תמונות בעמוד

There is nothing O Lord so afflictive to us as the remembrance that we have at any time offended thee the best of friends, the kind. est of Fathers: we are heartily sorry for the transgression of any of thy sacred, righteous and good laws; we abhor the thought of doing so again, and do seriously protest against it.

Remember not therefore, the sins and offences of our youth, and in great mercy blot out those of our riper years; then will our God be much pleased with the daily sacrifices of his servants and will not repent that he has added another day to the years of our lives.

And now O Lord we ascribe it with all grateful acknowledgments to thy goodness and providence, that we have this day been preserved from all evil and sad calamities, and that none of thy judgments (to which we are justly liable) have fallen upon us. But that thou hast liberally and with a bountiful hand supplied us with the necessaries of this life ; that thou art still pleased to support us in a condition so much above our deservings..... This creates in us such a sense of gratitude as we are not able to express. Dear God add this to the rest of thy favours, to thy unworthy servents, that they may never forget or feel indisposed to praise thy holy name, for all the blessings we every day receive from thy hand. Possess us with such a deep sense of the obligation we have to thee, and the great favour thou kast bestowed on us, in giving us a knowledge of thee and of thy son Jesus Christ, that religion may be the business of our lives, our greatest pleasure to serve thee, and our highest design to attain eternal happiness. :

Give us grace that we may always have this resolution in our minds, to serve thee in the impartial performance of every known duty. Thou needest not, O God, our service, but we beseech thce to accept of our humble desire of serving thee in holiness and righteousness all our days.

Into thy hands we commend this night, both our souls and bodies, which have by thee been mercifully preserved in safety all this day. We repose ourselves in the belief of thy watchful providence ; that thou givest thine angels charge over us ; and if thou seest good, no evil can come nigh us. And grant O Lord and Judge of mankind ! that we may so pass all the days and nights of our life in thy fear, and to thy glory, that when the great day shall ccme, when no night shall follow, we may by the merits of Christ, receive a crown of glory which thou dost promise to them that love thee. These things, and whatever else our necessi. ties and charity oblige us to pray for, we most humbly beg, hoping to receive them through the merits of Jesus Christ.

Fourth Morning Prayer. O most holy, blessed and glorious majesty of heaven and carth! Before thee, the author of our beings, we humbly prostrate ourselves this morning; most gratefully ackrowledging

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the duty which we owe to thee, both as we are thy creatures, and as we wish to be christians. And that we have so often neglected this duty, or been backward and cold in the performance of it; this, now we are in our right mind, we justly condemn ourselves for; we heartily bewail it, and in the bitterness of our souls repent of it. And because we are not worthy to be. heard for our own sake, we set before thee the merits of thy Son, who is the propitiation for our sins. For his righteousness, pardon the offences of us thy servants, and grant us those things by thy mercy, which by the strict rule of justice are not due to us.

Heal all the vicious inclinations of our souls, and perfect in us a hearty love of holiness, that by thy grace we may perform all those engage. ments that are upon us. And blessed be the goodness of God, which has so often prevented us with that grace, to which we owe all the good thoughts that are in our hearts, all the motions of our souls to virtue and piety, and all

the effects of them in the whole course of our lives.

We thank thee, heavenly Father, for all the blessings we have undeservedly received from thee; and particularly that thou hast kept us the night past from all perils of body and soul, and hast given us a comfortable sleep, which favour thou hast denied to many others, and raised us up with desires of continuing to be thy faithful servants this day, and the remainder of our lives. :

Deny not, therefore, dear Lord, the desires. of those souls which offer up themselves without reserve, to thy service. Preserve us always in this serious temper of mind; that a just sense of our duty may make us evermore ready and forward to do it; that the sense of our weakness may make us watchful and diligent; and that the remembrance of our former negligence, may make us more fervent and pressing: that the goodness of thy commands may make our obedience more chear

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