Handbook of the European War, כרך 1

כריכה קדמית
Stanley Solomon Sheip, Alfred Bingham
H.W. Wilson Company, 1914 - 304 עמודים

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עמוד 218 - ... in either of which cases the authorities of the port or of the nearest port (as the case may be) shall require her to put to sea as soon as possible after the expiration of such period of twenty-four hours...
עמוד 218 - ... possible after the expiration of such period of twenty-four hours, without permitting her to take in supplies beyond what may be necessary for her immediate use; and no such vessel which may have been permitted to remain within the waters of the United States for the purpose of repair shall continue within such port, harbor, roadstead, or waters for a longer period than twentyfour hours after her necessary repairs shall have been completed...
עמוד 215 - ... and, WHEREAS, The laws of the United States, without interfering with the free expression of opinion and sympathy, or with the open manufacture or sale of arms or munitions of war, nevertheless impose upon all persons who may be within their territory and jurisdiction the duty of an impartial neutrality during the existence of the contest...
עמוד 98 - Might is at once the supreme right, and the dispute as to what is right is decided by the arbitrament of war.
עמוד 41 - I am not able to subscribe to the doctrine of those who have held in this House what plainly amounts to an assertion, that the simple fact of the existence of a guarantee is binding on every party to it, irrespectively altogether of the particular position in which it may find itself at the time when the occasion for acting on the guarantee arises.
עמוד 325 - Government feel bound to take all steps in their power to uphold the neutrality of Belgium and the observance of a treaty to which Germany is as much a party as ourselves.
עמוד 152 - It is agreed that whenever, in the opinion of either Great Britain or Japan, any of the rights and interests referred to in the preamble of this Agreement are in jeopardy, the two Governments will communicate with one another fully and frankly, and will consider in common the measures which should be taken to safeguard those menaced rights or interests.
עמוד 215 - ... and in order that all persons, being warned of the general tenor of the laws and treaties of the United States...
עמוד 14 - It has permitted the criminal machinations of various societies and associations directed against the monarchy and has tolerated unrestrained language on the part of the press, the glorification of the perpetrators of outrages, and the participation of officers and functionaries in subversive agitation.
עמוד 216 - States with intent to be enlisted as aforesaid. 5. Hiring another person to go beyond the limits of the United States with intent to be entered into service as aforesaid.

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