תמונות בעמוד

earnest Requests. If every Door was marked, where Families do not Morning and Evening earnestly seek the Lord in Prayer, that his Wrath might be poured out upon such prayerlefs Families, our Towns would be as Places overthrown by the Plague, the People being dead within, and the Mark of Judgment without. I fear where one House would escape, ten would be marked out for Death , and then they might teach their Doors to pray, Lord have Mercy upon us, because the People would not pray themselves. But especially if we could see what Men do in their secret Chambers, how few would you find in a whole Town that spend one Quarter of an Hour, Morning and Night, in earnest Supplication to God for their Souls? O how Biltle do these Mon set hy eternal Rest! Thus do they nothfully nogle.ct all Endeavours for their own Welfare, except fome publick Duty in the Congregation, which Cifcon or Credit engages them to. Perfuade them to read good Books, learn the Grounds of Religion in their Catechism, and fanclify the Lord's Day in Prayer, and Meditation, and hearing the Word, and forbearing all worldly Thoughts and Speeches; and what a tedious Life do they take this to be? As if they thought Heaven were not worth doing so much for.

$ 4. ANOTHER Sort are formal Profilfors, who will be brought to any outward Duty, but to the inward Work of Religion they will never be persuaded. They will preach, or hear, or read, or talk of Hea. ven, or pray in their Families, and take Part with the Persons or Causes that are good, and desire to be eiicemed among the Godly; but you can never bring them to the more fpiritual Duties; as to be constant and fervent in secret Prayer and Meditation; conscientious in Self-Examination; Heavenly-minded; to watch over their Hearts, Words, and Ways; to


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