations, the Reign of the Saints upon Earth will abide as an immoveable Rock, against all the Batteries that can be brought to overthrow it. If we take this Song to be sung by those that were already possess d with Glory in Fobn's time, then it will appear that as they were made Kings and Priests to God, and had a Kingdom promised unto them; fo they shall reign as Kings and Priests in it : But where did they expect this to be? It is in the Text, Upon the Earth. Secondly, if ! we take the words to be spoke, or this Song to be. sung by the Saints as living on the Earth, it will appear as a strong Argument also, that they did not look upon themselves then to reign ås Kings and Priests on the Earth, but were in expectation that the Time would come when they should reign as Inch. If they had looked upon themselves then to have reigned as Kings and Priests whilst they lived

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