Journal of the British Archaeological Association, כרך 47

כריכה קדמית
British Archaeological Association., 1891

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עמוד 146 - To master John the English maid A horn-book gives of ginger-bread ; And, that the child may learn the better, As he can name, he eats the letter.
עמוד 4 - He borrowed from the monastic institutions the idea of an aggregate body living by common rule, under a common head, provided with all things needful for a corporate and perpetual life, fed by its secured endowments, and fenced from all external interference except that of its lawful patron.
עמוד 4 - But he was not content with a copy or even a mere adaptation of the monastic idea. The employment of his scholars ' was to be study — not the claustraiis religio of the older religious orders, nor the more practical and popular selfdevotion of the Dominicans and Franciscans. He forbade them ever' to take vows, he enjoined them to maintain their corporate independence against all foreign encroachments, he ordained that all should apply themselves to studying the liberal arts and philosophy, before...
עמוד 54 - Verily, neighbor, in its way it is the best book in the world : here the knights eat, and sleep, and die in their beds, and make their wills before their deaths ; with several things which are not to be found in any other books of this kind.
עמוד i - To investigate, preserve, and illustrate all ancient monuments of the history, manners, customs, and arts of our forefathers, in furtherance of the principles on which the Society of Antiquaries of London was established ; and to aid the objects of that institution by rendering available resources which had not been drawn upon, and which did not come within the scope of any antiquarian or literary society.
עמוד 3 - As for academical discipline, the numerous instances of outrageous violence and disturbance cited by Anthony Wood disclose a state of society in which learning could not but languish. Indeed, a desperate conflict between the students and the citizens was one main cause of the royal command under which a considerable body of the former migrated in 1263 to Northampton, whence they returned in 1264 under the safe-conduct of Simon de Montfort. It was in such an age, so unlike our own that we can barely...
עמוד 211 - Mary's. In the stead of long fronts of venerable colleges, of stately walks beneath immemorial elms, history plunges us into the mean and filthy lanes of a mediaeval town. Thousands of boys, huddled in bare lodging-houses, clustering round teachers as poor as themselves in church porch and house porch, drinking...
עמוד 93 - Thus this fair city fell, of which the name Survives alone ; nor is there found a mark, Whereby the curious passenger may learn Her ample site, save coins, and mouldering urns...
עמוד i - ... interest in their preservation. 7. By collecting accurate drawings, plans, and descriptions of Ancient National Monuments, and by means of correspondents preserving authentic memorials of all Antiquities which may from time to time be brought to light. 8. By establishing a Journal devoted exclusively to the objects of the Association as a means of spreading antiquarian information, and maintaining a constant communication with all persons interested in such pursuits.

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