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his Foes, and yet the greatest Joy to his People. There is no Condemnation to them that are in Ghrst J4US* u,lio walk not after the FleJh, but after the Spit it. Who stjull lay any Thing to the Charge of God's Elects Shall the Law? The Law of the Spirit of Life in Chrijt "fefus, hath made them free from the Law of Sin and Death. Or shall Conscience? The Spirit itself beared, Witness with their Spirit, that they are the Children. of Gcd. It is God that justifieth; who is he that condemneth(h)? If our Judge condemn Us not, who shall? He that faid to the adulterous Woman, hatb no Man condemned thee? Neither do /(i); will fay to ll5, more faithsully than Peter' to him, Though all Men deny thee, or condemn thee,. I will not (k). Having cms.(fed me before Men, thee will J confess also bejere my Father which is in Heaven (l).

§ 7. What inexpressible Joy, that our dear Lord, who loveth our Souls, and whom our Souls love, shall be our Judge! Will a Man sear to be judged by his dearest Friend? or a Wise by her own Huft band? Christian, did Christ comedown, and sufsers and weep, aud bleed, and die for thee, and will he now condemn thee? Was he judged, condemned, and executed in thy stead, and now will he condemn thee himself? Hath he done.most of the Work abready, in redeeming, regenerating, fanctifying, and presetting thee, and will he now undo al! again? Well then, let the Terror of that Day be never so great, surely our Lord can mean no ill~ to us in all. Let it make the Devils tremble, and the Wicked tremble; but it shall make us leap for Joy. It must needs afsect us deeply with the Sense of our Mercy and Happiness to sea most of the World tremble with TeriprJ while we triumph with Joy; to hear


(h) Rom. *i|i 1, ?., 1S, ih 34" '' V) JWinvIii. Io,.'iu, (k) Mitt. «v:. 33, 35- . 0) Mat, x, sa.:

ftem doomed to everlasting Flames, when we are proclaimed Heirs of the Kingdom; to see our Neighbours that lived irt' the fame Towns, came to the fame Congregation, dwelt in the fame Houses, and were esteemed more honourable in the World than ourselves, now by the Searcher of Hearts eternally separated. This, with the great Magnificence and Dreadr sulness of the Day,- the Apostle pathetically expresses; It is a righteous 'Thing with God, to recompense Tribulation to them that trouble you; and to you who are troubled, Rest with us, when the Lord Jesus Jhall be revealed from Heaven, with his mighty AngJs, in flaming Fire, taking Vengeance on them that know 'not God, and that obey not the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ; who Jhall be puni/hed with everlasting Dejstruction from the Presence of the Lord, and from the Glory of his Potivr; when he Jhall come to be glorified in his Saints, and Is be admired in all them that believe in that Day(ta).

§ 8. Yet more, we shall be so far from the Dread of that Judgment, that ourselves shall become the Judges* Ctwist will take his People, as it were, into Commission with himself, and they shall fit and approve his righteous Judgment. Do ft n:t, know that the Saints jljail jsidge the World? Nay, knyjj ye not that We Jhall judge Angels (n)F Were it not for the Word of Christ that speaks it, this Advancement would seem incredible,, and the Language arrogant. Even Enoch, the seventh from Adam, prophesied of this, saying, Behold tne Lord cometh with ten thousand of his Saints, to execute Judgment upon all, and to convince all that are ungodly among them, of all their ung:dly Deeds which they have ungodly committed, and of all 'their hard Speeches which ungodly Sinners have spoken agaiiist him(o). Thus shall the Saints be honoured, and the Upright C 4 shall

(m) xTheff. i. t—io>. (p) i Cor. v!. 2, 3..

shall have Dominion in the Morning (p). O that the careless World were wife, that they understood this, that t')e\ would consider their latter End(q)l That they would be now of the same Mind as they will be, when they shall see the Heavens pass away with a great Noise, and the Elements melt with fervent Heat, the Earth also, and the Works that are therein, burnt up! When all shall be on Fire about their Ears, and all Earthly Glory consumed. For the Heavens and the .liarth, ivhieh ere new, are reserved unto Fire against fie Day os Judgment, and Pirdition of ungodly Men. Feeing then that all these Things Jhall be dissolved, what -Manner es Persists ought ye to be in all holy Conversation tina Godliness, looking fir and hasting unto the Cmitig of the Day of God, wherein tloe Heavens being ti Fire/hall be dissolved, and the Elements Jhall melt with fervent Hea't\x)?

% I). \\) The lasl Preparative to the Saint's Rest, is their !/hlemn Corir.ation, and receiving the Kingdom, ¥nr as Christ, their Heid, is anointed both King and Priest, so under him are his People madcuntcGod both •Kings and Priests, to reign, and to ofser Praises sor 'ever(s). T\\t Crown of Right,o:isnes, which was laid \lpfir them, frail by the Lord the righteous Judge he given ikim at that Day (t). They have been faithful unto Death, and theresore he will give them to Crown if Lifc(u). And accordingto the Improvement of their Talents here, so shall their Rule and Dignity be enlarged (w). They are not dignified with empty Titles, but real Dominion. Christ will grant them to stt with him in his Throne (x); end will give them Power over the Nations, even as he received of his Father; and he will give item the Morning Star (y). The Lord

. himself

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himself will give them Possession with these applauding Expressions; Well done, good and faithful Servant, thou hast hem faithful over a few Wings, 1 ivill make thee Ruler ever many Things; enter thou into the Joy of thy Lord(z).

§ to. And with this solemn and blessed Proclamation shall he inthrone them; Come, y; blessed of my Fathtr, inherit the Kingdom prepared for you from the Foundation of the World [z). Every Word full of Lise and

Joy. Come—this is the holding sorth of the golden

Sceptre, to warrant our Approach unto this Glory, Come now as near as you will; sear not the Bethshemhes Judgment; sor the Enmity is utterly abolished{b). This is not such a Come as we were wont to hear, cmt, take up your Cross, and follow me (c). Though

that was sweet, yet this much more. Ye Blessed—*

Blessed indeed, when that Mouth shall so pronounce fs! For tho' the World hath accounted us accursed, and we have been ready to account ourselves so; yet certainly these that he blesseth, are blessed; and those whom he curseth, only are cursed, and his Buffing cannot he

reversed (d). Of my Father—Blessed in the Father's

Love, as well as the Son's, sor they are one (e). The Father hath testified his Love in their Election, Donation to Christ, sending of Christ, and accepting hisRansom; as the Son hath also tefiifieJ his.—Inherit No longer Bondmen, nor Servants only, nor Children under Age, who differ not in Possession, but only in Title, from Servants (f). But now we are Heirs of the Kingdom (g), and Joint-Heirs wi.b Christ (h).~-—— Ti.e K'ngdom—No less than the Kingdom: Indeed to be King of King; mid Lord cf Lords, is our Lord's own proper Title: But to be Kings, and reign ivith' C 5 him,

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bm(\), is our's. The Enjoyment of. this Kingdom is, as the Light of the Sun, each have the whole, and the rest never the less.-^-Preparedfar you—God is the dtykat as weJ'I.as.tha-OwMgtf, of our Biefledhefs. EterlY.tl ho-ft hath laid the Foundation. He prepared the .Uingdom for u?, and then prepared us far the King. i■hnii. This is the Preparation of hiiCounsel and Ipecree; fpr.the Execution whereof Christ was yet to. indie a. surther Preparation.—For you—Wot for Be"evers only, in.general, who, without individual Per

Sptiev ai«-nobody; but for you perfona.lly. From.

:i$c Foundation of'the.World—Not only from the Promise ast ir Adom* Fall, but from Eternity.

.§: i-r. Thus we. have seen tl>e Christian fasely

iainl&d in Pa,r:idisei and conveyed honourably to his

'EJefH. Now lat us a little surther, in the next Chap

"spry view those Mansions, consider their Priviledgesv.

snd see whether there, be, any Glory like unto thii



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