תמונות בעמוד

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the Pearl of great Price. If thou wrong him, he can pardon thee, remembering that Christ-hath pardoned his greater Offences: If thou be angry, he is meek, considering the Meekness of his heavenly Pattern: Or if he fall out with you, he is foon reconciled, when he recollects that in Heaven you must be everlasting Friends. This is the Christian of the right Stamp, and all about him are the better for him. How unprofitable is the Society of all other Sorts of Christians in Comparison with this! If a Man should come from Heaven, how would Men long to hear what Reports he would make of the other World, and what he had seen, and what the Blessed there enjoy! Would they not think this Man the best Companion, and his Discourse the most profitable? Why then do you value the Company of Saints no more, and enquire no more of them, and relish their Discourse no better? For every Saint shall go to Heaven in Person, and is frequently there in Spirit, and hath often viewed it in the Glass of the Gospel. For my Part, I had rather have the Company of a heavenly.minded Christian, than of the most learned Disputants, or princely Commanders.

§ 13. (8) N. Man so highly honoureth God, as he whose Conversation is in Heaven. Is not a Parent dir. graced, when Children feed on Husks, are cloathed in Rags, and keep Company with none but Rogues and Beggars? Is it not fo to our heavenly Father, when we, who call ourselves his Children, feed on Earth, and the Garb of our Souls is like that of the naked World; and our Hearts familiarly converse with, and cleave to the Duft, rather than stand continually in our Father's Presence? Surely we live below the Children of a King, not according to the Height of our Hopes, nor the Provision of our Father's House, and the great Preparations made for

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