תמונות בעמוד

ful; and that the great dangers we have escaped, and the blessings before us, may provoke · us to persevere most patiently in all well doing

- so that we may be like our great Lord and master, that we may do him some service whilewe live in the world, and walk worthy of the mighty privileges he has bestowed upon us.

Conduct us safely O good Providence, through all the temptations and troubles of this life, to that blessed place where our Lord Je. sus Christ liveth and reigneth with thee. World without end. Amen. - .

fourth Evening Praper. O must gracious and merciful God, we give thee thanks that it has pleased thee to add another day to the years of our lives, and that none of thy judgments, to which for our sins, We are justly liable, have fallen upon'us. · Accept O Lord, our unfeigned thanks, for this thy care over us, for delivering us from the dangers of an evil world, and for the many un.

- E

deserved blessings bestowed upon us from day to day. .

Blessed be thy goodness, that our sins and ingratitude have not prevented thee from bringing us safe to the evening of this day. . O God, infinite in mercy, pardon our sins of the day past, whether in thought, word or deed, which we have committed through the fraud or malice of the Devil, or through our own weakness and frailty, and grant that they may never rise up in judgment against us.

Prepare us, we beseech thee, for a continuance of thy favours, by giving us the grace of a true repentance, and a thorough amendment of life.

But O Lord, the frailty of man without thee, cannot but fall : in all temptations, therefore, we beseech thee to succour us, that no sin may ever get the dominion over us.

Give us a salutary dread of the corruption of our hearts ; make us truly sensible of the

weakness and sinfulness of our whole nature; shew us the absolute need we have of thy gracious help, that we may pray for it continually.

Vouchsafe to all sinners, a true sense of their unhappy state, a fear of thy judgments, and grace and strength to break the bonds of sin asunder,

May we ever make a right use of the time which thy goodness shall yet vouchsafe us, and not dare to abuse thy patience and long suffering.

May the thoughts of death mortify in us all pride and covetousness, and a love for this world; and may our firm belief of a judgment to come, make us ever careful to please thee, our Lord and Judge, that we may find mercy at that day.

Make us ever mindful of our latter end, and fix in our hearts a lively sense of the happiness and misery of the world to come.

Grant that we may lie down to sleep with the same charitable and forgiving tempers, in which we desire and hope to die. .

And now O God, all powerful, take us this night under thy protection; preserve us from the powers of darkness, and from the dangers of the night; and by thy grace and provi. dence, bring us at last, through all the trials and temptations of this world to a blessed end, that we may die in peace, and rest in hope, and rise in glory, through Jesus Christ; in whose name, and according to the full meaning of that holy prayer which he hath taught us, we most humbly beg thee to hear us, for ourselves, and all mankind. . Qur Father, &c.

fifth morning Prayer.

Lord's prayer explained.
Our Father, who art in heaven.

We beseech thee, O heavenly Father, not for ourselves only, but for all thy children, that

we may all live worthy of the relation which we bear to thee; that we may not sin, knowing that we are accounted thine ; nor wilfully offend so great, so good, so tender a father..... But that we may love thee, and fear thee, not as slaves, but as children: That we may put our whole trust in thee, and depend upon thine infinite power, wisdom, goodness, and promise to take care of us ; that we may leave it to thee to choose what is best for us, and bear with patience and resignation all thy fatherly corrections. And that we may serve thee with comfort and pleasure all our days, in hopes of the inheritance which thou hast promised thy obedient children. Hallowed be thy name.

Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory, . and honour, and power, for thou hast created all things, and all thy works praise thee..... Fill our hearts, O God, with a zeal for ty glory, that we'may do thee honour, by being holy lives, and by paying a great regud 10

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