תמונות בעמוד
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Published June 15. 1803. by J. Spragg. V? 26 King Str. Cor. Garden.

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done. Yea, and certain women also of our company made us astonished, which were early at the sepulchre ;* and when they found not

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* It may be said, if we divide the women into two parties, it is not easy to apprehend how they could have been at the sepulchre, without any sight of each other; since all the Evangelists assign nearly the same time for their coining ihither.

It is to be remembered, that the word used by the Evangelists bears the sense of going as well as coming; and here means, as hath been clearly proved, the time when the women went from their several homes; in which case there is no such difficulty in conceiving the means that may have kept the two parties asunder, as long as we suppose it requisite.

Let us but consider the situation of certain places in Jerusalem, and we shall find it not only possible, but probable, that these things should have fallen ont as they have been stated ; and indeed that they could not well have happened otherwise ; if we may rely on a MAP of that city, not of arbitrary construction, but compiled from antient documents. · The places here set down have their names affixed, all but a few houses near the Dung-gate; which, to keep them distinct from the rest of the map, have only numeral figures,

No. 1. Is the house of Zebedee, once a collegiate church, now a Turkish mosque,

No. 2. The church of St. Mark, where his house stood. No. 3. The house of St. James.

No. 4. A chapel, where once stood the house of St. Thomas.

The dotted line was designed by the compiler of the Map to show the way along which Christ was led from the palace of Caiaphas to Mount Calvary.

That which he calls, the Gate of the Valley, is called by some others, the Gate of Judginent, because criminals were led to execution through it.

In Zebedee's house Salome, whether then his wife or widow, would abiile with her son, St. John. It stood very near to that which the Map calls the Dung-gate ; which, opening the nearest way to the sepulchre froin that part of the town, in this house would be deposited the spices prepared on the preceding evening by lier, Mary Magdalene,

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