תמונות בעמוד

of, and soberly to use whatever we shall this day receive at thy hands.

Bless us at home and abroad, and grant that we may walk as in thy sight, making a conscience of all our ways, and to the best of our knowledge, dealing with others as we ourselves would be dealt with ; that by thy gracious favour and our own endeavours we may have prosperous success in all things that we undertake.

Give us grace that we may be innocent and harmless in our conversations, well pleased with the prosperity of all around us, and desirous of the good of all people.

Continue to us. O God, the blessings we already enjoy'; make every condition of life, every blessing we receive, every thing that befalleth us a means of bringing us nearer unto thee, and to that happiness which thou hast prepared for them that love thee.

And O good God, may we never forget to praise thing infinite goodness for all the bles

sings we have or shall receive at thy hands ; but let the sense of them create in us a true and lively faith and gratitude, in all holy obedi. ence.

And now we commend ourselves, our prayers, and all belonging to us, to thee our creator and redeemer. We are willing in every thing to be disposed of as thou seest good, believing that thou orderest all things for thy honor, and for the good of those that depend upon thee as "we do, for the blessings of this day.

The same blessings we ask for our friends, for our relations, for our enemies, if such we have, and for all those from whom we have received any kindnesses, for all those who desire our prayers ; desiring those mercies for them, which we should ask for ourselves, were we in their condition.

These and all thy blessings, which thou knowest better to grant than we to ask, vouchsafe to give us for the worthiness of thy Son Jesus Christ; in whose most blessed name and

words we offer up our wants and petitions, as he himself hath taught us. Our Father, &c.

Second Evening Prayer. Almighty God and most merciful Father! we are here again prostrate before thee, to acknowledge thy bounty and goodness to us the day past, to beg thy merciful protection this night, and to praise thy holy name for these and all other thy mercies bestowed upon us from day to day..

We confess O God and are heartily sorry for it, that we do not walk worthy of the great benefits which we constantly receive from thy good providence, nor make suitable returns for thy vast blessings; and therefore, we may justly fear lest thou shouldst put a stop to the current of thy mercies to us.

But since thou hast inspired us with a sense of our unworthiness, we do humbly hope for, and depend upon thy pardon and grace to do whatever thy good spirit shall direct.

Pardon, therefore, good Lord, whatċver we have this day past offended, in thought, or word, or deed, against thee or our neighbours, for the merits of Jesus Christ.

Look upon us in much compassion, not for any thing in us, but for the love and respect which thou bearest to him in whom we verily believe thou art fully reconciled to us miser. able sinners. :

O Lord make us to see the evil and danger of sin, that we may repent and turn to thee with all our hearts, and bring forth fruit meet for repentance.

Let thy wrath be turned from us and destroy us not, together with our manifold transgressions. Be gracious unto us according to thiy wonted goodness.

Thou who abhorrest nothing which thou hast made, cast us not away from thy presence, take not thy holy spirit from us, but create in as new and clean hearts; hearts fit to serve

D. ;

thee, and write thy law upon them, that all our desires, words and actions may be conformable 10 thy blessed will, that every day we may be more sensible of thy mercy to us in making us better, the nearer th ou bringest us to cur end; that after the few nights and days we have to pass in this world, we may come to thy eternal rest, together with Jesus Christ.

For the things of this life, in a most grateful remembrance of thy mercies hitherto vouchsafed to us, we do entirely trust thee for the time to come, resolving by thy grace, to be satisfied with whatever thy good providence shall assign us. . Only this we are importunate for, and most

fervently beseech thee to grant, that we may, all our days please thee, in a constant and zea. lous practice of piety and devotion, of tempe. rance and chastity, of meekness, patience, truth and fidelity, as may adorn the religion and name of our Lord and Master.

In a sober confidence that thou hearest us,

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