Dark Victory

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Allen & Unwin, 2003 - 350 עמודים
"Written with urgency, this book is a fascinating, genre-breaking account of the most significant political event in Australia's recent history and the political strategy that powered itùTampa. The Norwegian cargo-carrier Tampa came to the rescue of a faltering fishing boat bound for Australia with 438 Afghan, Iraqi, and Iranian refugees; however, the Australian government refused Tampa entry and subsequently detained the refugees. Since the plight of the refuges went public on the eve of a national election, the book details the manipulation of the public, the mutability of the press, and the machinations of one government to control the election outcome through newly scripted rubric on border control. This book explores AustraliaÆs faltering international reputation as a result of their response to the Tampa crisis. Specific issues addressed include John HowardÆs resurrection from the political dead, the Navy and ArmyÆs involvement in the election campaign, press censorship, and the disapproval of the United Nations and Amnesty International."

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מידע על המחבר (2003)

Marian Wilkinson is one of Australia's leading journalists and the author of The Fixer a revealing account of the life and career of Labor's Graham Richardson. She has worked as a senior reporter for the Australian, deputy editor of the Sydney Morning Herald and executive producer of Four Corners. She is currently the Washington correspondent for the Sydney Morning Herald and the Age. ..David Marr is the award-winning author of Patrick White: A Life Barwick and The High Price of Heaven. In a career spanning thirty years, he has written for The Bulletin and the Sydney Morning Herald, edited the National Times and reported for Four Corners. He is now presenter of ABC-TV's Media Watch.

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