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greatest utility to all those who read the Bible, and desire fully to understand the varicus customs, manners, &c. referred to in that sacred book, written in French by the Abbe FLEURY, and translated by Mr. FARNEWORTH, much enlarged from the apparatus biblices of Pere Lamy, and corrected and improved throughout by ADAM

CLARKE, in 1 vol. crown Svo. 4s boards. This lilile book contains a concise pleasing, and just account of the manners, customs, bars, polity, and religion of the Israelites. It is an excellent introduction to the realiug of the Ord Testament, and should be put into the hands of every young person: an elegant English toto sion of it, by Mr. Farneworth, was first printed in 1756.

Vide Bishop Horne's Discourses, rol 1. 25 A Serious CALL TO A DEVOUT AND HOLY LIFE, adapted to the

state and condition of all orders of Christians, by W. Law, A.M. The fourteenth edition, corrected; to which is added some account of the Author, and Three Letters to a friend, not before published in any of his Works; also Two Letters from Clergymen in the Established Church, strongly recommending the Serious Call, &c. of the Author, his Character by E. Gibbon, Esq: the historian, and a list

of all his works, large print, in l' vol. 8vo. 6s in boards *** Dr. Johnson says, Law's Serious Call is the finest pièce of hortatory theology in any language.-Vide his Life by Boswell, 8vo. vol. 2.

This excellent treatise is written in a strong and nervous stile, and abounds with many new and sublime thoughts: in a word, one may say of this book, as Sir Richard Steele did of a Discourse of Dr. South's, that it has in it whatever wit and wisdom can put together.

Vide Clergymen's Letter, Gents. Mag. Nor. 1800. 26 CLARKE's (Dr. Samuel) COLLECTion of the PROMISES OF SCRIP

TURE, under their proper heads, recommended by Dr. WATTS, a new edition on fine paper, 12mo. 3s, or with the Life of Christ

added 3s 6d 27 Dr. DoDDRidge's Ten SERMONS, ON THE POWER AND GRACE

of Christ, and on the Evidences of his Glorious Gospel, a neat

edition, 24mo. 2s bound, or on tiner paper 2s 6d 28 Dr. John Evans's SERMONS ON THE CHRISTIAN. TEMPER, with

his Life by Dr. Erskine of Edinburgh, 2 vols. 12mo. Ss boards 29 Rev. Jonn MacLAURIN's SERMONS AND Essays, the 3il edition, to which is prefixed the Life and Character of the Author by Dr.

1 GILLIES, Glasgow, 12mo. 3s. 6d. boards *** Maclaurin's Sermons and Essays is a work of uncommon worth,

truth, and experience, traced to their genuine principles, a mind equally devout and penetrating, and language highly expressive and energetic. -Vide Dr. Ii'illiams's Christian Preacher.- For an high

character sce also the Evangelical and Theological Magazine. 30 Senmons by J. B. MASSILLON, Bishop of Clermont, selected and

translated by W. Dickson, to which is added the life of the Au

thor, second edition in 3 vols, 12mo 10s 6d boards 31 Rev. Jonn MACGOWAN' Works, containing Dialogues of Devils, 2

vols.Death a Vision-Shaver's Sermon-Arian and Socinian's Monitor-Locking Glass for the Professors of Religion, and Life of Joseph, in 5 neat pochet volumes with frontispieces, 10s boards

In the Press, and will le skorlly published, 32 The Rev. W. SIIRUESOLE'S CHRISTIAN MEMOIRS, or a Review of

present State of Religion in England, in the form of a New Pilgrigrimage to the Heavenly Jerusalem. The third edition, revised and corrected, with the Life of the Author by his Son, neatly printed in 1 large volame Syo, with plai's



This Day is Published, neatly printed on a fine Paper, in 4 vols. domy 8ro.

with an elegant Portrait of the Author, price £i Ss. a few copies may be had on a fine royal Paper hot pressed, £2 2s. boards, the fourth edition, revised and corrected, of A

1. BIOGRAPIIICAL HISTORY OF ENGLAND, From Egbert the Great to the Revolution, consisting of Characters dis

sposed in different classes and adapted to a methodical catalogue of
engraved British heads, intended as an Essay towards reducing our
Biography to System, and a Help to the Knowledge of Portraits ; in-
terspersed with a variety of ANECDOTES AND MEMOIRS OF A GREAT
NUMBER OF PERSONs not to be found in any other Biographical
Work ; with a Preface, shewing the utility of a Collection of en-
graved Portraits to supply the defect and answer the various Purposes
of Medals,

Vicar of Shiplake, in Oxfordforshire.

Fourth Edition,

Carefully revised and corrected.
London : Printed for W. Baynes, 54, Paternoster Row; W. Clarke,
New Bond Street; J. White, Fleet Street; T. Egerton, Whitehall ; Han-
vell and Parker, Oxford ; Deighton, Cambridge, and J. Archer, Dublin

Of whom may be had, just Published,

Vols. I. II. III. IV. (to be completed in 7 vols.) Containing a Chronological account, alphabetically arranged, of the

most curious, scarce, useful, and important books, in all departments of Literature, which have been published in Latin, Greek, Coptic, Hebrew, Samaritan, Syriac, Chaldee, Æthiopic, Arabic, Persian, Armenian, &c. from the infancy of Printing to the beginning of the nineteenth century; with BIOGRAPHICAL ANECDOTES of AUTHORS, PRINTERS, and PUBLISHERS; a distinct Notation of the Edition Principes and Optime—and the Price of each Article, (where it could be ascertained) from the best London Catalogues, and public Sales of the most valuable Libraries, both at home and abroad, including the whole of the fourth edition of Dr. Harwood's View of Classics, with innumerable Additions and Amendments. To which will be added an Essay on Bibliography, with a general and particular account of the different Authors on that subject, in Latin, French, Italian, German, and English-a description of their works, first, ima proved, and best Editions with critical Judgments on the whole, extracted from the best bibliographical and typographical authorities, And an account of the best English translation of each Greek and Latin Classic. A work highly necessary and interesting to Booksellers, Scholars, and Collectors of public and private Libraries ; being the most extensive, and (it is presumed) the most useful of the kind ever attempted in the English language, 4 vols. neatly printed on fine paper, demy, 12mo. £i 4s. or on a fine royal paper hot pressed, £1 16s. boards. Vol. II. is illustrated with a perfect fac simile of Costers How

rarium, the first attempt at Printing in Europe. For a very favourable Account of the above interesting Work, see the Monthly Review, Monthly Mirror, &c.

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shop of Clermont, Translated by W. Dickson, with the Life of the Author, third edition, neatly printed on fine paper in 3 large vols. 12mo.

12s. boards. The Sermons of Massillon, &c. deserve great attention.

Vide Kett's Elements. 4 The Complete Duty Of Man, or a System of Doctrinal and Prac

tical Christianity, to which are added forms of Prayer, and offices of Devoticn,-designed for the use of families, by HENRY VENN, A. M. Rector of Yelling, the eighth edition, with the Life of the Author, handsomely printed on fine paper, 12mo, 3s 6d boards, or 4s.


prehending a Complete Body of Divinity, by the learned HERMAN Witstus, D. D. with his Life, faithfully translated from the Latin neatly printed on fine wove paper with an elegant portrait of the Author,

in 2 vols. 8vo. 14s. boards. The above is recommended by the Rer. MR. HERVEY and many other Dirincs, as a Work that has not its equal in the World. 6 Rev. Richard BaxtER'S CHRISTIAN DIRECTORY, or a sure Guide

to Present and Eternal Happiness, abridged from the Original bo Adam CLARKE, Editor of Fleury's History of the Israelites— Translator of Sturme's Reflections, 4 vols. &c. neatly printed on fine paper

with a portrait, in 2 large vols. 8vo. 16s. boards. 7 HORÆ SOLITARIÆ, or Essays upon some remarkable Names and

Titles of the Holy Spirit, occurring in the Old and New Testaments and Declarative of his Essential Divinity and gracious Offices in the Salvation of Men, by the Author of the Christian Remembrancer, &t.

third edition, in 2 large vols. 8vo. 16s. boards. 8 Rev. Mathew HENRY's Family Bible, with his Life, now publish

ing, to be completed in 216 Numbers at 6d. each. Printed with a new type on fine wove paper, royal quarto, being the best edition erer published in this contenient size. There is 52 Numbers already puhlishel-Vol. I. may be had done up in boards, price £1 is. or with plates £1 2s. as there is only a few copies on hand, the applications

must be early 9 Rev. Matthew Henry's METHOD FOR Prayer, with Scripture Ex

pressions proper to be used under each head, a new edition, to which is now first added, his Directions for Daily Communion with God, die

a neat edition, 12mo. 2s. 6d. boards-3s bound. 10 Dr. Philip DoDDRIDoe's Works, 5 vols. 8vo. £1 15s boards. 11 Ditto, including the Expositor, vols. I. to V. to be completed in 10

vols. royal 8vo, al 8s 6d each. 12 Guy's MisceLLANEOUS Selections, or Rudiments of useful know

ledge, 2nd edition, neatly printed in one large vol. 12mo. 5s. bound. 13 Dr. Mavor's New Speaker, or English Class Book, second edition,

revised with a frontispiece, in one large vol. 12mo. 4s. bound. 14 John Locke, Esq. on Education, 12mo. 3s boards 15 Baxter's Saints Rest, an elegant edition, 12mo. 3s. 6d boards

In the Press and will shortly be Published, 16 The Animated and Popular Sermons of PrESIDENT Davies, A. M.

of America, with his Life, &c. in 3 vols. 8vo. 17 ABP. Leighton's Expository Works,and other Remains, some of which

were never before published; with Pretace by Dr. Doddridge; to be neatly printed in 2 vols, 8vo. 19s boards.

Nicholson. Printer, Ilarmer Street

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sex? ci Clermont, Translated by W. Dickson, with
A 39, and ecin, neatly printed on fine paper in 3 lar:

TiSS Vision, Sc. deserte great attention.

Vide Kett's : $ The COXILITE DATY OF MAN, or a System of Doct

Ora Cristasiev, to which are added torms of Praye.

Iesired for the use of families, by
A. M. Rector of Yelling, the eighth edition, with the
Der, lordomes printed on fine paper, 12mo, 3s


prebending a Complete Body of Divinity, by the

Vits?ts, D. D. with his Lite, faithfully translat reau's portes en fine wore paper with an elegant p

ros. Sro. I ts, boar's.
The site is recommended by the Rer. VR, HERT
rind, es a Il griest les acti's equal in the World,

t Prozent and Eternal Happiness, abridged fi
APAN CLARKE, Editor of Feary's History of

m's Plafons, 4 ro's. &c. neatli w.care, in large rols. 8vo. 16s. board ; H: SOLITARIE, or Eazys upon some r

[:etne Hchsprit, occurring in the O

redictive of his Essential Divinity and Line Vea, by the Author of the Chris

an, in large vols, sro. 16s. board R. Maraw HENRI'S FAMILY BIBLE, wi

e to be completed in 210 Numbers at -
rew type on fiae wore paper, roval quarto.
1183 :**'s arse: at sice. There is
isel-le. I. mar be had done up in bu
pates €1 2s. as there is only a few copie:

be earlr.
• Rer. VarrutHexey's METHOD FOR

przes proper to be used under each
is new first accert, kis Directions for D

a nei citoa, 12mo. 2s.6d, boards 19 Dz. Philip DODDRIDGE'S Works, 5 11 Dito, including the Expositor, vols, 1.

rols, roral dro. at ts id each. 1. Gar's MISCELLANEOUS SELECTIONS,

jedge, 2nd edition, neatly printed in 15 Dr. N.me's N * *--KER, or F


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