(Selections From) Observations on Modern Gardening

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1801 - 35 עמודים

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עמוד 10 - Adieu to canals, circular basons, and cascades tumbling down marble steps, that last absurd magnificence of Italian and French villas. The forced elevation of cataracts was no more. The gentle stream was taught to...
עמוד 10 - ... to either hand of the blue horizon. Thus dealing in none but the colours of nature, and catching its most favourable features, men saw a new creation opening before their eyes.
עמוד 38 - ... but in the outline they are seldom much regarded. The eye attracted into the depth of the grove passes by little circumstances at the entrance; even varieties in the form of the line do not always engage the attention : they are not so apparent as in a continued thicket, and are scarcely seen, if they are not considerable. But the surface and the outline are not the only circumstances to be attended to. Though a grove be beautiful as an object, it is besides delightful as a spot to walk or to...
עמוד 24 - ... landscapes will dignify every quarter of our island, when the daily plantations that are making have attained venerable maturity! A specimen of what our gardens will be, may be seen at Petworth, where the portion of the park nearest the house has been allotted to the modern style. It is a garden of oaks two hundred years old. If there is a fault in so august a fragment of improved nature, it is, that the size of the trees are out of all proportion to the shrubs and accompanyments.
עמוד 19 - ... be natural, and a succession of easy sweeps and gentle rounds, each a portion of a greater or less circle, composing altogether a line literally serpentine, is, if possible, worse : it is but a number of regularities put together in a disorderly manner, and equally distant from the beautiful, both of art and of nature.

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