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עמוד 23 - And every one that was in distress, and every one that was in debt, and every one that was discontented, gathered themselves unto him; and he became a captain over them: and there were with him about four hundred men.
עמוד 504 - RURAL LETTERS, AND OTHER RECORDS OF THOUGHTS AT LEISURE, embracing Letters from under a Bridge, Open Air Musings in the City^ ".Invalid Ramble in Germany," " Letters from Watering Places,
עמוד 156 - this ring, and with it take, on my authority, the sea as your subject. Every year, on the return of this happy day, you and your successors shall make known to all posterity that the right of conquest has subjugated the Adriatic to Venice, as a spouse to her husband.
עמוד 156 - Lido, near the mouth of the harbor ; and there the princely bridegroom, dropping a golden ring into the bosom of his betrothed, espoused her with this brief but significant greeting : " We wed thee with this ring in token of our true and perpetual sovereignty.
עמוד 220 - Volta, and under the walls of Milan. God is with us, for our cause is just. To arms, soldiers ! Follow once more your old general to war and victory. I will witness your exploits. It will be the last joyful act of my long military career, if, in the capital of a perfidious enemy, I can decorate the breasts of my brave comrades with the emblem of valour, conquered with blood and glory. Let our watchword be, Forward ! Soldiers, let us march to Turin, where alone we can find the peace for which we are...
עמוד 220 - ... real But, as usual, prudence was on this occasion furnishing arguments for the conclusions of feeling, or at least of passion. In a letter, written March 8th, four days before the denunciation of the armistice, Mr. Abercromby thus notices the failure of his efforts : — " The deplorable infatuation which prevails " upon the questions of the realization of the kingdom " of Upper Italy, of fighting the Austrians and " driving them from Italy, has completely warped "judgment and good sense.
עמוד 370 - DEAR SIR,— I have the honor to acknowledge the reception of your letter of the 30th ultimo. It could hardly have surprised you...
עמוד 503 - We have seldom taken in hand a book which bears the reader along with an interest so intense and sustained.'' — Watchman and Reflector. " It is a graphic picture of the people and institutions of Hungary at the present moment by one who writes what he saw and heard, and who was well qualified to judge.'- — Troy Daily Post.
עמוד 394 - By Coblentz, on a rise of gentle ground, There is a small and simple Pyramid, Crowning the summit of the verdant mound ; Beneath its base are Heroes...
עמוד 216 - Venice asks silver from the churches, gold from the women, bronze from the bells, copper from the kitchens, iron from the enemy's balls; anything rather than Croats." But no enthusiasm could dispel the gathering danger. Save for small hopes from Hungary, the last chance of relief died at Novara. But still there was no thought of surrender. When the news of Novara arrived, the Assembly passed a resolution to resist at...

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