תמונות בעמוד

ye can do nothing. I am like a green fir-tree, from me is thy fruit found.” If you be not ingrafted, Sirs, in this Plant, you will never grow, and all the trees that are not planted in him are all but weeds. There is a time coming when all the weeds will be plucked up: And therefore take heed that you be ingrafted in him by a faith of God's operation. So much for the first thing I proposed.

II. The second thing was to fhew, that he is a renowned Plant: He is renowned in heaven, and he is renowned on earth, and will be so; “ For his name shall endure for ever,".. Plal. Ixxii. 17

O he is renowned ! for what, say you, is he renowned?

I might here enter upon a very large field; I shall only tell you, that he is renowned in his person. There was never the like of him ; the two natures God and man are joined together in one in him. Did you ever see that? If you have not seen that, you have not seen the mystery of godliness : He is the most renowned Person in heaven; but he is IMMANUEL, "God manifested in the flesh.” Then he is renowned for his pedigree,“ Who shall declare his generation ?” Considering him as God, his eternal generation from the Father cannot be told: We can tell you he is the only begotten of the Father, but we cannot tell you the manner of his generation ; it is a secret that God has drawn a veil upon, and it is dangerous to venture into a search of it; and they that have ate tempted it, have commonly bogged into Arian, Arniinian, and Sabellian errors. Considering him as man, he is sprung of a race of ancient kings, a famous catalogue of them you read of in Matth. i. And who can declare his generation even as man? For he was born of a virgin, and conceived by the overNadowing power of the Highest. Then he is renowned for his name ; he hath a name above every name that can be named, whether in this world, or in that which is to come. He is renowned for his wisdom; for all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge are in him. He is renowned for his power; for he is not only the wisdom of God, but the power of God; he is the Man of God's right-hand, even the Son of man, whom he hath made strong for himself. He is renowned for his veracity and fidelity; for “ faithfulness is the girdle of his reins, and righteousness the girdle of his loins.” Have you got a word from him ? depend upon it, it is a sicker word, it does no: fail; the word of the Lord endures for ever, when heaven and earth shall pass away. He is renowned for his righteousness; for he has brought in an everlasting righteousness, whereby the law is magnified and made honourable, and by the inputation


of which the guilty transgressors are acquitted; he was made “ fin for us, who knew no sin, that we might be made the righteousness of God in him ;" that is his name, The Lord our righteousness. He is renowned for his fulness; for all the fulness of the Godhead dwells bodily in him; he is full of grace and truth; full of all created and uncreated excellencies. He is renowned for his love ; what but love brought him out of the bosom of the Father to this lower world? what but love made him lay down his life for his people? He is renowned for his liberality; he has a full hand and a free heart, as we use to say; he gives without money, and he invites all to come and share of his fulness. He is renowned for his constancy; he is Jefus, the fame to-day, yesterday, and for ever: the best of men will fail us when we trust them, they will run like splinters into our hands when we lean upon them; but, Sirs, you will find Christ ay the same, to-day, yekerday, and for ever.

And then he is renowned for his authority and dominion; it is great, and extends far and wide, whether in hea. ven above, or in the earth beneath ; and his dominion reaches from sea to sea, and from the river unto the ends of the earth; and all the kings of the earth are but his vaftals. Thus, I say, Chrilt in every respect is renowned.

But, here, to keep by the phraseology of the text, he is a renowned Plant. Wherein is he renowned ?

First, I say, he is renowned for his antiquity; “ I was set up from everlasting, from the beginning, or ever the earth was,” &c. All the plants in the higher and lower gardens of God are but just upitarts in comparison of him; angels and archangels, and the greatest seraphims, are but of yesterday in comparison of this plant. He is renowned for his antiquity; for he is “ The Ancient of days, and the everlasting Father," If. ix.

N. B. Here he was desired to conclude his discourse, in re

spect the work in the church was over, and that he might give way to another minister that was to preach the even. ing Sermon.


EZEK. xxxiv. 29.--And I will raise up for them a Plant of



HAD occasion, upon a solemnity of this nature, not long

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into the import of them: After I had traced the connection of the words a little, I took them up in the few following particulars :

1. We have here a great blessing promised unto the church, and that is none other than Christ under the notion of a Prince, and a Plant of renown.

2. We have the party by whom this promise is made in the pronoun (1), I Jehovah, the eternal God, I will raise up for them a Plant of renown.

3. We have the way how this Plant of renown is raised ; and I will raise him up, I that am the great Husbandman of the vineyard, 1 will raise up for them, &c. Then,

4: I noticed the persons to whom the promise is made, I will raise up for them, that is, for his church, for his people that are brought into a very low condition, as ye will see by reading the preceding part of the chapter; the flock of Christ were scattered by the shepherds of Israel, they were torn, they were devoured, and under manifold trials'; well, what will the Lord do for his flock in that condition? Ile says, I will raise up for them a Plant of renown, and they sball hunger no more.

The observation is much the same with the words themfelves :

Namely, “ That our Lord Jesus Christ is a Plant of renown,

of his Father's upbringing; I will raise up for them a Plant of renown..

In prosecution of this doctrine, I proposed to observe the order and method following:

I. To premise a few things concerning this bleflcd Plant.
II. To sew that indeed he is a Plant of renown.

III. To speak a little concerning the raising up of this Plant.

IV. Shew for whom he is raised up.

V. Shew for what good, or what benefit and advantage is he raised up. And then,

Lastly, Apply the whole.

As to the first, I spoke to it; I premised a few things concerning this blessed Plant, and I shall not stay to resume what was said on that head.

I likewise entered upon the second, and shewed that Chrift is a Plant of renown in several respects : I mentioned eleven or twelve particulars wherein Christ is renowned, but I shall not resume there neither.

I Mall only tell you a few things wherein this blessed Plant is renowned.

1 In the first place, this blessed Plant, he is renowned for his antiquity. There are many other plants in God's garden, as angels, seraphims, cherubims, saints militant and triumphant, they are all plants of God's garden; but they are all but up-starts in comparison of him; for he was set up before ever the earth was ; you will see, that one name of this Plant of renown is, the everlasting Father, or the Father of eternity, as it may be rendered.

2. As he is renowned for his antiquity, so for his beauty, he is the most beautiful Plant in all the garden of God; “I 'am the Role of Sharon, and the Lily of the valleys; he is as the apple tree among the trees of the wood;" He is renowned, I say, for his beauty, and his glory, for the glory of a God is in him. Is there any glory in his eternal Father? Why, that glory shines in our Immanuel in the very brightness of it, Heb. i. 3. He is the “ brightness of the Father's glory, and the express image of his person.” Now, Sirs, if ever your eyes were opened by the Spirit of God, to take up the glory of this l'ant, his glory has just dazzled your very eyes; you that never saw any glory in him, you never saw him to this very day. Pray that the light of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ may yet fhine into your hearts; it would make a heartfome facrament, if this Plant were displayed in his glory among us. Sirs, have you come to see him in his glory? O give God no rest till he make a discovery of himself to your souls.

3. then, He is renowned for his verdure, for his perpetual greenness. Other plants are fading, you and I are fading plants;“ All flesh is grass, and all the goodliness thereof is as the


flower of the field.” He is a tree ever green; he never fadessum. mer nor winter, and shall be ever a green Plant to the saints as it were to eternity. When millions of ages, yea myriads of ages, are paft in heaven, he will be as fresh and green to the believer, as when he first saw him, or the first moment the saint entered into glory: Therefore it is, that the songs of the re. deemed in glory, are ay new songs, and through eternity will ay be new songs; because they will ay see matter of a new fong, and the more they see, they will more wonder at him through eternity. Again,

4. This plant is renowned not only for his verdure, but for his virtue. We read in Rev. xxii. “ That the leaves of the tree of life, were for the healing of the nations,” that tree of life is the very same with this Plant of renown; the leaves of this Plant are for the healing of the nations; and we that are ministers are come this day to scatter the leaves of this tree of life, of this Plant of renown; try, if you can get a leaf of it applied and set home upon your souls, depend upon it, there is virtue in every word of his : Sirs, mingle faith with a word, and you will find it will have the same efficacy with you as it had with the poor woman with the bloody iflue, that was healed with a touch of the hem of his garment, who had spent all her living on doctors. O see if ye can find him; I assure you he is here, he is behind the door of every man's heart, Rev. iii. 20.“ Behold, I stand (says he) at the door and knock, if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me :" and ( let him in ; there is virtue in him for curing you all, though there were ten thousand millions of you more than there are, there is vir. tue in him for healing every one of you.

But then, 5. This bleffed Plant, he is not only renowned for his virtue, but likewise for his fertility: He is not a barren plant; he would not be renowned if he were barren; he brings forth all manner of fruit every month; yea, I may add, every day, every moment. You read in Rev. xxii. of the tree of life, that brings forth twelve manner of fruits every month; that is to say, he brings forih all manner of fruit that is neces. sary for a poor soul : whatever thy soul ftands in need of is to be found in him. See then and gather, fee if you can gather some of it: There is the fruit of his incarnation; there is the fruit of his death; there is the fruit of his resurrection; there is the fruit of his afcenfion; there is the fruit of his intercela fion, and fitting at the right-hand of God; there is the fruit of his prophetic office; there is the fruit of his priestly office; there is ihe fruit of his kingly office; there is the fruit of his appearing within the vail; there is the fruit of what he did


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