Tales from Tang Dynasty China: Selections from the Taiping Guangji

כריכה קדמית
Alexei Kamran Ditter, Jessey Jiun-Chyi Choo, Sarah M. Allen
Hackett Publishing Company, Incorporated, 2017 - 162 עמודים
Compiled during the Song dynasty (960-1279) at the behest of Emperor Taizong, the Taiping Guangji anthologized thousands of pages of unofficial histories, accounts, and minor stories from the Tang dynasty (618-907).

The twenty-two tales translated in this volume, many appearing for the first time in English, reveal the dynamism and diversity of society in Tang China. A lengthy Introduction as well as introductions to each selection further illuminate the social and historical contexts within which these narratives unfold. This collection offers a wealth of information for anyone interested in medieval Chinese history, religion, or everyday life.

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Alexei Ditter is Associate Professor of Chinese, Reed College.

Jessey Choo is Assistant Professor of Chinese History and Religion, Rutgers University--New Brunswick.

Sarah M. Allen is Associate Professor of Comparative Literature, Williams College.

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