Encyclopedia of Children and Childhood: In History and Society, כרך 3

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Paula S. Fass
Macmillan Reference USA, 2004 - 1055 עמודים
This encyclopedia examines what life was like for children throughout history in the United States and around the world. It presents the social and cultural history of childhood from antiquity to 2003. Each culture, each region, each historical period constructs its own definition of childhood. For example, before modern industrialization, childhood was brief; children were commonly considered miniature adults from an early age. With articles written by scholars from around the world this work presents a variety of historical, cultural and social perspectives. Detailed comparative entries describe childhood in specific historical periods and in geographic regions. The encyclopedia also places particular emphasis on images of childhood in art and literature, education, parenting, health, medicine and play.

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Encyclopedia of children and childhood: in history and society

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Purporting to cover all aspects of children and childhood worldwide, from ancient through contemporary times, this set ranges from history and art history to religion, politics, literature, education ... קרא סקירה מלאה

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