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ing it. Either they know it not to be a Duty, or at least not to be their Duty. If this be thy Cafe, Reader, I am in Hope thou art now acquainted with thy Duty, and wilt fet upon it.

9. Don’t object to this Duty, that you are unable to manage an Exhortation; but either set those on the Work who are more able, or faithfully and humbly use the small Ability you have, and tell them, as a weak Man may do, what God says in his Word. Decline not the Duty, because it is your Superior who needs Advice and Exhortation, Order must be dilpensed with in Cases of Necessity. Though it be a Husband, a Parent, a Minister, you must teach him in such a Case. If Parents are in Want, Children must relieve them. If a Husband be fick, the Wife must fill up his Place in Family Affairs. If the Rich are reduced to Beggary, they must receive Charity. If the Physician be fick, some Body must look to him. So the meanest Servant must admonish his Master, and the Child his parent, and the Wife her Husband, and the People their Minister; fo that it be done when there is real Need, and with all portible Humility, Modefty, and Meekness. Don't fay, this will make us all Preachers; for every good Christian is a Teacher, and hath a Charge of his Neighbour's Soul Every Man is a Physician, when a regular Physician cannot be had, and when the Hurt is so small that any Man may relieve it; and in the same Cafes every Man must be a Teacher. -----Don't despair of Success. Cannot God give it? And muft it not be by Means-Don't plead, it will cnly be casting Pearls before Swine. When you are in Danger to be torn in Pieces, Christ would have you forbear; but what is that to you that are in no tuch Danger? As long as they will hear, you have Encourarement to peak, and may not cast thern off as contumpuble



Swine. Say not, it is a Friend on whom I much depend, and by telling him his Sin and Misery, I may lose his Love, and be undone. Is his Love more to be valued than his Safety? or thy own Benefit by him, than the Salvation of his Soul? or wilt thou connive at his Damnation, because he is thy Friend? Is that thy beit Requital of his Friendship? Hadst thou rather he should burn in Hell for ever, than thou shouldst lose his Favour, or the Maintenance thou haft from him?

$ 10. (III) But that all who fear God may be excited to do their utmost to help others to this blessed Rest, let me intreat you to consider the following Motives. As for Inftance. Not only Nature, but pecially Grace, disposes the Soul to be communicative of Good. Therefore to neglect this work is a Sin both against Nature and Grace. Would you not think him unnatural, that would suffer his Children or Neighbours to starve in the Streets, while he has Provision at Hand? And is not he more unnatural, that will let them eternally perish, and not open his Mouth to fave them ? An unmerciful, cruel Man, is a Monster to be abhorred of all. If God had bid you give them all your Estates, or lay down your Lives, to save them, you would surely have refused, when


will not bestow a little Breath to save them. Is not ihe Soul of a Husband, or Wife, or Child, or Neighbour, worth a few Words ? Cruelty to Men's Bodies is a most damnable Sin; but to their Souls much more, as the Soul is of greater Worth than the Body, and Eternity than 'Time. Little know you what many a Soul may now be feeling in Hell, who died in their Sins, for Want of your faithful Admonition.----Confi:ier what Christ did towards the faving of. Suls. He ihought them worth his Blood; and hall we not think them worth our Breath? Will you


not do a littic, wherę Chrift hath done so much ? Consider what fit Objects of Pity ungodly Souls are. They are dead in Trespasses and Sins, have not Hearts to feel their Miseries, nor to pity themselves. If others do not pity them, they will have no Pity; for it is the Nature of their Disease to make thein pityless to themselves, yea their own most cruel Destroyers.

-Consider it was once thy own Cafe. It was God's Argument to the Israelites, to be kind to Strangers, because themselves had been Strangers in the Land of Egypt. So should you pity thein that are Strangers to Christ, and to the Hopes and Comforts of the Saints, because you were once Strangers to them yourselves.

-Consider your Relation to them. It is thy Neighbour, thy Brother, whom thou art bound to love as thyself. 'He that loveth not his Brother whom he feeth daily, doth not love God whom he never saw. And doth he love his Brother, that will see him go to Hell, and never hinder him?

§ 11. -----Consider what a Load of Guilt this Neglect lays upon thy owon Soul. Thou art guilty of the Murder and Damnation of all those Souls whom thou dost thus neglect; and of every Sin they now commit; and of all the Dishonour done to God thereby; and of all those Judgments which their Sins bring upon the Town or Country where they live. Consider what it will be, to look upon your poor Friends in eternal Flames, and to think that your Neglect was a great Cause of it. If you should there perish with them, it would be no small Aggravation of your Torment. Il you be in Heaven, it would fure be a fad Thought, were it possible that any Sorrow could dwell there, to hear a Multitude of poor Souls cry

" O, if you would but have told ine “ plainly of my Sin and Danger, and set it home, I might have escaped all this Torment, and been


out for ever,

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now in Rest!” What a rad Voice will this be!

-Consider what a Joy it will be in Heaven, to meet those there, whom you have been the Means to bring thither. To see their Faces, and join with them for ever in the Praises of God, whom you were the happy Instruments of bringing to the Knowledge and Obedience of Jesus Chrift!--Consider how many Souls you may have drawn into the Way of Damnatim, or hardened in it. We have had, in the Days of our Ignorance, our Companions in Sins, whom we enticed, or encouraged. And doth it not become us, to do as much to save Men, as we have done to destroy them Consider how dilinent are all the Ercmies of these poor Souls to draw them to Hell. The Devil is tempting them Day and Night: Their inward Luís are fill working for their Ruin: The Flelh is still pleading for its Delights: Their old Companions are increafing their Dinike of Holiness. And if no Body be diligent in helping them to Heaven, what is like to become of them?

$ 12. Consider hew deep the Neglect of this Duty will wound, when Conscience is awakened. When a Man comes to die, Conscience will ask him, “ What « Good halt thou done in thy Life-Time? The

fiving of Souls is the greatest good Work; what " haft thou done towards it? How many haft thou « dealt faithfully with?” I have oft observed, that the Consciences of dying Men very much wound tem for this Omiffion. For my own Part, when I fave been near Death, my Conscience hath accused me more for this than for any Sin: It would bring every ignorant profane Neighbour to my Remem• brance, to whom I never made known their Danger: te vould tell me, " thou should have gone to them “ in private, and told them plainly of their desperate « Danger, though it had been when thou fbould!

« bare

“ have eaten or slept, if thou hadft no other 'Time.** Conscience would remind me, how at fuch, or luch a Time, I was in Company with the Ignorant, or was riding by the way with a wilful Sinner, and had a fit Opportunity to have dealt with him, but did not; or at least did it to little Purpose. The Lord grant


may better obey Conscience while I have Time, that it may have less to accuse me of at Death Confider what a seasonable Time, you now have for this work. There are Times in which it is not safe to speak; it may coft you your Liberties, or your Lives. Besides, your Neighbours will shortly die, and so will you. Speak to them therefore while you may.-Confider, tho' this is a Work of greatest Charity, yet every one of you may perform it. The pooreft, as well as the Rich. Every one hath a Tongue to speak to a Sinner. -Once more, confider the happy Consequences of this Work where it is faithfully done. You may be instrumental of faving Souls, for which Christ came down and died, and in which the Angels of God rejoice. Such Souls will bless you here and hereafter. God will have much Glory by it. The Church will be multiplied and edified by it. Your own Souls will enjoy more Improvement and Vigour in a divine Life, more Peace of Conscience, more rejoicing in Spirit. Of all the personal Mercies that I ever received, next to the Love of God in Christ to my own Soul, I must moft joyfully bless him for the plentiful Success of my Endeavours upon others. O'what Fruits then might I have seen, if I had been more faithful! I know we need to be very jealous of our deceitful Hearts in this Point, left our rejoicing should come from our Pride. Naturally we would have the Praise of every good Work ascribed to ourselves: Yet to imitate our Father in Goodness and Mercy, and to rejoice in the Degree of thein we

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