Between Terror and Freedom: Politics, Philosophy, and Fiction Speak of Modernity

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Simona Goi, Frederick Michael Dolan
Lexington Books, 2006 - 375 עמודים
In this volume, Simona Goi and Frederick M. Dolan gather stimulating arguments for the indispensability of fiction-including poetry, drama, and film-as irreplaceable sites for wrestling with nature, meaning, shortcomings, and the future of modern politics. Between Terror and Freedom brings to the surface an understanding of modernity as a multifaceted and dynamic narrative as it relates to politics, philosophy, and fiction. Collecting essays across fields, Goi and Dolan challenge strict disciplinary boundaries. This is not meant to be read as another contribution to the debate of whether literature is, can, or should be political. Between Terror and Freedom instead reveals how literature illuminates and expands our understanding of philosophical and political questions. Political theorists, philosophers, cultural scholars, and rhetoricians offer a fresh perspective on the questions of our age and the paradoxes of modernity when they read literature.

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Thinking and Poetry Wallace Stevens and the Terrors of Modernity
Phantom Wisdom Kants Transcendental Sophistry
Cervantes as Educator Don Quixote and the Practice of Pessimism
Albert Camus on Tragedy and the Ambiguities of Politics
Stirring Up of Passion Must We Fear an Aesthetic Politics?
On the Terror of Polis Freedom From Martin Heidegger to Jan Patočka and the Czech Velvet Revolution
Theodicies of Corruption
Despotic Observation Montesquieu and the Sociology of Law
Food and Freedom in The Flounder
O Happy Livings Frankenfoods and the Bounds of Wordsworthian Natural Peity
Against Heroes Arendt and McCarthy on the Social
A Superior Disorder The WritingEditing and Censorship of Madame Bovary
Written and Unwritten America Roth on Reading Politics and Theory
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מידע על המחבר (2006)

Simona Goi is associate professor of political science at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Frederick Michael Dolan is a member of the faculty at the University of California, Berkeley, in the Department of Rhetoric.

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