תמונות בעמוד
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his Curse; as it is in Isaiah lxv. 25: The Wolf and the Lamb fall feed together; and the Lion shall eat Straw like the Bullock; and Duft shall be the Serpent's Meat. This being his Sentence at the first, Gene fis iii. 14. will still continue upon the Serpent : But the rest being delivered from this Curse aud Ennity Ihall lovingly feed and lie down together. Thirdly, The Lord in his Providence does over-rule this Enmity, and hath subjected this Vanity of the Crea

ture, in hope of being delivered by a secret Inftin& 2 which is in them. Fourthly, They shall not only be to delivered from that Bondage of Corruption which is

upon them, but shall be brought into the particie pation of that glorious Liberty of the Sons of God,

free from all Vanity, Suffering, and Affliction. Fifthly, For this they wait with an earnest Desire, and as it were with a Neck stretched out (as the Words signify) with a continual Expectation for the Manifeftation of the Childreri of God, because then their Deliverance (as has been observed) will be compleated.

Now let those who oppose this Doctrine tell me what is meant by the Restoration of the Creature, if it be not in this Sense as has been expressed? 2dly,

Tell me when it was, or when it is, that they shall i be delivered from this Vanity and Bondage ?

, As to the first, I think there is none so foolish that will pretend to give a figurative or metaphorical Interpretation upon these Scriptures concerning the Restoration of the Creature ; because the Cream ture in this place cannot with the least shew of Reason be apply'd unto Men either good or bad. (as be. fore) and therefore must mean those Creatures which pow suffer for Man's fake. Wherefore here

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is no Figurative Exposition can be given in relation to the dumb Creatures. But

Secondly, If so, then when were these Creatures delivered? I am persuaded there is none will go about to prove that ever there was a Time since the Fall, wherein they were delivered, except that little Time wherein the Lord put forth his glorious Power, by bringing some of all the Creatures, Two and Two, the Male and his Female; and the Clean Beast by Severs, the Male and his Female, unto Noah, E to be kept alize in the Ark from the Flood, that they might multiply the World again : Which Act of divine Power, that was then put forth upon the Crea- à tures, in bringing them from all Parts and Places of the World unto Noah, and their living peaceably in the Ark together all the time that the Waters were upon the Earth, I look upon to be but as a Sign and Symbol of their being delivered, when the Lord Jesus Christ shall set up his Kingdom in the World.

Now I do not suppose that any will pretend to refer the Creatures Deliverance unto that Time ; because that was but for a short Seasun, neither was their Deliverance then perfected. Besides, the Apostle and also the Prophet Isaiah, by the Divine Spirit, foretold the Restoration of the Creatures to be yet to come, many Hundreds of Tears after Noah's time. And it is certain also they have not been delivered since, nor yet unto this day; neither will they be (perfectly) until the Manifestation of the Sons of God. · Well! If the Creatures have not yet been, neither will be delivered, until the Manifestation of the Sons of God, and that then will be the time of

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their Restoration; then I would fain know of such
who oppose the Kingdom of Christ to be in this
World, what we are to understand by the Manifefta-
tion of the Sons of God? If I may give my
Thoughts, until I hear what others have to say, I
look upon this Manifestation to be no less than their
Glorification, or their Re-union of Soul and Body, in
a perfe&t glorified State at the Refurre&tion: And I
think I have some Grounds for these Thoughts,
from this Eighth of the Romans, that it must be
so: For this glorious Manifestation of the Saints
which the Creature waiteth for, that they may be
delivered, and brought into this blessed Liberty, is
in the 23d Verse called the Redemption of our Bo-
dies; which can mean no other than for the Bodies
of the Saints to be delivered from that Sin. Suffer-
ing, and Corruption, which the beft of the Chil-
dren of God, whilst in a Mortal State, are subject
to: Neither will they be wholly or compleatly free
from all these, until that glorious time of Reftitu-
tion, called the Manifestation or Revelation of the
Sons of God.

Thus we see then that the Creatures, the very dumb and sensitive Creatures must be delivered from Vanity, Bondage, and Curruption, that they may be brought into their primitive Excellency; and that this Restoration will not be compleated antil the Manifestation or Glorification of the Saints, at the time of Christ's perfonal Coming from Heaven to reign with them in the Glory of his Vifible Kingdom. And if so, if the Creature shall not be delivered from Vanity and Suffering, until the Refurrection or the Glorification of Soul and Body, called the Manifestation or the Redemption of our Bo

dies dies; as this Eighth of the Romans is very plain and full for proof that they shall not; then I defire to know what they are deliver'd for, or where they must be after their Restoration? I presume none will say that they shall go up to Heaven with the Saints, to live there, and it is certain they shall not go to live in Hell, because Hell is the just and due Desert of Sin, which they never were guilty of, tho’they are subject to Vanity for our Sins: Besides that would be a Destruction or a Condemnation, inftead of a Deliverauce and a Restoration. Then it must be upon Earth that they shall live after this glorious day of Refitution: For there is no other Place that i know of, but Heaven, Earth, ard Hell, Well! It must be upon Earth then where they shall continue, when they and the Earth shall be restored unto their primitive Excellency and Paradifical State : And if so, then I presume again that none will say (when the Earth is restored, with all its Creatures, unto its original Beauty, Excellency, and Glory) that these Creatures thall live upon the

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and the Earth restored, if they are to live bere
alone? Were they not created with the Earth for
the Use of Man at the first? And what use can they
be of to the Saints with the Earth, when restored, if
the Saints must go up to Heaven immediately at
this time of their Reftitution?
· These things being premised, it undeniably ap-
pears that the Earth, with the rest of the Crea-
tures, when restored unto their first Excellency, at the
time of the Restitution of all things, will be for the
fake and upon the account of the Saints; and there-
fore for the Saints Use. Then it is certain also


at that the Saints at this time of Restitution will not di immediately go up to Heaven, but will continue

some time, to wit a Thousand Years, according to what is expressed in the acth of Revelations, That they may reign with Christ in his Kingdom, and so en joy the Benefit of this glorious Restoration, for whose fake it is to be restored : Yea they shall con,

tinue here at this time, that they may live and oreign with Christ in that World called the World ta N come, which will be subjectel unto Christ, and in it another place is called the New Heavens and a Nem $ Earth, wherein dwelleth Righteousness: That is, : a Christ and the Righteons, with the rest of the Creatures, fhall only dwell there.

Now what cail appear more plain for the proof of Christ's Kingdom upon this Earth, than these Words? Therefore it followeth in this Text of Isaiah, v. 9. They shall not (speaking of these Creatures when restored) hurt or destroy in all my Holy Mountain : For the Earth (pray mind that this Holy glorious Mountain of Christ's. Kingdom, wherein nothing jball burt nor destroy is to be, in respect of Place, upon the Earth) shall be full of the Knowledge of the Lord, as the Waters cover the Sea. Oh how wonderful are these Words, As the Waters cover the Sea! Is this a Truth, or is it not? If God's Word may be credited then this is a Truth: But who is it that dare deny the Truth of God's Word ? And therefore who is it that dare deny the Truth of this Text, and say that the Knuwledge of the Lord shall not cover the Earth, as the Waters cover the Sea? Surely this does shew that the Knowledge of the Lord, the Lord Fesus, or God in the Mediator, will be glorious and wonderful! Very deep and large

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