תמונות בעמוד

would you spend it? And you know not but it may be your laft, and are fure your last is near.

-If you had seen the general Diffolution of the World, and all the Pornp and Glory of it consumed to Ashes; what would such a Sight perfuade thee to do? Such a Sight you fall certainly fee. If you had seen the Judgment fet, and the Books opened, and the Wicked ftand trembling on the left Hand of the Judge, and the Godly rejoicing on the right Hand, and their different Sentence pronounced; what Perfons would you have been after such a Sight? This Sight you fball one Day furely fee. If you had seen Hell open, and all the Damned there in their caseless Torments; alfo Heaven opened, as Stephen did, and all the Saints there triumphing in Glory; what a Life would you lead after such Sights?' These you will see hefore it be long.wolf you

had lain in Hell lut one Year, or one Day, or Hour, and there felt the Torments you now hear of; how feriously would you then speak of Hell, and pray against it? And will you 'not take God's Word for the Truth of this, except you feel it?“ Or if you had 'poflèffed the Glory of Heaven but one Year; what Pains would you take, rather than be deprived of such incomparable Glory?-Thus I have said enough, if not to ftir up the Sinner to a serious working out his Salvation, yet at least to silence him, and leave him inexcusable at the Judgment of God. Only as we do by our Friends when they are dead, and our Words and Actions can do them no Good, yet to testify our Affections for them we weep and mourn; so will I also do for these unhappy Souls. It makes my Heart tremble, to think, how they will stand be


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fore the Lord confounded and speechless! When He shall say, “ Was the World, or Satan, a better Friend to you

than I? Or had they done for you more than I had done? Try now whether “ they will save you, or recompence you for the " Loss of Heaven, or be as good to you as I would « have been.” What will the wretched Sinner answer to any of this? But though Man will not hear, we may hope in speaking to God. “O “ thou that didft weep and groan in Spirit over

a dead Lazarus, pity these dead and senseless “ Souls, till they are able to weep and groan in Pity “ to themselves! As thou hast bid thy Servant speak, « so speak now thyself; they will hear thy Voice " speaking to their Hearts, who will not hear mind

speaking to their Ears. Lord, thou hast long “ knocked at these Hearts in vain; now break the “ Doors, and enter in."

$ 17. Yet to thew the Godly why they, above all Men, fhould be laborious for Heaven, I defire to ask them: What Manner of Perions hould thole be, whom God hath clioten to be Vessels of Mercy? Who have felt the Sinart of their Negligence in their new Birth, in their Troubles of Conscience, in their Doubts and Fears, and in other sharp AMictions? Who have often confessed their sin of Negligence to God in Prayer? Who have bound themtelves to God by so many Covenants? What Manner of Persons Thould they be, who are near to God dren of his Family? who have tafted such Swectnels in diligent Obedience? who are many

of them so uncertain what shall everlastingly become of their Souls ! What Manner of Persons should they be in Holiness, whose SanElification is so im


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perfect? Whose Lives and Duties are so important to the saving or destroying a Multitude of Souls?

and on whom the Glory of the Great God so much tot depends ?

-Since these Things are so, I charge thee, Christian, in thy Master's Name, to confider, and resolve the Question, What Manner of Per forts ought we to be in all Holy Conversation and Godliness? And let thy Life answer the Question as well as thy Tongue.



How to difcern our Title to the Saint's Rest.

$ 1. The Folly of Men in not enquiring after a Title to

the Saint's Rift; $ 2. and their Cause for Terror, as long as they are deftitute of a Title. 3. SelfExamination is urged upon them; $ 4. (1) from the Pollibility of arriving at Certainty; $ 5-9 (2) from the Hindrances which will be thrown in our IV ay by Satun, Sinners, our own Hearts, and many other Causes; $ 10. (3), from considering how easi, com. min, and dangerous it is to be mistaken; that trying will not be so painful as the Nigliet; that God will foon try us, and t' at to try ourfélves will be profitable; Ø 11. and therefire the Rearler is intreated in longir to delay the Trial. $ 12. Then (4) Direetins are given how to try'; $13. and (5) Marks for Trial are added; particularly, § 14. Do sve make God or chief Good?'. $ 15. Do we heartily accept of Chris! for our Lord and Saviour? $ 16, 17. The Chapter concludes with illustrating the great Importance of these two Marks.

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$1.TS there such a glorious Reft fo near at Hand?

And fhail none enjoy it but the People of God? What mean moit of the World then, to live so contentedly without Assurance of their Interest in this Rest, and neglel the trying of their Title to it? When the Lord hath fo fuily opened the Bleffedness of that Kingdom, which none but obedient Believers


shall possess; and fo fully express’d those Torments, which the rest of the World muft eternally suffer; methinks they that believe this to be certainly true, should never be at any Quiet in themselves, till they were fully affured of their being Heirs to the Kingdom. Lord, what, a ftrange Madness is this, that Men, who know they must presently enter upon un. changeable Joy or Pain, Thould yet live as uncertain what shall be their Doom, as if they had never heard of any such State ;-yea, and live as quiefly and merrily in this Uncertainty, as if all were made sure, and there were no Danger! Are these Men alive, or dead? Are they awake, or asleep? What do they think on? Where are their Hearts? If they have but a weighty Suit at Law, how careful are they to know whether it will go for or againft them? If they were to be tried for their Lives at an earthly Bar, how careful would they be to know whether they should be faved or condemned, especially if their Care might surely save them? If they be dangerously fick, they will enquire of the Physician, what think you, Sir, shall I escape, or no? But in the Business of their Salvation, they are content to te uncertain. If you ak moft Men a Rcaon of the Hope that is in them, they will say, “ Because God is merciful, and Christ " died for Siners,” and the like general Reasons, which any Man in the World may give as well as they: Buć put them to prove their interest in Christ, and in the saving Mercy of God, and they can say nothing to the Purpose. If God or Man should say to thein, What Cale is thy Soul in, Man? Is it regenerate, fanctified, and pardoned, or no? He would be ready to say, as Cain of Abel, I know not, am I

my Soul's Keeper? I hope well; I trust. God with

my Soul; I Ihall speed as well as other Men do; “I thank God, I never made any Doubt of my Sal

s vation."

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