תמונות בעמוד



people's hands, 389. See Holy Scrip-

ture and Word of God.
Bishops and pastors, their office, 69;

all notable, once called popes, 198 ;
primitive, their character and em-
ployment, 255; thirty successive,
reported to have had temples at
Rome, 267; judgment of Gregory
against all who will be termed uni-

versal, 498. See Rome.
Bodies of believers, state of, at the

resurrection, 96.
Boundaries, discourse on the occasion of

perambulating parish or town, 527.
Brawling. See Contention.
Bridegroom, being taken from us,

meaning of the expression, 306.
Candles, on lighting, before images, 242.
Celibacy, power to live continently in,

a cause of gratitude to God, 140 ;

means of maintaining this power, ib.
Censure of others, arguments against,

Ceremonies, right use of, 566.
Chalice, being blessed with the, made

a false ground of confidence, 3h9.
Chanting, &c., 370.
Chantries, abused, 289.
Charity, Sermon on, 63 ; what it is,

ib.; explained by Christ, 65; Christ
an example of, 66; how shewn to
dwell in us, ib.; two offices of, 68, 69;
we are not to seek victory by the
breach of, 143 ; whatever diminishes
our, condemned of God, 326 ; all our
doings unacceptable to God with-
out, 372 ; the work of God, 518;
right may be maintained without a
breach of, 527; the only livery of a

Christian, 528. See Lore.
Charms, delusions of the devil, 514.
Chastisement, by sickness, gracious use

of, 102.
C'hastity, false profession of among the

monks, 58.
Cheek, turning the, to the smiter,

meaning of, 398.
Children, bearing of, on another's

knees, what is meant by, 396.
Chosen people of God, true Christians so

called, 164, 306 ; elect and, 434, 459.
Christ, salvation only by him, 17; all

good things whatever are in and by
him, 18; titles and offices of, ib. ;

came to make a Sacrifice for our
sins, 20 ; efficacy of his Sacrifice, 21,
442; the most precious body and
blood of, provided by God's infinite
mercy as our ransom, 23; is the
righteousness of all who truly believe,
ib. ; by the merits of Christ alone,
we are justified by God's mercy, 28;
is God, eternal and equal with the
Father, 31; was incarnated that he
might suffer death for our offences,
ib. ; our perpetual advocate and
priest, 36 ; the eternal and infallible
verity, 41; was ever obedient to
princes and their laws, 54, 114;
sought not his own glory, but the
glory of the Father, 65; the love and
meekness of, 66; if we have, then
have we all good, 98; union with,
great cause of joy, 98; bodily death
cannot harm them who truly believe
in, 100; sin shall not condemn
them who are truly grafted in, 98;
very God and

man, 132 ;
cannot be joined to, unless united
in charity with each other, 142;
example of, ought to make us forgive
others, 148 ; we are not members of,
if we follow not his steps, ib. ; where
soonest to be found, 170; no true
image of, can be made, 228 ; effects
of his mediation, 291; diligence of,
in prayer, 340; our only mediator
with God, 344 ; ever prayeth for the
penitent, 346; obtains, by virtue of
his wounds, perfect remission of sins,
346 ; our God, with the Father, and
the Holy Ghost, 384; may be seen
in the Scriptures by the eye of faith,
392 ; what is given to, is nerer
wasted, 419; prophecies concerning,
428 ; opinions of the Jews concern-
ing the expected Messias, 429 ; botà
God and man, 432 : why requisite
that he should be both, 433; what
he makes those who truly receive
him, 434; the purposes of his com-
ing, 435; we love him, as we hate sin,
440 ; with the merits of his death no
works of ours to be coupled, 442;
his passion, not only a ransom,
but an example, 442 ; crucified, to
be set before us, 453 ; in what
sense he delivers from sin,
454 ; given to the whole world, +55 ;

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death of, will avail us not, unless Emperor Galerius Maximinus, Ora-
applied as God hath appointed, 457 ; tories, and Dominica, 268 ; small and
effects of his death and resurrection, poor till the time of Constantine, ib. ;
464, 466 ; is received by true faith not dedicated to saints till the time of
and repentance of heart, 465 ; we are Justinian, ib. ; quotation from Jerome
made living members of his body by against excessive adorning of, 269 ;
faith, 478; his righteousness God primitive examples against sump-
took to weigh against our sins, 519 ; tuous vessels or ornaments in, 270;
the mean between God and us, on repairing, &c., 284 ; why called
whereby we receive all blessing, ib. ; holy, 286 ; place where the sacra-
found in the Scriptures, 522 ; is our ments are to be administered, 287; in
only priest for deliverance from sin, our churches, such things as are su.

576 ; our Sovereign Bishop, ib. perstitious abolished, 289, 370.
Christendom, how the world was won Coals, to heap burning, on a man's
to, 267.

head, what, 398.
Christian religion, the most pure during Coat, Christ's, which was without seam,
the first three centuries, 268.

how rent, 142; to him who takes our,
Christians, the true, described, 95 ; the giving of our cloak, what, 398.

their blessedness, 95, 96; true, may Commandments of God, we all broke in
be without fear of bodily death, 102 ; Adam, 17; men ever ready to fall
divisions among, deplored, 142 ; are from the, 51; the moral but not the
the chief temples of God, 164, 193 ; ceremonial, still bind us, 232.
not Catholic, who worship the dead, Common Prayer, Sermon on, 373 ;
or images (Augustino), 201; name most available before God, 375; why
of, at first a cause of death, 267; no in ours, the minister often says,
unknown tongue used in the congre- Let us pray,” 386. See Prayer.
gation of, until the power of Rome Commonwealth, why evil offenders may
began to spread, 381; true, shew the be cut off from, 70; not injured by
fruit of faith in their obedience to reading God's word, 389.
God, 416; not professing their faith Concubine, what meant by,

openly, give occasion to doubt whe- Scripture, 395.

ther they have the Holy Ghost, 487. Condemnation, of all mankind by sin,
Church of Christ, how divided, 142 ; 12; none to them who are grafted

is a congregation or unity together, surely into Christ, 98.
ib. ; primitive most pure, 177, 180, Confession, must be made unto God,
195, 199, 222, 268; especially to be 574 ; none other needful and neces-
followed, 231; hath gold, for what sary, ib. ; we should confess our
purpose (Ambrose), 271; hath power faults to one another, 575 ; auricular, s ciq
to alter a form in religion made by not warranted by Scripture, 575,
man, 306; what the true, 49+; hath 576; put down by Nestorius, bishop Yorus
always three notes or marks, ib. ; of Constantinople, 577 ; not used in
the church of Rome far wide from the time of Augustine, ib.; may be
the nature of, 495.

made to a curate, or pastor, but not
Church, the material, or Temple, right of necessity, ib.

use of, 163; for what purpose true Confirmation, not a sacrament, 377.
Christians resort thither, 165, 370 ;| Congregation, the true Church an uni.
how we ought to behave therein, 165, versal one of God's faithful and elect
173 ; is the due and appointed place people, 494.
for public prayer, and the hearing of Conscience, peace of, after remission of
God's word, 166; and for the use of sins, wrought in us by God through
the Sacraments, ib. ; no images or

Christ, 519.
idols may be suffered therein, 173 ; | Constitutions, made by man, force of,
why so called, 363.

301; one by Justinian referred to,
Churches, schism between the East and on the use of an unknown tongue in

West, 220; material, called by the public rites, 384.

Contention, Sermon against, 141; in tivity by Christ, that the members

matters of religion most hurtful, of Christ be not hurt, 319.
ib. ;. stiffness in maintaining an Devils, lack true Christian faith, 30.
opinion breedeth, 144 ; comprehends Diriges, 289.
two detestable vices, ib. ; motives Discipline, ecclesiastical, the right use

against, 150 ; cometh of pride, 154. of, a mark of the true Church, 495.
Conrenticles, what, and by whom so Distrust, a means of falling from God, 81,
called, 268.

Doctrine, sound, few inclined to credit,
Corban, what, 172.

251; a mark of the true Church, 495.
Council of Western bishops against the Dominicæ, churches so called by Ga-

Monothelites, 210; of Italian bishops lerius Maximinus, 268.
on images, 211; of Asia and Greece Drunkenness, Sermon on, 311; examples
on images, 212 ; at Nice, 214; at against, 314; effectof, on magistrates,
Eliberi, 216 ; at Toledo and Frank-

fort, 217; at Chalcedon, 296. Dulia and Latria, supposed distinction
Covenant, the new, made at first to between, confuted, 240.

Adam, 427.
Cowls, &c. of monks, called holy, 57.

England, admonished to know the time

of her visitation, 525.
Creatures, new, in Christ, good works
beseem them, 291.

Englishmen, the frequent changes of

apparel in, how expressed by a cer-
Cryptæ, what, and why used, 268.

tain painter, 329.
C'urses, pronounced in the Psalms
against the enemies God, how to

Epicures, or Epicurcans, false doctrines
be understood, 404.

of, 512.

Essentials of religion, three, according
Damnation, we daily, by our wicked Eucharist, why the Lord's Supper so

to the Romanists, 58.
ness, purchase to ourselves eternal,
560. See Condemnation.

called, 480.
Darkness, said to have been for seven-

Eril men, as inerchants with God, seek
teer ays, 215.

to win heaven by the merit of their
veuth, wrought by sin, 12; time of, Eril speaking. See Censure.

works, 348.
uncertain, why, gr; three reasons
why worldly men fear, 95 ; what to

Excommunication, in the primitive

Church, accounted a horrible thing,
the true Christian, ib. ; being slain

by Christ, cannot keep any in bon-
dage whó trust in Christ, 36 ; of Eye, plucking out the, what meant by
Christians called sleep, ib. ; an en-

the expressiou, 399.
tering into life, ib. ; the death of Faith, receives justification, 20; neces-
Christ will not avail us unless applied sary to justification, 22 ; justifying,

according to the will of God, 457. not our working, but God's, 22;
Debate. See Contention.

justifieth without works, how, 23 ;
Deceit, self-deceit easy with regard to doth not shut out the righteousness
faith, 43.

of our own works to be done of duty
Decree of Theodosius and Valens to God, but from the office of justi.
against images, 206.

fying, ib. ; a true and lively, produces
Decrees of Rome, unduly valued, 60. good works, 24, 28, 45; only, justi-
Deeds. See Wurks.

fieth, the doctrine of the Fathers,
Desert, none on our part wherefore God 24 ; justifying, not alone, but united

should give his Son to die for us, 456. with repentance and love, 25, 33 :
Despair of God's mercy, arguments profit of the doctrine that we are jus
against, 90, 91,

tified by faith, 26; who impugn it.
Devil, in whom he beareth rule, 89 ; ib. ; does not itself justify, but on's

what makes us the children of, 445 ; as it remits us unto Christ, 27 ; what
who serve him and have their goods faith in Christ means, 27,28; how faith
as his gift, 514 ; brought into cap- without works doth justify, 29; that

which produces no good works dead commands of our own not to be
and feigned, 30; such faith the devils obeyed, if contrary to God's, 117;
have, ib. ; what is true and justifying, decree of the ancient, at Chalcedon,
ib.; not in them who live ungodly, about fasting, 296 ; the godly, before
ib. ; what are the fruits of true faith, and after Christ, were endued with
32; used in the Scripture in two dif- the Holy Ghost, 408.
ferent senses, 33 ; three things to be Fear of God, shut out from the office
noted concerning it, 35; what the of justifying, 23 ; is yet present with
kind of, that Scripture doth com- them that are justified, ib. ; we have
mend, 36; that true faith is shewed it not if we live in sin, 44; a remedy
by good works, the Fathers teach, against uncleanness, 139.
37; wrought in good men of old, Fear of Death, causes of, in worldly
though not called Christian, 39; trial men, 93 ; true Christians may be de-
of, is a Christian life, 43 ; who they livered from, 95 ; reasons against in
are that have a lively faith, ib. ; a thegodly, 103; howtobe free from, 108.
lively Christian faith declared to be Foot, cutting off the, that offends, what
such by good works, 44 ; no good meant by, 398.
work can be accepted without it, 47, Forgiveness of injuries, urged on the
48 ; this doctrine supported by Am- ground of our many offences against
brose, Augustine, and Chrysostom, God, 68; and of the many benefits
49, 50; the works of, are the works of we have received from God, ib. ; by
the moral commandments of God, it we move God to be merciful to
51 ; the mean, whereby we apply the us, 445 ; and are more prepared to
fruits of Christ's death to ourselves, receive Christ in the sacrament, ib.
457 ; how it applieth Christ's merits Fortune, to attribute our good things
to us, 477; is the root and wellspring to, a denial of God, 512.
of newness of life, 484 ; God some- Foundations of religion, three, among
times takes away our comforts to the monks, 58.
exercise our faith, 515; is the gift of Free will. See Will.
God, 518; by faith we take hold upon Friar's coat, worn as a remedy for the
God, 564 ; by faith David was justi.
fied and grafted into Jesus Christ, Froward answering, exhortation
569; by faith we feed on Christ in the against, 146.

Lord's Supper, 478. See Justification.
Faithful,the, haveunionwith Christ,478. Gentiles, idolatry of the, compared with
Fall, dreadful effects of the, 426, 448.

that of the church of Rome, 235.
See Man, Nature, Sin.

Girdles, holy, 57.
Palling from God, pride the first be- Gluttony, Sermon against, 311 ; makes

ginning of, 81; divers ways of, ib. ; men forgetful of their duty towards
our falling by sin, is daily and God, 313; arguments against, 318.
hourly, 560; illustrated in the cases God saveth us by his mercy, 18 ; is set

of David and Peter, 566, 570. at one with man through Christ, ib.;
Pasting, sermon on, 291; of two kinds, of his own mercy, through the merits

292 ; duty of, proved, 295 ; used in of his Son, doth justify us, 19; we
the primitive church, 296; is in itself are to swear only in the name of, 73 ;
a thing indifferent, 297 ; three ends his name used in vain, when, 75;
of, by which it is profitable to us and who are turned away from, 82 ; ex-
accepted of God, 300 ; differences in presseth his displeasure in two
the manner of, used by the Fathers, things, 84 ; his ceasing to afflict the
305 ; proper time for, 307 ; efficacy ungodly, a token of what, 88 ; his
of, when used with prayer, 308 ; correcting rod, common to all who
what is the true, 565.

are truly his children, sor; the glory
Fathers, the old, had the same faith as of, more declared in reasonable crea-

we have, 39; those of the old law tures than in dead images (Athana-
did by death depart unto rest, 103 ; sius), 196 ; how he will be honoured

ague, 58.


and worshipped, 282 ; the only foun-
tain of all goodness, 342 ; invocation
proper to, 348; that all good things
come from, (a sermon,) 502 ; what
effects his goodness ought to pro-
duce, 503 ; instances of the goodness
of, 506 ; is every where and in every
creature, 196, 508; all things are his
instruments, 516; in what sense he
is said to be all in all, 526; as our
Father, he seeks nothing so much

as our return and amendment, 562.
Gods, earthly princes sometimes so

called, and why, 592.
God's word. See Holy Scripture and

Word of God.
Goodness, man of his own nature, utterly

without, 489.
Gospellers, some so called, 141.
Grace of God, doth not shut out the

justice of God in our justification,
but only the justice of man, 22 ; the
source of our redemption, 291 ; what
it works for us, ib. ; whosoever hath
received, hath good works (Augus-
tine,) ib. See Faith, God, Heaven,

Justification, Mercy, Merit, Works.
Hand, cutting off that which offends,

what, 398.
Heart, the, must be prepared before

we pray, 386.
Heathen, instances of patience among
Heaven, kingdom of, purchased for us

by the death of Christ, 178; we are
made heirs of, by the free grace of
God, through Jesus Christ, 291;
cannot be purchased by our works,

Ileresy, reading of God's word sup.

posed to be a cause of, by the ene-

mies of God, 389.
Holy cowls, girdles, pardons, &c. 57.
Holy men of old, though not called

Christian, yet had a Christian faith,

Holy Scripture, knowledge of, neces-

sary and profitable, 1; no doctrine
necessary for our salvation that may
not be drawn from, ib. ; to whom it is
pleasant, ib. ; who loathe, ib.; must be
heard and read, and not the tradi.
tions of men, 2 ; fully contains what
we ought to believe and do, ib. ; that

Holy Scripture contains all things
necessary to salvation, affirmed by
St. Chrysostom, ib. ; ought to be read
and cherished in the heart (Fulgen-
tius), 3 ; an instrument of salvation,
ib. ; what profit the knowledge of,
bringeth, ib. ; effect and virtue of, 4;
who most profit by, ib. ; evil effects
which accompany ignorance of, 5;
knowledge of, excelleth all sciences,
ib. ; two excuses commonly alleged
for neglect of, 6 ; how it may be read
without danger of error, 7; contains
some things easy and others hard to
be understood, ib. ; assistance of the
Holy Spirit necessary for a right
understanding of (Chrysostom), 8;
rule for understanding, ib; the duty
of every man to learn what is plain
therein, ib. ; who are enemies to the
reading of, 9; one of God's chief
benefits, ib. ; the Holy Spirit, the
author of, 11; beareth witness that a
true lively faith bringeth forth good
works, 40; reading of, a remedy
against uncleanness, 139 ; so to be
read that we may live better lives,
143 ; to be read and taught in God's
house, 174; passages of, against
idolatry, 182—194 ; that which is
affirmed by, needs not the confirma-
tion of man's doctrine, 194; is the
test of doctrine, 201 ; ignorance of,
led to the use of images, 206 ; the
profit of hearing and reading, none
can sufficiently conceive, 389; the
right way to bring people to the
knowledge of God, ib.; pretence of
evil men stirred up by Satan, that
the reading of Holy Scripture is a
cause of heresy and carnal liberty.
ib. ; without a knowledge of, all
other knowledge insufficient, 390 ;
all ought to desire, 392; is God's
treasure house, ib. ; ignorance of,
the cause of all error, ib. ; objec-
tions of some against the reading
of it, by all sorts of people, ib. ; in
reading it, reason must give place
to God's Holy Spirit, 399 ; how to
hear and read profitably, 403 ; the
hidden meaning of, must be searched
out, ib.; no part of, that may not
serve to spiritual profit, 403 ; that
there are some necessary points not

the, 149

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