תמונות בעמוד

least thou didst never heartily consent that he should govern thee as thy Lord, nor resign up thy Soul and Life to be ruled by him, nor take his Word for the Law of thy Thoughts and Actions. It is likely thou art content to be saved from Hell by Christ when thou dieft; but in the mean Time he shall command thee no further than will stand with thy Credit, or Pleasure, or other worldly Ends. And if he would give thee Leave, thou hadft far rather live after the World and Flesh, than after the Word and Spirit. And tho' thou mayft now and then have a Motion or Purpose to the contrary; yet this that I have mentioned is the ordinary Defire and Choice of thy Heart. Thou art therefore no true Believer in Chrift; for tho’thou consess Him in Words, yet in Works thou dost dery him, being abominable, and di cbedient, and unto every good Work reprobate. This is the Case of tho!c that Thall be shut out of the Saint's Rest.

§ 16. OBSERVE, it is the Count of your Hiarti, or Vills, which I especial.y lay down to be equired after, I do not ask, wlethor iboca be ajice Pants? nor, quhet ber thou can't believe that t'y Sins are fare doned, and ihat thou art beloved f God in Chrif? Thela are 12 Parts of justifyirig Fail, but txekovit F zits of it, and they that receive them, are comforted by them; but perhaps thou mevstrerur receive them why? thou liveli, and yet be a true Geir of Ref. Do not say then, I cannot believe that my sins are pardoned,

or that I'am in God's Favour, and therefore I am

no true Believer.” This is a most mutaken Conclusion. The Queftion is, whether thou doft heartily accept of Chiilt, that thou may be pardoned, reconciled to God, and so faved? Doit thou confeni that he shall be thy Lord who hath bought thee, and that he shall bring thee to Heaven in his own Way? This is juftifying, saving Faith, and the Mark by


If any have

the Flesh. Deceive not yourselves with a Persuasion, lieveth, but to him that overcomet), will Christ give to eat of the hidden Manna, and will give him a white of the Tree of Life, which is in the Midst of the Paradise

which thou must try thyself. Yet still observe, that all this Consent must be hearty and real, not feigned or with Reservations. It is not saying, as that disfembling Son, I go, Sir; and went not. more of the Government of thee than Christ, thou art not his Disciple.

I am sure these two Marks are fuch as every Chriftian bath, and none but fincere Christians. Ó that the Lord would now perfuade thee to the clofe Performance of this Self-Trial! That thou may st not tremble with Horror of Soul, when the Judge of all the World shall try thee; but be so able to prove thy Title to Rest, that the Prof. pect and Approach of Death and Judgment may raise thy Spirits, and fill thee with Joy!

$ 17. On the whole, as ever Christians would have Comforts that will not deceive them, let them

make it the great Labour of their Lives to grow in Grace, to strengthen and advance the Interest of Christ in their Souls, and to weaken and fubdue the Interest of that Chrift hath dore all, and left you nothing to do. To overcome the World, the Flesh, and the Devil; and in order to that, to stand always armed upon our watch, and valiantly and patiently to fight it out, is of great Importance to our Assurance and Salvation. Indeed it is so great a Part of our Baptismal Vow, that he, who performeth it not, is no more than a nominal Chriftian. Not to every one that presumptuously beStone

, and in the Stone a new Name written, which na Man knoweth, Saving he that receiwth it: He pa't cat of God, and shall not be hurt of the second D ath. Chrift will confess his Name before his father, and before his


Angels, and make him a Pillar in the Temple of God, and he Mall go no more out, and will write upon him the Name of his God, and the Name of the City of his God, which is new Jerufalem, which cometh down out of Heaven from his God, and will write upon him his new Name. Yea, He will grant to him to fit with him on bis Throne, even as He also overcame, and is set down with his Father on his Throne. He that hath an Ear, ket him hear what the Spirit faith unto the Churches (f).

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The Duty of the People of God to excite

others to seek this Rest.

Uiter ance,

s 1. The Author laments that Christians do so little to help

others to cbtain the Saint's Reji; § 2. (I) Anews the Nature of this Duty; particularly, $ 3. (1) in have ing our Hearts affitted with the Misery of our Brethren's Souls, 54-6. (2) in taking all Opportunities to instruci them in the Way of Salvation, $ 7. (3) in promoting their-Profit by publick Ordinances; $ 8. (ll) aligns various Reasons why this Duty is so much neglected, § 9. and answers fome Objections again't it: S10-13. Then (!!!) u'ges to the

Discharge of it, by several Confderations, Š 14. addressed to such as have Knowledge, Learning, and

§ 15. thole t'at aje acquainted with Sinners, s 16. Physicians that attend dying Men, 9.17. Persons of Icalth and Power, § 18, Mis nifters, Š 19. and tho e that are intrufied with the Care of Child: en or Servants

. $ 20. The Chapter concludes with an earnest Request to Christian Parents to be fuithful to their Truft

. SITTATH God set before us such a glorious

Prize as the Saint's Rell, and made us capable of such inconceivable Happiness? Why then do not all the Children of this Kingdom exert them. felves more to help others to the Ěnjoyment of it? Alas, huw little are poor Souls about us teholden to


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most of us! We see the Glory of the Kingdom, and they do not: We see the Misery of those that are out of it, and they do not: We see them wandering quite out of the Way, and know if they hold on, they can never come there; and they themselves discern, it

And yet we will not seriously shew them their Danger and Eiror, and help to bring them into the Way, that they may live. Alas, how few Christians are there to be found, that set themselves with all their Might to save Souls! No Thanks to us, if Heaven be not empty, and if the Souls of our Brethren perith not for ever. Considering how important this Duty is, to the Glory of God, and the Happiness of Men, I will hew-how it is to be performed; -wly it is so much neglected; and then fjer jome Confiderations to persuade to it.

§ 2. (I) The Duty of helping otlers to discern their Title to the Saint's Rest doth not mean, that every Man should turn a publick Preacher, or that any hould go beyond the Buunds of their particular Callings; much less does it confift in promoting a Party-Spirit; and least of all in straking againsi Men's Faults behind their Backs, and le filent before their faces. This Duty is of another Nature, and confifts in the following Things;------in having our Hearts of Eted wih tve Misery of our Brethren's Sou's, ---- in taking all Opportunities to infirull them in the Il ay of Salvation,arü in promoting their Pr-fit by Pubiick Ordinances.

$ 3. (1) Our Heart must be offilled with the Mi. fery of 927 Dreinen's Siuls. Heinust be compalhonaie towards them, and yearn after their Recovery and Salvation.

If we earnestly longed after their Conversion, and our Hearts were folicisous to do shem Good, it would set us on work, and God would usually bless it.

$ 4. (2)

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