Emmaus Bible Resources Christ Our Life: Colossians

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Church House Publishing, 2003 - 112 עמודים
The letter to the Colossians was written to a church dominated by powerful forces and alternative spiritualities. It is thus remarkably relevant to our day. Paul´s theme is no less relevant - Christ will have first place in everything. David Day´s book encourages us to consider how to give Christ pre-eminence in every area of our lives, both personal and corporate.

The Emmaus Bible Resources series offers readers the opportunity to dig deeper into the Bible and grow in Christian life, faith and service. Finding a middle ground between daily Bible notes and weighty commentaries, the series contains versatile material designed for use by individuals, small groups or as part of a sermon series.

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An Introduction to Colossians
Someone to Watch Over You Colossians
Making it plain Colossians 1 2528
Keeping an eye on things Colossians 2 45
Reality and Shadows Colossians 2 623
Christ in Everything Colossians 3 14 1
Talking for the Kingdom Colossians 4 218
Liturgical Resources
Further Reading
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