תמונות בעמוד

attain to, is the Duty of every Child of God. I therefore tell you my own Experience, to persuade you, that if you did but know what a joysul Thing it is, you would follow it Night and Day through the greatest Discouragements.

§ 13. Up then, every Man that hath a Tongue, and is a Servant of Chris, and do something of your Master's Work. Why hath he given you a Tongue, but to speak in his Service? And how can you serve him more eminently, than in faving Souls? He that will pronounce you blessed at the last Day, and invite you to ihe Kingdom prepared for you, because you fed him, and cloathed him, and visited him, in his poor Members, will surely pronounce you blessed for so great a Work as bringing Souls to his Kingdom. He that faith, the Poor you have always with you, hath left the Ungodly.always with you, that you might still have Matter to exercise your Charity upon. If you have the Hearts of Chrijiians, or of, Men, let thern yearn towards your ignorant, ungodly Neighbours. Say, as the Lepers of Samaria, We do not well; this Day is a Day ofgold Tidings, and we hold our Peace. Hath God had so much Mercy on you, and will

you have no Mercy on your poor Neighbours? .

But as this Duty belongs to all Cliristians, so especially to some, according as God hath called them to it, or qualified them for it. To them therefore I will pioreparticularly address the Exhortation.

§ 14. God especially expeds this Duty at your Hands, to whom he hath given more Learning and Knowledge, and endued with better Utterance, than your Neighbours. The Strong are made to help the Weak; and these that see must direct the BJind. God locketh for this faithsul Improvement of your Parts and Gifts, which, if you negle.i, it were belter you had never received them; for they will but aggravate your Condemna-'



tion, and be as useless to your own Salvation, as they were to o'hers.

§ 15. Æ those that are particularly acquainted with some ungodly Men, and that have peculiar Interest in them, God look:. for this Duty at your Hands. Christ himself did eat and drink with Publicans and Sinners; but it was only to be their Phyfician, and not their Companion. Who knows but God gave you Interest in them to this End, that you might be the Means of their Recovery? They that will not regard the Words of a Stranger, may regard a Brother, or Sister, or Husband, or Wise, or near Friend: Besides that the Bond of Friendship engageth you to more Kindness and Companion than ordinary.

§ 16. Physicians, that are much about dying Men, Jhould in a special Manner make Conscience of this Duty. It is their peculiar Advantage, that they are at Hand; that they are with Men in Sickness and Dangers, when the Ear is more often, and the Heart less stubborn than in Time of Health; and that Men look upon their Physician as a Person in whose Hand is their Life; or at least, who may do much to fave them; and therefore they will the more regard his Advice. You that are of this honourable Profession, don't think this a Work beside your Calling, as if it belonged to none but Ministers; except you think it beside your Calling to be compassionate, or to be Chrijlians. O help. therefore to fit your Patients for Heaven! And whether you see they are for Lise or Death, teach them hoth how to live and die, and give them some Phyfick for their Souls, as you do for their Bodies. Blessed he God, that very many of the chief Physicians of this Age have, by their eminent Piety, vindicated their Prosession from the common Imputation of Atheism and Prophaneness,

§ 17. Men osWealth and Authority, and that hone many Dependants, have excellent Advantages fir this Duty. O what a World of Good might Lords and Gentlemen do, if they had but Hearts to improve their Influence over others! Have you not al! your Honour and Riches from God? Doth not Christ fay, unto whomsoever much is given, of him Jhall be much required? If you speak to your Dependants for God and their Souls, you may be regarded, when even a Minister shall be despised. As you value the Honour cf God, your own Comfort, and the Salvation of Souls, improve )our Influence over Tenants and Neighbours; visit their Houses; see whether they worship God in their Families; and take all Opportunities to press them to their Duty. Despise them rot. Remember God is no Respecter of Persons. Let Men see that you excel others in Piety, Compassion, and Diligence in God,s Work, as you do in the Riches and Honours of the World. I consess you will by this Means be singular, but then you will be singular in Glory; for sew of the Mighty and Nolle ere celled.

§ 18. As fir the Ministers of the Gospel, it is the •very Work of their Calling, to help ethers to Heaven. . 'Be sure to make it the main End of your Studies and Preaching. He is the able, skilful Minister, that is best skilled in the Art of instructing, convincing, persuading, and consequently of winning Souls; and that is the best Sermon that is best in these. When you seek not God, but yourselves, God will make you the most contemptible of Men. It is true of your Reputation, what Christ fays of your Lise, tie that loveth it, Jhall lose it. Leu the Vigour of your Persuasions 'shew, that you are sensible on' how weighty a Business you are sent. Preach with that Seriousness and Fervour, as Men that believe their own Doctrine, and that know their Hearers must be


prevailed with, or be damned. Think not that all

your IVork is in your Studies and Pulpit. You are Shepherds, and must know every, Sheep, and what is their Disease, and mark their Strayings, and help to cure them and setch them home. Learn of Paul, not only to teach your People publicity, but from House to House. Enquire how they grow in Knowledge and Holiness, and on what Grounds they build their Hopes of Salvation, and whether they walk uprightly, and perform the Duties of their several Relations. See whether they worship God in their Fr> milies, and teach them how to do it. Be familiar with them, that you may maintain your Interest in them, and improve it all for God. Know of them how they prosit by publick Teaching. If any too little savour the Things of the Spirit, let them be pitied, ,but not neglected, (f any walk disorderly, recover them with Diligence and Patience. If they be ignorant, it may be your Fault, as much as theirs. Be

not asleep while the Wolf is waking. Deal nit

slightly Kith any. Some will not tell their People plainly of their Sins, because they are great Men; and some, because they are godly; as if none but the Poor and the Wicked should be dealt plainly with.

Yet labour to be skilful and discreet, that the

Manner may answer to the Excellency of the Matter. Every reasonable Soul hath both 'Judgment and Affection; and every rational, spiritual Sermon, must have both. Study and pray, and pray and study, till you are become Workmen that need not be aJhamed, rightly dividing the W:rdof Truth; that your People may not

be ashamed, nor weary ia hearing you. Let your

Conversation be teaching, as well as y:ur Docttine. Be as forward in a holy and heavenly Lise, as you are in preffing others to it. Let your Discourse be edifying

and. and spiritual. Suffer any Thing, 'rather than the Gospel and Men's Souls should suffer. Let Men see that you use not the Ministry only for a Trade to live by; but that your Hearts are set upon the Welfare of Souls. Whatsoever Meekness, Humility, Condescention, or Self.denial you teach them from the Gospel, teach it them also by your undissembled Example. Study andstrive after Unity and Peace. If

ever you would promote the Kingdom of Christ, and your People's Salvation, do it in a Way of Peace and Love. It is as hard a Thing to maintain in your People a found Understanding, a tender Conscience, a lively, gracious, heavenly Frame of Spirit, and an upright Lise, amidst Contention, as to keep your Candle lighted in the greatest Storms. Bleffed is that Servant, whom his Lord, when he cometh, JhaU find jo doing.

§ .19. All you whom God hath intrusted with the Care tf Children or Servants, I would also .persuade to this great Work of helping others to the heavenly Rest. ——-.Consider, what plain and pressing Command/ of God require this at your Hands. These Words thou /halt teach diligently unto thy Children, and Jl)alt talk of than when thoustttest in thine House, and when thou walkeji hy the Way, and when thou lieft down, and when thou rise/I up(\). Train up a Child in the Way beJhouldgo; end when he is old, he will not depart from it(k). Bring up your Children in the Nurture and Admonition efthe Lord(\). Jo/hua resolved, that he and his House would serve the Lord;m). And God himself fays of Abraham, I know him, that he will command his Children, and his HouJhold after him, and they Jhall keep the

Way of the Lord{n). Consider, it is a Duty you i«"

your Children in Point of justice. From you they


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