תמונות בעמוד

received the Defilement and Misery of their Natures; and therefore you owe them all possible Help for their Recovery. Consider, how near your Children are to you. They are Parts of yourselves. If they prosper when you are dead, you take it as if you lived and profpered in them; and should you not be of the same Mind for their everlasting Rest? Otherwise you

will be Witnesses against your own Souls. Your Care, Hand Pains, and Cost for their Bodies, will condemn

you for your Neglect of their precious Souls. -rea, all the brute Creatures may condemn you. Which of them is not tender of their Young? Consider, God hath made your Children your Charge, and your Servants too. Every one will confess they are the Minister's Charge. And have not you a greater Charge of your own Families, than any Minister can have of them? Doubtless at your Hands God will require the Blood of their Souls. It is the greatest Charge you were ever intrusted with, and woe to you,

if them to be ignorant or wicked for Want of your Instruction or Correction.------Confider, what IVork there is for you in their Dispositions and Lives. There is not one Sin, but thousands. They are hereditary Diseases, bred in their Natures. The Things you must teach them are contrary to the Interest and Defires of their Flesh. May the Lord make you fenfible what a Work and Charge lieth upon you! -Confider, what Sorrows you prepare for yourselves by the Neglect of your Children. If they prove Thorns in your Eyes, they are of your own planting If you should repent and be faved, is it nothing to think of their Damnation; and yourlelves the Occasions of it? But if you die in your Sin, how will they cry out againft you in Hell!' “ All, this was long of you;

you should have taught us better, and did not; you thould have reftrained us from Sin, and cor

" rected

you suffer

66. rected us, but did not.” What an Addition will fuch Out-cries be to your Misery? - On the other Side, think what a Comfort you may have, if you be faithful in this Duty. If you should not fucceed, you have freed your own Souls, and have Peace in your own Consciences. If you do, the Comfort is inexpreslible, in their Love and Obedience, their supplying your Wants, and delighting you in all your remaining Path to Glory. Yea, all your Family may fare the better for one pious Child or Servant. But the greatest Joy will be, when you shall say, Lord, here am I, and the Children thou hast given me; and Thall joyfully live with them for ever. -Consider, how much the Welfare of Church and State depends on this Duty. Good Laws will not reform us, if Reformation begin not at Home. This is the Cause of all our Miseries in Church and State, even the Want of a holy Education of Children. I also intreat Parents to consider, what excellent Advantages they have for saving their Children. They are with you while they are tender and fexible. You have a Twig to bend, not an Oak. None in the World have such Interest in their Affections as you have. You have also the greateft Authority over them. Their whole Dependance is upon you for a Maintenance. You belt know their Temper and Inclinations. And you are ever with them, and can never want Opportunities : Especially you Mothers, remember this, who are more with your Children while young, than their Fathers. What Pains are you at for their Bodies? What do you suffer to bring them into the World? And will you not be at as much Pains for the saving of their Souls? Your Affections are tender; and will it not move you to think of their perishing for ever? I beseech you, for the Sake of the Children of your Bowels, teach them, admonish them, warch over


them, and give them no Reft till you have brought thein to Christ.

$ 20. I fall conclude with this earnest Request to all Chriftian Parents that read these Lines; that they would have Compasion on the Souls of their poor Children, and be faithful io the great Trust that God hath put on them. If you cannot do what you would for them, yet do what you can.

Both Church, and State, City and Country, groan under the Neglect of this weighty Duty. "Your Children know not God, nor his Laws, bue tako bis Name in taill, and flight his Worthip, and you neither infruit, nor correct them; and therefore God corrects both them and you. You are so tender of them, that God is the less tender both of them and you. Wonder not if God inake


smart for your Children's Sins; for you are guilty of all they commit, by your Neglect of your Duty to reform thein. Will


resolve therefore to set upon this Dury, and neglect it no longer ? Remember El. Your Children are like Moyes in the Bulruffes, ready to perish if they have not help. As ever you would not be charged before God as Murderers of their Souls, nor have them cry out againft you in everlasting Fire, fee that you teach thein how to escape it, and bring them up in Holiness, and the Fear of God. I charge every one of you, upon your Allegiance to God, as you will very shortly answer the contrary at your Peril, that you will neither refuse por neglect this not neceffary Duty. If you are not willing to do it, now you know it to be fo great a Duty, you are Rebels, and no true Subjects of Jefus Christ. If you are willing, but know nor how, I will add a few Words of Direction to help you. Lead them, by jour own Examples, to Proper, Reading, and other religious Duties. Inform their Underflandings. Store their Memories. Rectify their Wills. Quicken

their Affeltions. Keep tender their Consciences. Restrain their Tongues, and teach them gracious Speech. Reform and watch over their outward Conversation. To these Ends, get them Bibles and picus Books, and see that they read them Examine them often what they learn: Elpecially spend the Lord's Day in this work, and suffer them nat to spend it in Sports or Idlerejs. Show them the Meaning of what they read or learn. Keep them out of evil Company, and acquaint them with the Godly

. And fail nnt 10 make them learn.their Catechism. Especially Przew them the Necillity, Excellency, and Pleasure of ferving God; and iabcur to fix all upon their Hearts.

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CH A P. X. The Saint's Rest is not to be expected on


s r. In order to flew the Sin and Folly of expecting Rest

here, § 2. (1) the Reasonableness of present Afflictions is considered; $ 3. (1) that they are the Way to Refl, $ 4. (2) keep us from mistaking our Reft,

5. (3) from losing our Way to it, $ 6. (4) quicken our Pace towards it, $ 7. (5) chiefly incommode our Flesh, $.8, 9..and (6) under them the /wertest Foretafles of Rejt are often enjoyed: $ 10. (II) How unreasonable to rest in present Enjoyments ; $11.(1) that 'tis Idolatry; $ 12. (2) that it contradicts God's End in giving them; $ 13. (3) is the IVay to have them refused, with drawn, or imbittered; $ 14. (4) that to be suffered to take up our Reft here is the greatest Gurse; § 15. (5) that 'tis seeking Rej where it is not; $ 16. (6) that the Creatures, without God, would aggravate cur Misery; $ 17 (7) and all this is confirmed by Experience. $ 18. The Author laments that this is nevertheless a most common Sin. $ 19--23. (III) How unreasonable our Unwillingness to die, and possess the Saint's Rest, is largely considered. $24. The Author apologizes for saying so much on this iaft Head.

1. E are not yet come to our resting Place.

Doth it remain? How great then is our Sin and Folly to seek and expect it here? Where thall we find the Chrisian that deserves not this Ré


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