תמונות בעמוד

Every variety in the outline of a wood must be a prominence, or a recess. Breadth in either is not so important as lengt'i to the one, and depth to the other. If the former ends in an ancle, the latter diminishes to a point, they have more force than a shallow dent, or a dwarf excrescence, how wide soever. "hey are greater deviations fron the continued line which they are intended to break; and their effect is to enlarge the wood itself, which seems to stretch from the most advanced point, back beyond the most distant to which it retires. The extent of a large wood on a flat, but not commanded, can by no circumstance be so Lanifestly shewn, as by a deep recess; especially if that recess wind 50 as to conceal the extremity, and leave the i acination to pursue it. On the other hand, the poverty of a shallow wood nicht sanctimes be relieved by here and there a prominence, or cluips, which by their apparent junction should seen to be prominencics from it. A deeper wood with a continued outline, except when co: manded, would not appear so considerable.

an inlet into a wood seems to have been cut, if the oppo ite points of the entrance tal-y; and that show of art depreciates its Lerit: but a difference only in the situation of those points, by bringing ond rore Torward than the other, prevents the appearance, though their forns be similar. Other points, which distincuish the creat parts, should in general be strongly rarked; a short turn has nore spirit in it than a tedious circuity; and a line broken by ancles has a precision and firmness, which in an undulated line are wanting: the ancles sho:l1 indeed cornionly be a little softened; the rotundity of the plant which fornis then is : et ines sufficient for the purpose; but if they are bellowed down too much, they lose all meaning. hreo or four large parts tius bolaly distinguished, will break a very long outline; more may be, and often ou ht to be, thrown in, but seldom are necessary: and when two woods are opposed on the sides of a narrow clade, neither has so much occasion for variety in itself, as if it were sinele: i? they are very different froid cach other, the contrast supplies the deficiency to each, and the interval between then is full of variety. z'he form of that interval is indeed of as much consequence as their own: though the outlines of both the woods be separately beautiful, yet il touetho tiey do not cast the open space into an acreeable figure, the whole scene is not pleasing; , and that figure is never a creeablo, when the sides too closely correspond; whether they are exactly the sac, or exactly the reverse of each other, they equally appear artificial.

Zvery variety of outline hitherto nientioned, say be traced by the underwood alone; but frequently the same effects way be produced yith ore ease, and with much more beauty by a few trees standing on fron the thicket, and belonging, or seeing to hele to t'e wood, 30 as to take a part of its figure. Cven where they not :anted for that rur ose, detached trees are such acreeable objects, so distinct, so liht vien compared to the covert abo'it them, that skirtins alon' it in su.e parts, and breaking it is others, they cive an una fected 260e, thic!

Thic!i ar no otherwise be given to the outline. They have a still further effect, when they stretch across the whole brcadth of an inlet, or before part of a recess into the wood: they are ther.selves shewn to advanta e by the

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