War in the Twentieth Century: Reflections at Century's End

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Michael A. Hennessy, B. J. C. McKercher
Greenwood Publishing Group, 2003 - 240 עמודים

War proved a seminal influence on the shape of the 20th century. This collection provides various essays addressing the phenomenon of war as viewed through the eyes of the fin de siecle. Leading scholars of war, international relations, and international law offer general or specific insights into war's consequences during the last one hundred years. Combined, the essays demonstrate the centrality of 20th century war to the development of the modern state system, international jurisprudence, and contemporary society.

Donald Watt provides an overview of the use of the term war in its legal and practical sense. John Lynn addresses the transformation of military professional forces through the century. Donna Arzt explores the slow convergence of humanitarian law with human rights laws as witnessed in the latter half of the century. The contours of the national security state that emerged in many forms through the late century are detailed in contributions by Lawrence Aronsen, Geoffrey Smith, and Gary Hess. Finally, efforts to avert war through arms control, disarmament, arms reduction, and peace-keeping are examined in essays by Norman Hillmer and Erik Goldstein.


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War in the Twentieth Century
Disarmament Arms Control and Arms Reduction
The Economic Foundations of the Cold War Alliance Systems 1945 to 1953
Containment Disease and Cold War Culture
Presidential Decision Making and the National Security Council in Four Crises 19501990
Peacekeeping Canadas Inevitable Role
Three Degrees of Separation The Evolving Convergence of Human Rights Law Humanitarian Law and Refugee Law
A View from Above Watersheds in the Evolution of War and Military Institutions during the Twentieth Century
Selected Bibliography
About the Contributors
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MICHAEL A. HENNESSY is Associate Professor of History and War Studies at the Royal Military College of Canada, where he specializes in naval history, military technology, and low intensity conflict. He is co-editor of The Operational Art: Developments in the Theory of War (Praeger, 1996) and Strategy in Vietnam: The Marines and Revolutionary War in I Corps (Praeger, 1997).

B.J.C. MCKERCHER is Professor of International History and Chair of War Studies at the Royal Military College of Canada. He has recently written Transition of Power: Britain's Loss of Global Preeminence to the United States, 1930-1945 (1999), and he has co-edited (with Roch Legault) Military Planning and the Origins of the Second World War (Praeger, 2001).

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